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The Secret Must be Kept by Jo DeFord Jo DeFord

Title: The Secret Must be Kept
Author: Jo DeFord
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Formats Available: Kindle (mobi)
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 5


'The Secret Must be Kept' is a new telling of an old tale. Folklore of the past millennium is brought into the twenty-first century. No longer living in the shadows, but living openly and fighting with technology instead of swords, werewolves now move around the planet without fear of discovery...until now.

Colin Donavon is a man of means, with a secret. A successful businessman and loving father, he has been a widower for three years and alive for five hundred. He was not looking for a mate, especially a human mate when he hires Sarah Nolin.

Sarah's life was miserable and going nowhere. With her marriage crumbling and her children grown, she accepts a job to decorate the American home of the tall, handsome, Scottish, businessman.
Each of them had good reasons for not getting involved with the other. Sarah's reasons were her ethics, never date the boss, and she was married. His reason, she's human.

When Sarah falls into Colin's arms crying after her best friend is involved in an accident, any reasons they had to not get involved, are forgotten.
Tech-savvy Liam, Colin's brother, watches as his brother becomes increasingly more attracted to the human. He opposes the match. Liam's hated the human race. Sarah gradually changes his mind, about her.
On her wedding night, Sarah is terrified as she watches her husband transform into the frightening creature from the old myths. A werewolf, that steps off the pages of an old folklore tale to stand up-right in front of her. Too afraid to move or scream she is at his mercy. Now thrust into a world that she had only thought existed in stories, Colin introduces her to a life she could never have imagined. Love, danger, excitement, the best sex she ever had, and a secret she now helps him keep.

Herschel Woodchapel, Vice President of Donavon Enterprises, discovers the Donavon brothers secret. He has despised the brothers since the company was handed to them by their father. Unbeknownst to the Donavon's, Herschel's mental stability is becoming increasingly more unstable as his hatred for the brothers grows. Herschel devises a plan to take the Donavon's business empire by exposing them. A plan that first involves murdering Sarah.

The Donavon brothers risk it all to save her. Their lives, their company, and most of all, their secret...the exposure of werewolves everywhere.
As the moon rises, blood spills.

With the police investigating Sarah's kidnapping, Herschel's disappearance, and the Donavon brothers being watched by werewolf hunters, the thin veil that has hidden them begins to unravel. They count on deception and distance to save them.

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