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V. Gomenzi (Fleet Quintet #3)
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Susannah Bell (moonblossom) | 4 comments I'm giving away the first three books I ever self-published FREE for the rest of July 2018. Available to download for all devices including Kindle.

Transference (Fleet Quintet #1) by Susannah J. Bell Transference (Book 1)

Flesh for Sale (Fleet Quintet #2) by Susannah J. Bell Flesh for Sale (Book 2)

V. Gomenzi (Fleet Quintet #3) by Susannah J. Bell V. Gomenzi (Book 3)

About The Fleet Quintet:

An unconventional sci-fi series in which the story isn’t linear and the books aren't sequential. On some worlds, the tech is laughably low. The hero used to be an evil entity and the heroine hides in a library. They first appear to meet inside her head. The alien enemy can’t be seen and the invasion takes so long that no one notices for several centuries. The only real angel has no wings. The strongest theme is that of immortality yet few can remember much about anything. The prevalent church is called SPIT with a lesser cult known as TRVTH, though neither know the truth about the Fleet. There’s no time travel but two of the main characters are thrown about in time. Dark themes covering metaphysics, religion and supernatural existentialism run parallel to the darkest humour, while different layers of space are explored, exploited or torn to pieces. But the greatest theme of all is love – written against a vast backdrop of shadowy entities whose purpose is never clear. Those entities are the Fleet.

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Hi Susannah. Welcome!

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