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Think Twice (Don't Even Think About It #2)
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Think Twice (Don't Even Think About It #2) by Sarah Mlynowski - Starting July 15th, 2018

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What's worse than having telepathy in high school? Having telepathy in high school, and then losing it. When class 10B got their flu shots and developed the unexpected side effect of telepathy, it seemed like the worse thing ever. But two years later, they've got used to their powers. They've even come to like them. And as they prepare to leave school, they're all making exciting plans - plans that involve them being Espies. So when one by one they suddenly begin to lose their powers, they know they can't let it happen. Can they save their telepathy before it's too late? Or will they have to learn how to survive without them once again?

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We started yesterday, yeah, but we're going 3 chapters a day, so you can easily join in if you'd like :D

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Chapters 1-3:
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Naomi wrote: "Chapter 1-3

First of all Cooper and Olivia are so cute together! I ship them so hard and I am so glad that he is no longer with Mackenzie.
Oh and @Anna, you're not alone: Jordana is annoying me!

I barely remember book 1 so I don't know who I liked there but I don't recall dislikingg someone specific.

Up until chapter 9:
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Naomi wrote: "chapter 1-9

According to the blurb they are all going to loose it at one point in the book. But I think it's going to happen at a real slow pace, since the book would be a bit boring without ESP..."

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There was not much to discuss. I finished it some days ago and here are my overall thoughts:
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