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Here we are

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Tomago Thank you, now make profiles?

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Yes I’m just going to


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Name: Evan Luke

Age: 18

Species: half werewolf and half werecat




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Tomago Name: Kairos Monkree


Species:Narksha Demon

Human form:

Half Transformed State:

Full Transformation:

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Do you want to start or want me too

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Tomago Can you pretty please, eating dinner)

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((Ugh sure))

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Tomago I can start now, I finished my nom nom)

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Tomago Kairos woke up at his desk and rubbed his temples, "uggg, to many papers to grade" he muttered as he tucked in his shirt getting ready for the kids to come in to class. He was the Combat teacher so as the first hell rung he stood up walked over opening the door. Going back to his desk he leaned on the front of beautiful polished wood. He tuned his Gaze to the door so he could take a head count of all the Students that came in.

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Evan and his parents were having a fight about the school. He didn’t mean to but he turned into his animal form and growled and made an odd noises.

His parents stop talking and this is going to be a problem. First day of school and first day of him shifting. He start to growled and snarl. Their frown knowing how to do this. “Sorry sweetie time to be a tame dog.”

Luke eyes widen and out of nowhere his parents put a lead and collar.

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After a long time they arrive to the school and out of nowhere Luke growled and howled loudly very unhappy.

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Tomago Kairos watched as all the kids came into his class room that looks more like an oversized gymnasium and heard growling and snarling coming from the hallway. Stepping out for a moment he saw the shifter and his parents. "Excuse me but is that Evan? If so please bring him here this is his first class. I'll make sure he is taken car of." Kairos stated holding his hand out for the leash.

The other Kids sorta laughed at the shifter as Kairos turned his head to them "silence" he stated and a tone that showed Authority. The other kids hushed. "Now this way Mr. Evans, we don't want to be late on the first day" Kairos said snapping his fingers as both the collar and Leash disappeared as if they were not even there in the first place.

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Luke narrow his eyes all his teeth bare angrily. Mostly was scarred was afraid. His tail twitch on his tip of his tail. He look around confused with his eyes very widen. He look around and try to take off he didn’t want to be there nor be in class. He also for sure never want to be in this form. He start to thinking how stupid this was.

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Tomago Kairos disappeared only to reappear in front of Evan, "young man, We can teach you how to control your transformation of your werebeast. Now please come back and join the others." He said in a soft calming tone. Extending his hand so Evan could smell him, you can trust me now let's go. Please" Kairos asked, not commanding or even being demanding, in fact he was being very kind about it.

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Luke lower his ears looking at him and back at the hand. He sway his tail slowly sniff the teachers hand. He sense something very strong and sweet at the same time. He growled very softly turned back going back to the classroom. But he just went to the corner and want to be left alone. Knowing his force to stay in this school. He look at all the student knowing they think he was stupid and weak. He lower his ears knowing it was true.

He curl up in the corner getting comfortable. Slowly put his head on his paw. He just wonder if it’s true if he was a dog or a cat or both. Because this from seems more like a wolf but the thing was his ears and tail was strangely long.

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Tomago "look to the corner Class, His name is Evan and he is a Werebeast, right now he is stuck in his animality. Now you Abbot, when you first came here could you control your flames, or Kor'an what about you and your power to manipulate ether (the energy from the plant.) So the next person to so much as chuckle at Evan because he's scared, not wanting to be here, all of you should understand what that feels like. So the next person that is cought laughing at him will be punished." Kairos stated his eyes glowing red with frustration.

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Luke title his head, “You said a werebeast why call me that. I have heard of werewolf, shifters and Lycans.” He got very interest in the word. He sway his tail but he notice he was growing slowly larger. He only knew one thing about his species was that first shift is a small size and older or longer you in the animal form they grow. But he never knew how large his parents were.

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Tomago "Yes, it's a term meaning any one that can shift into an animal form. There are even Rumours suggesting that once you master your shifting capabilities, any animal that you consume afterwards a small part of their DNA will be a part of you thus allowing you to also shift into their forms." Kairos said then looked to Evan, "this would also include such creatures as Griffins and Dragons if you could find any." Kairos stated with a smirk.

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Luke look very confused and was intrigued by the subject. He got up and slowly to him. He had no issue in walking seat or laying around. It was like normal to me. He lift his head looking At the teacher. “Another question can they also have element powers. “. He was wondering because his mom had fire and lightening. His dad had lightening and darkness.

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Tomago Kairos thought about the questions for moment, "well it depends really, some people get a power Base from one parent of the other. Other time's they get both parents and even more rare the person would get their own power Base." Kairos tried to explaine. It was easier to test for the power then try to predetermine what it might be. "So Class we have a chooice of that to start the day with. Power training or Combat Training, Luke your the new student you get yo choose." Kairos said.

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Luke eyes widen his eyes scarred he didn’t want to do either. He got up and sigh, “Power Combat I think!” He lower his ears not sure why he said that one. His ears lower walk around seeing all the student all them seems to be more comfortable about them.

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Tomago Kairos waved his hand, as he did books about magic and combat oriented Magic appeared in front of each student."very well start reading. Once you feel like you can do the spells attempt to cast them but not on each other." Kaios stated folding his arms and leaning on the wall.

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Luke look down at the book and then back at his paw. He look at the teacher pissed. But, he sighed close his eyes and collect his thought when he did so he turned back to human. He open his eyes and realized he was human again. His bright blue eyes look around. He then open the book and read it.

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Tomago "Luke turn to chapter 13, it tells about transformation and how to more easily shift from one form to another." Kairos said as a few of the students grumbles seeing Kairos never helped them when they first started. "Now you all see me helping the new kid, if you have an issue challage me If you win I won't help but If I win you a do your very best to help him catch up, or shut your thoughts." He said with a Stern tonem

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Luke look at the book and tuned everything off he got very serious in the reading. He stop and thought about it trying to translate it one piece at a time. He was very smart and figure things out pretty fast. He realize it was more for her to close her eyes and imagine things. His imagination wasn’t the best. He look up wondering if their was another shapeshifter in the classes.

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Tomago A few class mates down was also looking at the same pages as Luke. "This does not make any sense, what do these Herbs have to Shifting." He muttered with a deep sigh.

Kairos watched as several student's stepped up, "okay old man, we will take you up on your offer. Just don't go crying to the dean when you loose" one of the students said Summoning his weapons.

Kairos pushed himself off the wall and shook his head. "You do realize if you draw you weapons it's a death battle." Kairos reminded the Students that stepped forward. They nodded also summoning their weapons. The first student to summon his instrument was a broad sword with glifs down the blade. The second had a scythe, and finally the last student summoned a Bo staff with what looked to be iron tips.

Kairos smirked and held out his hand summit his own blade called Soul Drinker. The student that stepped forward attacked, one from the front the second from his left and the third from behind. Kairos put his blade up blocking the first attacker and pushed down to throw the Student off balance. As he did he stepped forward turning to the right and ran his sword though the one who attacked from behind as he pulled blade out he did so in a side swiping motion cutting the Student he had skewered like a shish kabob in half.

The student that attacked him from the left was caught off guard and got decapitated. The first one Student that had only been blocked the first time was now freaking out. Kairos pointed the tip of his sword at the Student as a small beam of red energy shot out and struck the Student in the head.

Kairos Sword1:

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Luke growled got up, “Serious everyone HERBS FOR HEALING MAINLY!” He narrow his eyes he just read a few flower herbs Would help with scars. Some would help with heat stroke. Etc Etc. It was so many things it could help out with wounds and health and body. He close his eyes turned into his animal form again. He attack one student by the side. He got them by the neck with great strength by his jaw. He could already tell his body cant handle being in this form much longer.

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Tomago Kairos walkes over after staying the Student's who Challenged him. Going right to Luke placing his hand on the back of his head, "the herb you're looking for is called the Monks Hood or also called Lycanthropus Flower. Now release the student please." Kairos said keeping his hand on Luke's back for a moment longer then pulled away. "It can be found in the Hills to the north. Is a purple flower." Kairos said giving a bit more info on what plant that would help.

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Luke let got of the student tasting the blood. He step back, “Also their are flower that can harm my kind too. Herbs can be good and bad depends how you use it. Right Sir.” Luke had the ability to read real fast and understand it. But, his ability of the body use is weak. He was bearing his teeth making sure no one else put harm to the teacher again. He flick his tail. He realize his a lot faster than normal. He turned around and want to read more. He lay down stretching his body getting comfortable.

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Tomago "yes, but there would be ways to immune yourself against such things. And that is a different class than mine. So after you are done for the day head North and find the flower. If you need I can give you an illustration of what it looks like." Kairos stated. The other students continued to study all decideing it would be best not to anger Mr. Monkree. Seeing how Kairos easily dispatched three of the best students when it came to combat.
Kairos returned to the wall he was at before and once again started leaning on it as he unsummoned his weapon.

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Luke close his eyes hoping it work. He open his eyes he slowly shrinking enough to look like baby form on his animal form. He jump around did a few jump and toss in the air. He nodded understanding normal and normal size they can do the same. But, the smaller form was quicker and jumps higher. He then thought if he would train more and more on this form. Will it be equal or the smaller would still be better also.

Luke turned a bit large to the size of a horse. When he became that size something scarred happen. His full fur turned red with his eyes was golden eyes. He start to get lightening and fire all over his body. Darkness end up the tip of the tail and his all four paw. He lower his ears and trying to change to and calm down. He couldn’t.

He whimper he look like a fury demon from Hell but, acting like a baby. His eyes widen and all his element start to act strangely just like his emotion.


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Tomago Kairos watched this as the boy seemed to change into more of a demon hound. "Very good, now as you grow stronger in this form it will grow and mature just like a real beast. Be proud of yourself, your starting to find your Element. Now be careful as your emotions will control the power of the elements you control." Kairos explaind.

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Luke want to attack but, the side that is still there told him to back off. He step back a few his elements flare for a few minutes but, it died down after awhile. He look at the teacher wondering what does this mean if he master all his transformation and elements.

He was worry about it he was still need to learn a lot more plus regular human subjects too. He narrow his eyes wondering why couldn’t he be just a human. They didn’t have much to worry about like supernatural kids like them.

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Tomago (thank you for reminding me)

Kairos looked over to Luke and smiled, "don't worry. You will get the hang of it soon enough. besides that you are a truly special individual if you have multiple Elements which it seems like you do. Don't shy from that, embrace it and become confident with it. If you do in time you'll become stronger than most others." Kairos said as he looked at the time. "All right class that is enough for today, just remember I'll be testing tomorrow when you come back in. Just to make sure you read up on subjects, and you're actually practicing" Kairos said with a smile.

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Luke look around getting up grab the book with his mouth and slowly try to walk to the doorway. But, he was really wobbly and dizzy more than usually. His ears and tail flatten against his body. Something was wrong with him. He lean against the doorway. He slowly try to keep his breathing slower. He knew overly stressing is making things worse. Main reason he wasn't turning back. He took a deep breath and start to walk to his next class. He was so happy that he knew how find all his class he memorize the schedule by heart.

Luke keep walking hearing everyone making fun that he turned back. Everyone excepts his classmates with Kairos. One guy in the school was the most popular stop infront of him, "Its kind sick and stupid that you cant transform. Why is that they allow you here." He grab Luke's chin and make him look at him. He also can scent the guy feeling sad for him seeing something. The boy lean over to only allow him to hear it, "I can see your weak but, I can tell its knew. Your in a lot of pain aren't you right now."

Luke look at the boy hearing like he can tell the boy. its very much different. The boy finsihed what he was saying, "I have some special gift that I can tell when any shifter of any kind their feeling and their desires. You really can't hide anything but, what got my attention is why can't I read your thoughts. All shifter I can but, you."

Luke shake his head and body step away from the boy. He was so dizzy he feel on his side and on a few students. He try to get up but, fall again. His eyes was closeing something was wrong with him what is happening. His thoughts before he passed out:

'Who was that guy? How did you know what he was? What does he mean that he couldn't read his thoughts? What does mean I am in a lot of pain?'

He start to drift away from the relate into a daze.

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((Please don't forget the rp sweet))

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Tomago Kairos looked at the boy as he fell over, pushing the other students away after they tried to help him up. Kairos took the boy into his arms and walked down to the medical bay to be checked out by the doctor. Kairos had a feeling something was wrong but he was in unable to tell what. After place the boy down Kairos sat in a chair next to the bed and waited for the doctor to show up to take a look at Luke. "Don't worry kid, your going to be just fine." Kairos stated placing his hand on Luke's side.

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Luke after a good two hours his eyes flutter open slowly. He didn’t move an inch just look around wondering where he was and how he got there. He look down at the ground thinking the boy said to him. Also what he learn in class about his species hit nothing is making any sense to him. Why was his parents so ready to send him to the school not telling anything about his kind. Something dark in the family that no one want to talk to him.

Luke slowly got up start to clean himself. His thoughts weren’t very clear as human thought he notice his animal is slowly taking over. He want to hunt for food. He lift his head sniffing the air. He smelt meat something taste very very good. He saw the nurse his eyes narrow and bare his teeth.

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