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mrharville | 16 comments I have written a military science fiction novel and have found representation in hopes of being published.

My agent has informed me that perhaps a another draft or a re-write to remove a troublesome central character is in order.

I would love an outside opinion before I take a axe to my manuscript, again.


message 2: by Joshua (last edited Jul 21, 2018 11:51PM) (new)

Joshua Lawrence (joshualawrencepike) | 9 comments I would be glad to take a look, if you would be willing to look at mine.

I have written one book and have not yet had it published. I write sci-fi as well, mostly hard with some heavy military elements.

Humanity in the Deep it's an 86k word novel, it has the hard Sci-fi feel of The Expanse with strong character growth and elements of romance.

I am getting ready to start looking for Agent's and want feedback. Anything and everything wrong except for minor issues of proofreading (which I know I need to have done). To be clear I am looking for beta read's not for editing or anything else. I am most interesting in thoughts on the story structure, character growth ect.

When Roger can no longer make a living on his home planet he is forced to choose between lobotomizing himself, so a corporation can use his brain as a computer, or leaving his home. He is hired onto the Erikson, a city size construction ship heading to an uninhabited system. When at the build site the star goes nova, the Erikson is damaged and forced to flee.
In a system every record said was uninhabited they find a large human population. They assume it to be a dark colony, but this colony knows no earth language and lacks technology freely available when the first ships left earth.

First three chapters:

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