The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, #1) The Darkest Night question

Does the Lords of the Underworld series get better?
Melissa Ganz Melissa Jul 14, 2018 08:49PM
I’m having a hard time finishing The Darkest Night. Maddox is bacisally monosyllabic. I like a good alpha, but this guy is too cave man for my liking. The reader gets some insight into his thinking, but he actually speaks very little. The dialogue and story building overall seems jumbled.

The series is very popular and highly rated. So I’m hoping this is just first book roughness that you often see in early works. The first book of the Dark Hunter series by Sherilyn Kenyon is DRASTICALLY different than the rest of the series, and that series develops into an amazing world.

Anyway, some insight would be much appreciated! I think there are at least 14 books. So definitely a journey I would love to take if it gets better!

Nope. Defenitely not. I read the first 4/5 books then I sort of skipped to the last one because I wanted to know Gilly/Gillian's fate and how her relationship with William ended. The author defenitely let me down. She completely disregarded Gilly's backstory. I was really disappointed.

Crystal I so agree with this comment.


I felt not only was Gilly's background disregarded, but Gilly got a personality transplant and wasn't even the
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The series is actually one of my favorites, Maddox is a great character and grows with each book, Lucian is even better. The stories continue to grow throughout the series and each book makes the whole story of the lords of the Underworld better

I think it's a "meh" series personally.

It varies from Alpha male to more sensitive males. After a while, they all seem exactly the same. It's annoying. A character I will be looking forward too because of their wit, or attitude, will suddenly morph into the wannabe insecure alpha of the last book. It's frustrating.

The main plot, looking for Pandora's box and sort of fighting against the Titan's that retook Mt. Olympus, gets lost a lot and warps completely. I think Shelwater just tries to rely on sex scenes that become exactly like the first few we read. She also loses some daring and it gets repetitive and never really goes anywhere.

These books always felt like a tease to me. You get portions of the next couple so I think "I can't wait to get through this book so I can read the next one with the new characters" and then you get to the next one and bam! They suddenly lose individuality and become the same characters and there are teasers to the next book where I'm in the same place again...

I didn't HATE the series, but I don't love it either. I have a lot of complaints about characters switching personalities, non-consistency, not sticking to a theme, changing plot lines, and repetitive themes and plots. Also... a lot of plot holes.

Just my opinion....

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