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Title: Outbreak
Author: Victor Deckard
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Formats Available: Pdf
Page # 114
Review Due Date: August 5, 2018

Book Description:

A powerful witch from another dimension is stuck in a world named the Earth. She is being held at a huge clandestine underground facility situated in the Nevada desert. The facility is used for military and scientific purposes. The wicked witch hates the Earth and is longing to obliterate the world completely so that to leave no traces of it.

Although she is confined to the facility, the witch is nonetheless capable of emitting bursts of dark magic sweeping across the desert and through the nearest big city, Vegas. Surges of black magic not only mess the facility's hi-tech machines up but it also causes people to lose their marbles, turning them into downright crazies. Moreover, some of such people acquire supernatural abilities they wreak havoc with wherever they go. However, the witch herself cannot escape from the facility on her own.

Awakening in a prison of sorts where he is being held hostage, Jack realizes he is unable to remember who he is. A man called Frank rescues him, and he then amazes Jack by telling him they are sons of the witch. And Frank is willing to team up with Jack to help their mother break out of the facility.

Still, Jack is not all that keen on freeing the witch who is intent on annihilating the whole world. He resolves to go against his brother to thwart Frank's plans. But the fight against Frank is going to pose quite a challenge for Jack, since Frank, just like his mother, excels in dark magic . . .

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Ashley Ford | 6 comments Sounds really good. I'd like to review.

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