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Please use this thread to discuss the book freely!

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MJD | 331 comments Here is my reading updates for these books:

July 13, 2018 –
72.0% "Reading the book of Daniel now. It reminds me a lot of the story of Joseph and Egypt in the book of Genesis."
July 11, 2018 –
68.0% "In the book of Ezekiel now. I'm finding it very rich in symbolism, which is very fertile territory for a Joseph Campbell like reading of the book. Also, while it seems rewarding to try to figure out what the writer of the book was trying to say, it seems equally rewarding to accept it as sort of a rorschach test to look into one's own underlying thoughts in reaction to the abstract symbolism."
July 11, 2018 –
67.0% "Just got done with the book of Lamentations. It has the best title of a biblical book so in terms of describing the content. There is a bit of hope sprinkled throughout, but it seems outmatched by the crushing despair of societal collapse and personal suffering. Reminds me a bit of the book of Job in terms of its bleakness."
July 9, 2018 –
61.0% "Starting the longest book (Jeremiah) according to this cite on word counts of each book: https://overviewbible.com/word-counts...

After this one is finished it looks like only Ezekiel - which is one of the books up next - is on the lengthy side, so I should be able to speed through the remaining books faster."
July 9, 2018 –
59.0% "In Isaiah now. 14: 12-17 is very interesting. While "hell" has been referred to before, it just seemed to be a place that happens to be below and happens to have dead people there. In this part, however, hell is introduced as both a place that one can end up via punishment and as a place where one does not want to be. Also, here is a place where the mythos of Lucifer/Satan/etc. seems to be established."

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