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How long do you wait in between ending a book and starting the next?

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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben Marcus | 2 comments I know it can definitely vary depending on how heavy the last one was but I usually can't wait longer than 12 hours!

message 2: by Caity (new)

Caity (cmkerr9) | 1 comments Depends on how good or emotionally heavy the one I just finished is, or how excited I am about the next book. But never more than a day sometimes as little as 10 minutes

message 3: by Rand (new)

Rand (iterate) | 6 comments I don't. I read multiple books at once, over a great period of time. The point of reading is the exercise, not in the finish. The greater sense of "reading accomplishment" lies in finishing a single session with a part of a book and then setting it aside, knowing that the part of one's self that was in dialogue with that particular book has been satiated.

The idea that one must finish a book that is not speaking fully to oneself before moving on is foolish.

message 4: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (_leslie) | 10 comments It just depends. Sometimes I read more than one book at a time (usually different genres). If I'm only reading one book at a time, then the soonest I can pick up another book is pretty instantaneous, unless it left me reeling. But I usually pick up another book in less than a day after finishing a book.

message 5: by Ben (new)

Ben Marcus | 2 comments That's interesting Rand. I'm quite linear in my reading. I prefer to read one at a time, cover to cover. I usually find myself starting up a new book in the afternoon or evening if I finished one in the morning, or the next day if I finish it later on in the day. I like to give time for my reflections on what I read to sink in and not get confused with the next, hahaha! In any case, just thought it was a nice question to reawaken the group! 😉 How's everyone's summer going?

message 6: by Marco (new)

Marco Petrilli (bookishmom1329) | 1 comments Hi Ben! I read a ton so I always have a book reading to go after I finish. I have a physical book, and then listen to audible on my way to and from work, or running around doing errands. I always have a book ready to go on there as well. Sometimes I might take a day or two in between when I need to get things done, but I love reading!

message 7: by Roger (new)

Roger Smith | 1 comments Hi! Interesting but more interesting is what are you reading Jacksonville? I am reading the biography of Willa Cather. Is there anyone in the group who has an interest in her work. She is a major American writer.


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