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Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
We watch the bird as it flies high above us, singing like it's the only thing in the world that matters. And I feel it - that life can be beautiful. That there are possibilities.

Keep your head down and don't borrow trouble is the motto Joni lives by, and so far it's seen her family through some tough times. It's not as if she has the power to change anything important anyway. Like Dad's bad back, or the threat of losing their house.

So when Annabel breezes into her life, Joni's pretty sure they're destined to clash. Pretty, poised, privileged - the daughter of the richest family in town must have it easy.

But sometimes you find a matching spirit where you least expect it. Sometimes love can defy difference. And sometimes life asks you to be bigger and braver …

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
16% (view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
31% (view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
43% (view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
47% (view spoiler)

Shae Petersen | 5267 comments Maddison wrote: "16% Even though this is a love.

I just really can..."

(view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Yeah haha I really like them both, and it's so clear that there's heaps more to Annabel than you think! I want to read this now XD

Karen Barber | 11318 comments 10%-feels so natural and it’s good to see our MC is not defined by her sexuality. Hope the writer toned down the money references. I understand their significance, but we’ve got the message.

Karen Barber | 11318 comments 22%-settling into a nice rhythm. Some of the peripheral characters are interesting, though not really developed.

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Wow you're reading too! Yay!

Yeah it's a really cute book :D

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
59% (view spoiler)

Karen Barber | 11318 comments 63%. As we learn more about Annabel her unhappiness is evident. These two girls have a lot in common.

Karen Barber | 11318 comments 74% can’t help but think we’re about to have an explosive moment around Joni and Annabel.

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Wow you're powering through XD I'm still at the same point. I'm so scared to read your updates without the spoiler tags because I'm so worried I'll be spoiled even though there's nothing spoilery in there.

Karen Barber | 11318 comments Finished. Review on home page. Not quite loving it as much as some, and did feel elements were rather obvious, but it will certainly get people thinking.

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Oh wow! I'm really enjoying it, can't wait to finish tomorrow (better be tomorrow!)

message 17: by Shae (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shae Petersen | 5267 comments Maddison wrote: "47% [spoilers removed]"

(view spoiler)

message 18: by Shae (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shae Petersen | 5267 comments 63% I agree with you Karen!
(view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
I know right!

message 20: by Shae (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shae Petersen | 5267 comments ending: (view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Haha I almost read that spoiler, good thing I didn't!

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Will be finishing that up once I get home in 4.5hr.

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
94% (view spoiler)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | 48881 comments Mod
Review: This book started off super cute but I just found it dragged a little bit at the end. Straight away I knew (view spoiler) And I was still pleased for it.
I think it just took me that little bit too long to read. I loved the cuteness of the relationship, and also the deeper aspects to the story. I actually though that (view spoiler)
I liked the protest side of the story, it wasn't just a romance story. There was a plot. I'm glad I read this book, a cute filler :)

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