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message 1: by Diane , Armchair Tour Guide (new) - rated it 4 stars

Diane  | 12974 comments Start discussion here for Walking on the Land by Farley Mowat.

message 2: by Diane , Armchair Tour Guide (new) - rated it 4 stars

Diane  | 12974 comments About the Book (from Cumberland Public Libraries and Scholastic Publishing)

No one has written as passionately or as articulately about the Arctic and its people as Farley Mowat. In Walking on the Land, he returns to write about the Arctic for the first time in two decades. Using a seminal trip he took through the eastern Arctic as his starting point, Mowat interweaves the stories and the fate of the Barrenground Inuit who were his friends with stunning, lyrical description of the land that was their traditional homeland. With great beauty and terrible anguish, Mowat traces the history of the Barrenground Inuit, revealing how the decimation of the caribou herds in the early part of the century, unleashed a series of famines and epidemics that virtually wiped out their population and left them reliant on a far-away government that understood too little of their needs and circumstances. Through his continued friendship with the survivors, Mowat brings us into the present, showing how the remnant population has survived. No Mowat work is complete without a cast of larger-than-life characters and his trademark marvelous storytelling. Walking on the Land is no exception. Old-time Hudson's Bay company men, eccentric priests, wild bush pilots and well-meaning interlopers people the pages, bringing to life one of Canada's most haunted places. Farley Mowat has devoted much of his life to writing about the Arctic and its people. In Walking on the Land, Mowat intertwines personal stories of the Ihalmiut people with his own account of the hardships and injustices that befell them.

About the Author (from Historica Canada)

Farley Mowat, OC, author, environmentalist, activist (born 12 May 1921 in Belleville, Ontario; died 6 May 2014 in Port Hope, ON). Mowat is one of Canada's most widely read authors. His books have been translated into 52 languages and have sold more than 17 million copies around the world. His works are bitterly attacked by some, highly praised by others; few readers remain neutral. His subject is frequently the defense of the natural world: his famous Never Cry Wolf (1963) is credited with changing the stereotypically negative perception of wolves as vicious killers. Sea of Slaughter (1984) chronicles the destruction of species in the North Atlantic. His Virunga: The Passion of Dian Fossey (1987) is a biography of the well-known primatologist.

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