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A Really Nice Prom Mess
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA - gay kid goes to prom with girl instead of his closeted boyfriend, he flees prom with someone working there, hilarity ensues. [s]

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Jasper (wtchpnk) | 10 comments First read it back in high school (6-10 years ago), set in current time, there were 4 main characters including the guy's boyfriend. His date gets super drunk because she figures out that he's gay, and shecs mad bc she thought she would get laid that night. The MC has to leave prom suddenly and gets taken to a gay strip club, which then gets raided and they run away again, this time bringing a dancer with them. He eventually goes to his (now ex-)boyfriend's house to try to talk to him, and then a cop takes him home after he sets off the alarm system by throwing rocks at his window.

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Jane (see-jane-read) | 10 comments Sounds like it could be A Really Nice Prom Mess by Brian Sloan.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
A Really Nice Prom Mess the click for Jane's suggestion. Which I have to say--certainly SOUNDS like the right book.

Jasper (wtchpnk) | 10 comments That's the one!

Jasper (wtchpnk) | 10 comments Thanks!!

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