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Rene walked Tori towards his room, and when they arrived he opened it up and allowed her to go through first. A simple gesture he was taught to do. His room was a tad more trashed than usual as books were on the floor and about two day's worth of clothes and food wrappers were strewn along the floor. He suddenly felt very conscious about his room and he frowned, his nose wrinkling in the process. Sorry about my room. I had a bit of an odd weekend. And by odd of course he meant trying his best to figure out why he didnt want to do anything with his life and why he thought his dryad friend now hated him.

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Stepping into his room, Tori payed no mind to the clothes that litered his dorm floor, simply trying to lower her temperature so her cheeks didn't look as though they were on fire. Though she only noticed when she was about to trip over a pile of towels that were on his floor. As she turned around Tori tried her best to appear calm and collected. Don't worry about it. I promise you're fine. Would you like some help cleaning up? She suggested, hoping that giving her something to do would calm her nerves.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene gave a nod to say yes and began to pick up all his old gross clothes, so she at least didnt have to touch them. It was nice, working in the silence of the dorm, to him at least. It let him put his thoughts to multiple things, allowing a sense of work to be had. It was pretty hot out and soon hr brgan forming a sweat towards the end of cleaning and he walked over to the window and opened it, hoping for a breeze. He no longer had a screen in his window since he been friends with Tori, it allowed birds ans bugs to get it but she was rrally good with them so he didnt mind it. So.. that was all he said and stood there, maybe a little uncomfortablely.

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Picking up his clothes, and towels she placed them correctly into the bins and boxes making sure to give everything a home, and she even sweepee the spiders that were living in the corners and let them out of the window. As she kept working, Tori stole a glance or two over at the young man who was barely inches away from her, and she couldn't stop reminicing from minutes ago when their lips were just seperating from each others. The thought caused her to blush again, and when they were finally done all she could do was smile at the dork in front of her. So? We've been in each others rooms before, this is fine. Sitting down on his bed she patted beside her.

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sorry my replies keep taking so long I keep getting interrupted.

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Rene shrugged a little before plopping down next to Tori. He reached down, grabbibg a rather hefty tomb on fire arcane sigils, and set it aside in the small table next to his bed. I know that.. He said, maybe witha little huff of mock annoyance. We could watch a movie? I am pretty sure there is something on Netflix I havent watched yet. then a soft chuckle came out of Rene before he looked at Tori, eyes full of joy and that same goofy little smile on his face. He was very much, a dork.

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Nodding in response, she laid down letting her legs hang off the ground. Tori was clearly still confused about everything that was going on, but she wasn't convinced that this was real. How could she ever stay in one place? How was she supposed to let him know that she planned on leaving Syracuse in two years? Maybe one? Maybe even after this year was over? She didn't know, but that was the good thing about having only yourself to take care of. You didn't need to know. Yet if she left now, it would be like leaving a part of her living being in Addermire. Who knows, we do spend a lot of time alone. Worse comes to worse, we will just rewatch something. She smiled trying to bring her attention to something else.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene grabbed the remote to the television set up on the wall and began flipping through channels. He never really turned off the tv, the light at night made him feel a bit better about thing. His eyes skimmed through the movies as he clicked along. His mind though was thinking about how much luck he had currently. To actually to have had Tori say she loved him was mind blowing and frankly he was too excited and petrified at the moment so care about much else. He just decieded on the princess and the frog, his favorite disney movie. He like to imagine living in New Orleans durring that time. It sounded exciting. He was about to sign but looked back to see her laying down so he spoke. "You want drink?" Quick and too the point. He still had a cans of coke plus some water bottles if she was thirsty. He then leaned back so he could watched both the movie and watch Tori as he settled down.

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"No, I'm good, thanks though." She smirked at his consideration. But I sure am thristy she thought to herself before realising that it was highly innopropriate to think about her best friend like that. Yet, she realised that she no longer knew what they were any more, it's not as though just because the two had confessed to each other that all of their past experiences had simply dissapeared. They were still amazingly close. Two people who have spent four years together porbably would be at some point, but their relationship had grown. And Tori realised that. Wrapping her arms around his waist she placed small kisses along the nape of his neck.

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Rene looked towards Tori, maybe unuse to the feeling of being kissed and loved on but was trying his best. He only had to use one hand to sign so the other scootched her a little closer. Just the warmth of her body on this chillier day than most was great. He, of course, was having trouble paying attention to the movie and he let it be known. All your loving means I cant watch the movie. though he was joking and a mischevous grin had curled upon his lips. This was so fascinating, learning about his best friend in ways he never thought he would. When she grabbed his waist he laid down all the way, but at least pretended to try and still watch the film. All his attention was on the dryad though. He still thought of the pair as best friends at the moment and was still a little unsure if this was some cruel dream and he would wake up in a minute with a book over his face and guilt in his mind.

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A tease. That is exactly what Rene was when it came sown to it. He could act as innocent as he wanted, she knew that he was enjoying this. Yet he interrupted her to let her know that he was distracted. Well then, if it really bothers you then I will stop. Still, hurts to know that Tiana is more important than your lover."She smirked in reply making the sign for Tiana a 'T' with the sign for crown after it. Just to see how he would take it, she let go of his hips and took her lips from his neck and kept to herself, already missing the warmth of his body. Tori didn't know if she was asleep or not, but if she was she would never wake up. This was the ideal situation for her. Really, really hurts. She signed once more feigning emotional pain.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene at first, tried not to react, tried to focus on the movie. But it took about an excruciating minute before he turned around and gave Tori his best pout and signed. I give up, movie can come second. You are first. For the most part, Rene was innocent. He didnt know much about life or social interactions but he knew alot about the arcane and things of that nature. This kind of teasing was almost childish but with enough in it to be so frustratingly wonderful. He leaned down towards her and gave another little peck onto her forehead, wondering if he should try to count all her freckles on her face again. He could try.

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Feeling the miniscule peck on her forehead from Rene made her cheeks heat up more than a full make out session with some random person had. Resting her hands on his hipbones, Tori gave a content smile in return. As he continued to stare at her face, she could only feel glee, though she would't let it stay that way for long, he could count her freckles some other time, she had just confessed to the only romantic love of her life, and she got a good answer back. Tori was in a newlywed state of mind, utterly lost in her own throughts and how adorable Rene looked. She continued to let her lips wander up and down his collarbones until they reached his lips.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments There maybe have been a small groan that manage to slip passed the poor boys lips as she had her fun, and he was having trouble focusing on anything but the vision next to him. She defiently knew what she was doing that was for sure. When she slowly reached up to his lips, he made the first move and pressed in first, hopefully taking her by surprise and allowing him a minute to gain a bit of composure, something anything. He leaned forward as well, he wanted to have fun but the simple truth was, he didnt know how. His brain was short circuting and his smile was there. His glasses also where npw slightly askew and he didnt even bother to fix them. His checks were now just constantly a little reddish and his blue eyes were just exploring all of her.

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Hearing the sound of pleasure escape from the bookworm's lips was without a doubt one of the most satisfying things that he could have ever done for her. Tori was surely surprised by him taking the lead, so far all he had shown was sitting back, though she had to admit that having him handle the controls was quite satisfying. He didn't know what he was doing, even if it didn't feel as though he did, she knew that Rene didn't really do anything with anyone. Unlike herself. She had enough practice dummies before she got to Rene himself. She suspected that she may have been going a bit fast, but the flustered sight on his face definitely proved her right. Giving him a moment to catch his breath, Tori slowly took off his glasses and place them on his nearby desk. She knew that without him being able to see her hands he wouldn't be able to speak, but she tightened her grip on his waist before whispering. "I got you. Just trust me okay?"

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Rene was relaxing comfortably after the first make out session of his life, and the boy couldnt have been more estatic. He was laying on the bed, eyes on the ceiling just sort of staring out to nothing. He was just trying to rack his mind over everything. It was amazing and he seen why Tori had told him about these stories when they would hang out. He wanted to go yell from the rooftops about it, but was much to scared to even tell a soul. His glasses still remained on the table and he stayed close to Tori, bodies giving each other warmth. The movi was rolling the credits and the sun began to peak with oranges and some purples. When they met up eairler today it was early afternoon and now it was reaching more towards the evening. The smile on his face was now feeling quite permanent and he snuggled in closer to the girl of his dreams.

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Tori was without fail, exauhsted, who had known that Rene had been so sensitive, and so skilled, especially with his inexpeirenced level of pleasure. With her hands laying across his chest she laid there with her eyes closed still allowing his heat to warm her. Pulling the covers over both of them, still confused as to why he had opened that damned window, she fell peacefully into a deep sleep, completely worn out by today events emtionally, and physicially.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Watching his new found love slowly fall asleep with her arms on him he smiled. Rene loved this, all of it, he loved the awkwardness of it all and how she just wanted to be around him. Soon, though, Rene joined Tori in slumber, wrapping his body to hug her before he did.

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Rene was getting his room cleaned. That alone would surprise peolpe. He wanted to get it nice looling since Tori said she would be over and he had bought a 12 pack of soda, some pizza, had a really awful time but purchased some marijuana to try it out once, and rented out an old nintendo system with enough games and a few movies to last the entire night. Ever since that fateful a few days ago, Rene had a buzz about him. He was way more active, alive feeling and just happy. The best part about it was his vision was getting much better but did come with side effects. He noticed in the bathroom this morning some sort of hard substance was on his leg, it was a brass color and there were splotches of it all over him. He also felt a lot more..bestial. Simple things pleased him he was a tad greedy and as such haggled with the dealer at the institute and lower the price. It didnr matter anyways. He had set up a shitty foldable poker table and a cpulpe chair which he pun a off white sheet over and a plastic jar with a yellow flower in it. This was suppose to be their firsr date so he decieded to take it easy.

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Things were going great between the two, while they were still in their "newlyweds" state of mind, they often met up at classes, and would walk through the halls with him and when he would go off to class, she'd actually go with him! Sometimes. Not really, but it was a start. But she would use his notes and study in his dorm, or him in hers, even with her roommate there, though usually she'd leave, giving Tori and Rene a time and place to be alone. It had only been a week or two since she had confessed, yet this past week had been bliss. Ever since that incredibly nerve wrecking day, she felt as though everything was a perferct dream, one that she wished she would never wake up from. Though that past couple of days, some things had changed for both Tori and Rene. She had become more attached to Rene, something that absolutely terrified Tori. When a tree gree it's roots, it never moved. Settling in a place, even the thought of it, made her sick. Though Rene, he had become more outgoing in general, he could walk around with out his glasses, and hear her mumble under her breath, as if his poor senses were even more accute than her own. She could hear the colors of the wind. And not to mention she saw the small patches of stubble growing all over, also more muscles began to show??? Not that she was compalining, it was just so unsual for her to see. Knocking on the door in a t-shirt that she had stolen borrowed from Rene, and a comfortable pair of billowy shorts. Along with many rings that she usually wore around her neck.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments When he heard the door knocked, it surprised and excited him. Rene quickly check the mirror to make sure he looked ok, his hair actually comned slightly and he wore a fresh sweatshirt and jeans eith one big tear in them, and of course, his lucky sneakers. He then opened the door, his grin wide and proud when he saw her. Was was. She had stolen his blue shirt. Hello, princess. Rene had taken a liking to calling her that, though at first he jumbled to get it out, now he did it with love and affection. He stood slightly on his tippie toes and gave her a kiss in the forehead before standing normally. Ready for the best date ever? then motioned to all the set up he did. The place, though still a boys dorm amd messy, was now pickes up a bit and he had made a table ina romantic way in the corner of the room he didnt normally use and a small blanket fort using his bed and a foldable chair was set up as well, eith stacks of things to do.

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Tori wasn't stupid, she knew that he was staring at his shirt. And she wasn't going to give it back anytime soon, she wore it proudly like a medal on her chest, and smiled at him innocently when he called her 'princess', it made her feel warm inside everytime he would sign it, or said it either. She did plan on talking with Rene about that as well. Absolutely my knight in shining armour, She smirked, ammused about the irony in that sentance. Her dragon, was her hero, not to mention the demigods at this school were not the kindest. As she looked at the set up, Tori could only marvel at it's pristine look. Wow, you actually did quite well! Your room is so... clean! she teased, before sitting on the floor making herself comfortabke once more.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Huzzah.. Rene let out a dry chuckle as he joined her on the floor. I tired really hard. I got pizza, cola, games, movies, and made this fort. I also got some weed, I dont know why. Maybe I thought I would try it once, and maybe I would even get you here all night if I was lucky. He reached over to the low table next to his bed and grqbbed the two boxes of pizza. One was pepperoni and one was cheese. I didnt know what you liked so I got a plain one. He set the boxes down before looking back up at her. You have my shirt. He looked ay her in a mock anger, it looked really faked but he crossed his arms and huffed a little anyways.

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In all honesty, Tori was a little impressed, though she couldn't help but smirk at his direct and obvious request. That's a bit new for you, but I'll take it. Luckily, I always keep my pipe on me. Though as she pulled it out and he continued to sign, she found herself a bit frozen. "Well that is certainly forward of you.." she mumbled a bit surprised at his wishes. As he pulled out the pizza, Tori smiled, her nostrils completely immersed in the smell. Bro if it's pizza, then I will most definitely eat it. she commented, still not used to him being her...current lover. Still reluctant to use the word boyfriend, because it implied a sort of... ownership in her mind. Yes, I do. And I'm not giving it back unless it's torn off me. she replied sticking out her tounge playfully.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Well..I dont know, I have been wanting to try new things for a little bit now. Its like my brain is caffeinated. His ears weirdly picked up on her mutter, his ears were being odd. He never could here anything for the longest time but recently he picked up on words and picked up on sounds, some of which brought tears to his eyes like music. Music was amazing even if all Rene could hear was faint and foggy. He suddenly felt a twing of regret saying that and quickly signed. Only if you want to though..I.. Rene was about to say he was sorry, but then remembered Tori hated it when he aplogized for every little thing, so he didnt even finish the thought. The pizza is really good, though maybe it is greasy, so that is what the cola is for. When she called him bro, Rene didnt mind one bit. He understood it would tale time to get bearings back in order and then maybe she would call him by a name, but Rene and Bro worked for now. Is that a challenge? He cocked a recently trimmed eyebrow and stiod, retrieve the pack if soda and setting it on the bed behind them.

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Pfft, I know, we've done this before remember? Just never like.. She gave the universal sign for 'same' sticking out her thumb and pinkie finger and moving it back and forth, hoping he'd get it. Tori wanted Rene to remember that she was still the same Tori now that they were... intimate. Or at least more than before. Are you accepting? I bet your small frame couldn't get it even if you tried. She teased. It wasn'tike he'd actually tear it off right? Though now she wasn't so sure, recently Rene was territorial of everything. Who knew? As she quirked an eyebrow back, she felt her insincts telling her to become defensive, his standing making her slightly uneasy, but she still loved him. Which made her even more queasy. Taking a deep breath, she continued to look him right in the eyes, still questioning his dedication to the peice of fabric.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene did get it. I get it, but we can still hang out and play games until we cant keep our eyes open like we use to do. That gentler smile of Rene appeared again, the sweet and dorky one that gave him his nerdy charm. When she shot back, he serioisly thought about it for a second. It was his property and she was trying to take his stuff and...Rene shook his head. What on earth was he thinking like that? No, you can keep it. It looks nicer on you anyways. Rene let out another laugh, maybe a tad more awkward and he crawled over to start turning on the game system. While he was working on it, his pant leg slipped up and Tori would have a good view of a spot of scalles on his back leg. Rene hadnt told her about whatever this was yet, as he was scared of what was hapoening to him. When the game was booted up, he crawled back over and took a seat where he was, handing a remote to Tori. Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers? He had a list on the screen of a burned disk of about 35 diffrent games to play.

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Tori thought that she was generally a laid back person, and because of her personality, most others agreed with her. Yet, when someone was hiding someone from her, something that she needed to know, she got unbelievably pissed. Right now was one of those moment. She would give one chance for him to answer thruthfully, or else date night was cancelled and she was going full 'Inspector Gadget' on him. Usually, she wasn't one to curse either, finding that it was unnecessary for most situations but even the possiblity that Rene was hiding something from her made her livid. How about playing, what the fuck are you hiding from Tori? she signed not even trying to hide that fact that she was snapping at him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments When she did snap, Rene eyes went wide and he scooted a bit back, imedtitally afraid. I don't know what your talking... He stopped and realized his leg was showing and his frown only deepened so. He let out an audible sigh and rolled up his sleeves. There they were, like a fresh skin over dead, were splotches of brass colored scales on his arm. Though still terrified of her sudden outburst, he spoke so she could look at his arm, as now both were rolled up and both had scales on them. "I dont know what they are. They dont hurt and they are just kind of there. And its not a lot either." Rene was now too scared to even look at her, instead focusing on the carpet floor of his room. "I didnt want to tell you...since it wasnt doing nothing bad. I am sorry."

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She saw his terrified state, and she knew what was happening. Her eyes could be a terriying as Gaia's the very first mother, at least to her beliefs, gentle as well, but at the moment, she wasn't exactly concerned with being kind and carresing him. Grabbing his arms, Tori touched them feeling her fingers slightly scrape against them metal colored substance. "Rene! How could you not tell me this! Gods! What the fuck! Whenever anything happens to you, tell me! I care too much about you to actually loose someone else." Well, this entire date was falling to pieces. Rene knew about the state of her parents, and how the death of her father had occured. They hid it from her until it was too late. I'm sorry for scaring you. I just- I just got you okay? I can't loose you too. Her mother was a shell of a person, and her father lied dead at the bottom of the ocean shores.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "I-i-i-i" The yelling was a bit much for him to handle but Rene pushed through it. Tori was scarier than any story he read when she was angry, and that was such a rarity. "I am sorry. I wont do it again, I promise. I am sorry.." He moved his arms away, not really wanting to show his new nature anymore. Any sense of improvement in the boy was gone, he looked paler than just a moment ago, and he slumped ever so slightly. Rene felt like an absolute idiot. How could he do this to her? It wasnt on accident but he still felt like absolute dogshit. Before his sleeves rolled away, one patch of these scales actually disappeared, as his skin seemed to take over it. I...I would understand if you wanted to leave. He wouldnt like it at all, but Rene would understand. The dragons hand went through his brown curls and fixed his hair as it started to slip. He mouthed another sorry before dhutting up, stsying close to her still, judt further than he was a moment ago.

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Feeling utterly embarrassed and compeltely guilty for scaring Rene, she watched as all of his confidence drained away from his body, leaving him looking as pale as the moon, if not even more so. As her cheeks heated up, from an entire flurry of emotions, anger and concern, Tori with tears in her eyes watched as he stayed just a little ways away from her, had she really been that agressive? Rene, I'm so sorry. I am. So. Sorry. I think it would be best if I left. And this was why she hated falling in love. It mad eher hurt the ones she cared the most about, even when she meant to protect them. Tori shot up from the carpet feeling absolutely pathetic, not even bothering to close his door all the way, she took her pipe, a small bowl of weed, and dashed out the door. Eager to just get lost in the haze and forget sbout her problems.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments He hadnt meant it, at all. Rene wanted her to stay. He wanted her to just play games with him, to yell at him. Before she could run, he grabbed her hand. Tightly. He looked at her and though still slightly scared he looked her dead in the eye and spoke. "Please..dont go. I want you to stay. Even if you hate me. I just dont want to be alone." He then let go and hope, prayed to whatever gods would listen, that she would stay, though the feeling in his gut said she would leave and leave for good. He stood up and watched her, eyes pleading for her to dtay. He already forgave her. "You didnt do anything wrong. I did the wrong thing. I should have told you, and you have every right to hate me and leave like you were. But...please dont." He couldnt help but feel the sting in his eyes from tears building up.

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Just as she was about to get up and leave, she felt a hand on her wrist, ready to pull her back even though she knew that her entire being seemed to scream 'Go!'. Taking in a deep breath, she faced Rene, the boy who looked too much like her when she begged her father not to go out and deal with the crowds. A sad sort of smile appeared on her face, and she pressed her hands to his cheeks to kiss his forehead. "Oh Rene, I don't think I could ever hate you." But that's the problem She sighed, before kissing his forehead. "So I'll stay. But just us okay. No date tonight, just us." Walking back inside, she closed the bedroom before laying down on the bed before pulling the covers back on his bed and closing her eyes.

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sidenote I think I might legit kill off Tori

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene nodded a little and began to work on picking up a bit. There went 30 dollars down the drain, but if she was willing to stau, it didnt matter. He knew of her past and her problems with commitment and relationships, so to be honest, he was surpised to even be dating the girl. He wanted to talk to her baout it, but that fear of her running off again prevented him from doing so. He set aside the games and the food and just put on some movie, one he didnt care, just so there was back ground noise before crawling into Rene's tiny bed with her. He laid fscing her and pushed himself in a little, laying underneath her chin and hugged her. "Tori.." Rene started. "I dont kniw why you love me..but I am glad you do." Then he snuggled back in and enjoyed the peace, though all his mind could think about was how badly he screwed up. The boys skin color returned to him after a minute or so and Rene felt a little better.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ((Oh it leave rene heartbroken but i like it))

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end?? And not gonna kill her anytime soon

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ((Sure you if you, figire they would still tall about all this but iether situation works. anything that you wamt to do with the two?))

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question: does Rene and Tori know that he's a dragon

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ((He is starting to figure out somethings uo but nas zero idea he is a dragon. Thats why his power lvl is 0 till then))

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okay, then maybe they could meet up with a teacher who has clues about what he is

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ((Yeah, that woukd be good. We could ask rose boy since they got the myrhical creatures teacher))

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After that disaster of a night, Tori had gone back to avoiding Rene for the most part. Everything about him had placed her more on edge, and the scales had scared her a bit. If he didn't know what he was, then how the hell was she supposed to know? After the way she acted, Tori really had no right to act the way she did. For as long as the two had been friends, Rene was always powerless. He was a genuis and could do many things with his mind, but that was it for the most part. Was he a late bloomer? She had been wanting to see him for the past couple of days, but after the shockwave that hit Syracuse, Tori was restless and jittery. Yet, he was her boyfriend, and she his girlfriend. Or whatever they called each other. Either way, it was imperative that they see each other to check up on each other. Inhaling a sharp breath, she gently knocked on his door. "Rene?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments When the tremors had hit, Rene hadnt left his room. It had been days, maybe more, though it was hard to tell why everything was going on. The window was open and there stood Rene, in only a withbeater and some gym shorts, in a classic movie style, using yarn to set up walls with pictures and news articles from the country like he was trying to figure out what was going on. He lost touch with everything else, nothing else mattered except finding out what happened. He didnt hear the door knock but felt the small vibration. He ran and opened the door before going back to his cimputer and looking more stuff. He just needed to know. He didnr care about his hair, it was a mess. His glasses were gone but it didnt matter, everyrhing was a bit blurry with them anyways. His eyes had bad bags under them and his left arm was nearly covered from shoulder to elbow in brass scales and his hearing was completely gone, so he relied on everyrhing else to get him through what conversation he needed to go through.

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He looked the same as he had when she had avoided him the first time, yet he didn't seem more concerned about Tori, and more himself. Though when she saw his arm, she understood why, it looked as though an entire arm was coated with melted brass insturments that reflected like gold from the very little light that forced it's way in through the cracks of the door. "Rene? What is all this..." she asked, though it came out sounding more like a statement. He looked like a detective from a 1950's movie, and there was no hope in ever trying to hide the bags under his eyes that seemed to get worse by the second. He didn't seem to hear her, to emmersed into his world of investigation. He wasn't wearing his glasses and they were nowhere to be found. Tori slowly and cautiously placed a hand on his, her fear and deep concern visible on her face.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments His head quickly wipped to her, eyes wide and staring try, trying to remember who she was and it quickly swarmed his memory. It was Tori, his girlfriend. Hello, wha is it you want? He didnt look annoyed, but was breathing heavy from being frightened and he seemed a lot more jumpy. I need to know how to fix this. He signed towards her, his head already back to his notes, working so hard on trying to figure out why bras swas covering him and why was more and more slowly covering him and changing his mind, and his shape. He looked buffer and a little taller, while there was something poking out from his jeans near his tailbone.

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