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The Trick is to Keep Breathing
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Daisey | 272 comments I'm not quite sure how to review this book. Overall, I enjoyed the language of the book and felt the author had an important experience to share. However, the story is confusing with flashbacks and a sometimes disjointed timeline. I wanted clearer answers at the end, but that is not the author's plan. I really wasn't sure what I thought would happen after the end of the story, and in reading other reviews it sounds like there is a fair amount of disagreement among readers. Some find it inevitable that the character will commit suicide and others find the ending hopeful. I appreciate this story for the look it gave me at an experience I have never had to deal with personally.

Melissa 4 Stars
A moving story of the inner thoughts of a young woman suffering from depression after a severe loss. It’s told through her own inner dialogue and journal entries. I found it quite moving and her analyzation of things not only a very good depiction of grief and depression, but some very on point truisms about life.

Diane  | 2051 comments Rating: 4 stars

A young woman suffering from depression whose situation intensifies after losing her lover. As her lover was a married man, little support is offered her during her time of grieving. This book reminded me of A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing in a lot of ways.

Overall, a great insight to the emotions experienced during grief and depression.

Amanda Dawn | 1240 comments I ended up giving this one 3 stars. It was well written and provided some interesting insights about grief, depression, eating disorders, and how to create the meaning that makes life worth living. There was nothing I disliked about it, but I also didn't find there was a lot about the book that made it groundbreaking compared to others I've read.

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