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Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse (House of Kolovsky #2)
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance, Male Russian Doctor in Australia (maybe) that pretends to date father's girlfriend [s]

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Rebecca | 34 comments Hero is a doctor, Heroine a nurse or midwife I think. It takes place in a English speaking country most likely Australia or New Zealand. They have affair and she becomes pregnant, his father gets sick and is admitted to hospital, terminal I think. The father has a girlfriend besides his wife and Hero pretend she is his girlfriend so she can visit father, the wife knows and allows it. Heroine isn’t told that it’s pretend at first.
The Hero family is rich and famous(maybe). They came out of Eastern Europe, Russia I think, and immigrated, in another story(its part of a series) the parents left behind a son in “Russia” and he ended up in a orphanage, later he is rich and want revenge.
I want to say the Hero’s name I Iosef.
It’s a ebook for sure, I read it within the last 5 years.
It’s part of a series centered around the Hero and his brothers.

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Rebecca | 34 comments Yes! Thanks

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