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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. WW2 holocaust fiction (possibly romance?) German girl works in a post officer or mail centre receiving letters from those in concentration camps. Starts to read letters from annoy to his girlfriend who has the same name as the main character. [s]

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message 1: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Olsen | 3 comments It may be classed as YA as the protagonist is young. I have no read this book so unfortunately that's all the plot details I have. I believe it's a fairly recent book, published within the few years.
I first saw it when I was looking for recommendations for other books with similar themes (book thief, girl in the blue coat) by now after searching every possible version of word combos I can't locate it again.

Thank you!

message 3: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Olsen | 3 comments That's it! Thank you.
Would you believe I was at the book shop just two days ago and saw it, was going to pick it up to see what it was about because I remember reading bridge to wisemans cove in highschool and for some reason didn't. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

message 4: by Kym (new)

Kym | 1058 comments :) Glad you found your book Hayley.

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