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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance - Interracial (BWWM) Restaurant Owner and former Playboy circa 2011 or earlier - Spoilers in Description

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Cathy | 2 comments The general plot of the book was that it was a romance novel involving an African-American woman who either was a restaurant owner or a chef in the restaurant and a wealthy playboy who I think was a childhood friend or the friend of one of her siblings or the sibling of one of her friends. I think they reconnected because he was doing some financing for the restaurant (it was either going to be opening soon or something like that). I picked up the book at least 7ish (so at latest 2011) years ago at either gas station or a grocery store (one of those kinds of books). Thoe only thing I can remember about the cover is that it was kind of a beach or docks and a couple where you could only see from their waist or legs down.

One of the big issues is the guy's father had Huntington's disease. He's hesitant to be with the gal because he doesn't want her to fall in love with him and he has it too. The only other thing I remember is that he got a vasectomy just in case he had it and therefore would not be able to pass it down to any of his children. I think he had a brother that had Huntington's disease as well.

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Cathy | 2 comments Update:

I found the book! Here it is: A Dangerous Kiss (Grayson Friends, #7) by Francis Ray

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