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message 1: by Carly (new)

Carly McCunn | 64 comments So I recently got a concussion so I can’t actually read, so I was thinking of doing some audio books. What are good/cheap platforms/apps to use and what books (I like YA, fantasy or contemporary) are the best audio versions?

message 2: by Aida ☾ (new)

Aida ☾ (itsamangotree) | 398 comments I get mine from Audible.

And I Darken is probably my favorite audio book.

message 3: by MissBecka (new)

MissBecka Gee (missbeckagee) | 113 comments I get audio books through my library. Large selection, you can access them online through the overdrive so you don't even have to go into the library and...FREEEEEEEEEEE!

Queen of Hearts series is great
Little Monsters and Boy Meets Boy
are some recent great YA I've gotten through the overdrive lately.
Sorry about your noggin, hope you enjoy your audio books while your healing. :)

message 4: by Shannon (last edited Jul 14, 2018 04:32AM) (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 173 comments I also get mine from my local library. They download right to an app on my phone. My library also offers us access to hoopladigital service and they have a huge variety of audiobooks.

It's not YA but the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones is excellent to listen to.

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 49 comments The martian, the upside of unrequited, how to stop time

message 6: by Serena (last edited Jul 14, 2018 07:02AM) (new)

Serena Darking (serenadarking) | 26 comments I get all of mine from my library as well. I personally would recommend Libby or Overdrive (they're basically the same except Libby is a bit easier to use). I suggest Cinder if you haven't read it yet!

Hope you feel better soon!

Bookkitten (collector of nice things) (thebookkitten) | 36 comments Audible, because you can download it on your smartphone and listen to it via app via headphones wherever you want without disturbing anyone.

If you are in for some classic murder mysteries, the BBC recordings of Poirot's Finest Cases Eight Full-Cast BBC Radio Dramatisations are great, or for something modern crime and magical Rivers of London, Audible has even a freebie short story of this series.
As for a YA book, I know Audible has Daughter of the Pirate King.
Get well.

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 49 comments Scribd is also good

message 9: by Carly (new)

Carly McCunn | 64 comments Thank you everyone! I’m going to check out my library tomorrow and see if they have anything :)

message 10: by C.A. (new)

C.A. | 58 comments I use Overdrive through my town's library. I love free stuff!

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