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Full name: Sienna Cross
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Job: None
Role: Student (Senior)
Interest: History
Extracurricular activities: Basketball

Appearance: Sienna has long bright blonde hair, light blue -almost grey- eyes, and very pale skin with various moles and beauty marks. She is taller than the average.

Other markings or accessories: None

Sienna is very polite and acts with formality to anyone, student or professor. She is very open-minded and emphatic, and sometimes pretty straight-forward. Sienna has the habit to try to please everyone.

She thinks of herself as cultivated, and likes people to note her virtues. On that sense, she can get to appear a little arrogant, but in reality it's just that she strives to be recognized. She can get to be very touchy at times.

Sienna's natural frown make her look serious, so she tries to appear more smiley and optimistic. She dislikes being around pessimistic and depressive people. She judges herself pretty hard, expecting nothing but the best, and tries to be as organized as she can be, something she doesn't always succeed at.

She is passionate about art, history, culture, and traveling.

Recently, her messy break up and some drama involving her friends has left her somewhat depressed and with low self esteem. She’s slowly getting over it.

Siena grew on a town near Toronto, in Canada, on a family of 4. Her parents were mostly close with her, but pretty demanding and strict. Siena always tried to meet their standards, for she always thought that they knew what was best for her.

However, that mentality wore off as their expectations only kept getting higher. She was constantly checked and didn't had any sort of privacy. She was forced to stay at home most of the time to study and almost never attended to any party nor made friends before high school because of this.

It was on her freshman year that she decided that it was enough, and somehow managed to convince her parents to sent her abroad. She has been at Blue Lake since her sophomore year.

She made some friends at BLA, like Rodney Barrientos and Tevi Velasco, and started dating Arthur King, another student. Their relationship didn’t worked out and she ended up cheating on him with Tevi, leading to a huge fight between them. Sienna has been trying to fix things with all the people she hurt since then.

-Cultivated and open people
-Fancyness, Louis XVI aesthetics
-40’s-50’s “vintage” music... and Rap
-Historical fiction
-Playing piano
-Dolphin Plushies

-Depressive, ignorant people, and snobs
-Playing baseball
-Classical music
-Horror movies

Relationship status: Open
Family at the academy: None
Friends at the academy: Rodney Barrientos, Tevi Velasco, Katherine Fuchs.

Horse: None

Other: She is canadian.

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