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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Spinster daughter of an Earl has affair with artist painting her portrait. He targets rich older woman to support lavish lifestyle. Has evil teenage stepmother who is sexually abused by husband. Spoilers ahead.

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Lena | 3 comments I read this book last week and for the life of me can’t remember remember the title! It’s a historical romance novel. Main character is a spinster woman, around thirty or so. She is the daughter of an Earl and ran his household until he married a teenager, hoping for a son. The teenage stepmother is typically “evil,” plotting against her stepdaughter. Stepmother is sexually abused by her much older husband, beaten when she refuses him her bed. Main character is “chosen” as the next target of a Father/son duo who prey upon rich older woman. Father was disowned by aristocratic family after having an affair with a married Italian woman. They had a son together. Italian woman was killed by her male relatives for dishonoring the family. Father and Son escaped back to England. Son is a talented artist who uses his skills to paint rich older woman then begin an affair with her. Her money and gifts keep son and father in wealthy lifestyle. Main character is chosen as next target. She and artist begin portrait, start affair and fall in love. One day, evil stepmother catches them and plans to reveal affair to her husband. Husband turns out to have had a long affair with the housekeeper, who raised main character after her mother dies. Housekeeper ended affair when he got married, he still wants to continue it. Housekeeper and father of artist fall in love, as do son and main character. Stepmother reveals affair to husband. Husband offers artist money to stay away from spinster daughter. Artists agrees.

Spinster daughter of an Earl begins affair with artist painting her portrait . Artist had targeted her as he and his father prey upon rich older woman to paint them, begin affair, then woman’s money and gifts support artistand father’s lifestyle. Main character has evil teenage stepmother who is sexually abused by much older husband. Husband had long term affair with housekeep who ended it when he got married. Housekeeper and father of artist fall for each other, as do spinster daughter and artist. Stepmother finds out about affair, reveals to husband who offers artist money to leave spinster daughter. Artist agrees.

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Please consider using Goodreads to catalog your read books.

Did you get this from the library? Read it on a kindle or other device? Maybe it's in your kindle history or your library account.

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Lena, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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