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EndlessPages (liv_readsx) | 266 comments Mod
By Marcus Zusak

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Susy (susysstories) | 60 comments I've finished this one and really loved it! I felt a real connection to the characters, liked the way it focused on the "ordinary" lives (meaning that the focus is not on the fighting or resistance as many books on WWII do) of children during very harsh times and I also loved the different take on the narrator. Gave it 5 stars,

message 3: by CrazyAsACupcake (last edited Jul 15, 2018 10:28AM) (new)

CrazyAsACupcake This is one of my absolute favourite books, and I make a point to try and read it every year. It's always a 5 star read, and even though I know what's going to happen I still end up bawling my eyes out. My favourite thing about it, like Susy said, is that it focused on "ordinary" people instead of the actual war itself - and not only that, most books based on the war are set in the US or Britain, and demonise Germany as though everyone was a follower of the Nazi Regime. The Book Thief is one of very few books that show people how the German citizens were just like us: they were afraid of the air raids too, they thought we were the villains just as we thought they were, they thought that all of us were evil - just as we thought with them. Also the fact that there were people who stood up to the police (after studying German for 4 years I should know the word, and after studying History for 5 years I should know what they were called... I'll be back in 10 minutes with a response just of that word), and hidden Jews despite knowing that would probably give them a death sentence, they existed in Germany just as much as anywhere else.

I hate the fact that most media (movies, shows, books) downright demonises the entire population of Germany from the 30s until the end of the war, as the mindset was a giant manipulation tactic by Hitler, which is proved when he blames Jews, gays, blacks, etc for all of their problems, and when a large group of people in charge (the government, the police and the army in this case) all hold the same beliefs and mindset, many civilians who have grown up knowing these people who probably couldn't do anything wrong start to build this mindset too. And no one spoke out due to fear of what would happen if they argued with the people in charge. There are many accounts of German citizens under Nazi rule who helped hide/deport/stand up for the oppressed people, yet many authors seem to choose to not show their existence in their books, as do directors in movies - even some documentaries do this.

The Book Thief means a lot to me as it shows that there were good people despite the circumstances.

This was a ramble and a half.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Edit 15/07/2018 @ 18:28 - THEY WERE CALLED THE GESTAPO

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Audrey (niceyackerman) I didn’t like this one that well. Very few books are stolen, and the ending felt so manipulative. (view spoiler)

I liked The Plum Tree better, which is also about everyday Germans during the war.

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