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message 1: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments

Post any ideas for rp events here!

Want acid rain and radiation storms? or even a simple party? Then share that!

message 2: by Xwft (last edited Jul 17, 2018 02:32PM) (new)

Xwft | 97 comments OK so midnight ideas I had that are kinda cliche but might be fun or might give ideas for other events.

1) We could have like epidemic of sorts. Then people can either be getting sick, helping find a cure or trying to find the source of said disease or plague which could be literally anything.
A quick second thought on that is maybe if/when we get into the locked bunker maybe that's where said disease came from? Or it could have a host human witch might also be fun.

2) Also rather cliche but maybe there could be like and attack of mutant/wild animals that none of them have seen before? It could like spit acid or something lol

3) This isn't very helpful but a flash flood or something like that might be fun. It would make it so they don't have many supplies later on which a idea might come from idk.

message 3: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments oooh I like those! Especially the diseased bunker one.

We could have a group of scouts, scavengers, some guards and engineers working together to open the bunker, which turns out to be an old science lab filled with random supplies and dead bodies. Anyone who goes in falls mysteriously sick with some kind of unknown disease that is highly contagious.

The medics and botanists could work around the clock to find a cure while the guards try to keep people calm and in quarantine to keep from others getting sick? That way everyone gets a part in the drama.

message 4: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Yes!! That would be so much fun especially cause everyone can join!! Scout/scavengers could also be going out to collect herbs and stuff for the medicine just to give them a extra roll to play. And that could be why the bunker was lock because he contained said deadly diseased.

We could start getting together a little team of maybe... 6 do you think? Two guards two engineers and scavenger and a scout? We might have to wait before starting so people can settle and get their characters made. Then once we got the team together we can send them off to get sick XD

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I would defintely like this

message 6: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Coolio!!!! I honestly didn't think my ideas would go down to well i'm glad people like it ;-)

message 7: by War* (last edited Jul 17, 2018 08:46PM) (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Sounds Great!

Isa will absolutely play a big part with the medics, so i'll leave Jon out of the group of 6 to let others join. but he might get catch the illness because i'm evil and like tormenting my charries.

maybe your scout is apart of the group and if they get sick, Jon gets the illness from them cause he is a loyal dummy and breaks past the guards to help his friend?

message 8: by Max (new)

Max | 32 comments If y'all need a scavenger, Luke is there for you to use. If not, totally fine too.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

War* wrote: "Sounds Great!

Isa will absolutely play a big part with the medics, so i'll leave Jon out of the group of 6 to let others join. but he might get catch the illness because i'm evil and like tormenti..."

Sounds like a plan

message 10: by War* (last edited Jul 17, 2018 09:18PM) (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments I'll start working on a mission thread for it under the plot.


message 11: by Xwft (last edited Jul 18, 2018 02:22PM) (new)

Xwft | 97 comments ((Sorry I took awhile to reply!))

Cool I can help with anything if u need it!!!!!

Yeah I feel so bad for Isa already. And you aren't the only one that torments characters, I am so mean to mine I feel bad for them sometimes lol.

I was thinking of using Tyrus as one of the guards, unless someone was going to, to be on the mission, Katie will stay home being she might play a part in helping medics and stuff.

Just to get a base idea of who's going, correct me if i'm wrong.
We have Luke as a scavenger, Samirah as a scout and Tyrus as a guard? Meaning we need about three more people?

message 12: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Oh I know! I think Isa going to have like five mental breakdowns before this is over!

That sounds good!
Maybe we can rope in one of Nova's guards if they are willing?

We also need some engineers, but none are finished yet

message 13: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Oh poor the poor sweety XD

Yup I can ask them if you would like being we are doing a RP together.

If push comes to pull we only really need one engineer, maybe we could ask around and see if anyone's almost done one. I think Donovan has one in the making and they are yet to have someone on the mission.
I would say i could make one but my other character idea would not be trusted to go on this mission lol.

message 14: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments OK I asked Nova and she said she would prefer Marleigh her scout to go on this mission instead which should be fine i think even though it will mean we will have two scouts.
I mean I don't mind Tyrus being the only guard going being that kinda plays into his personality cause he will be like 'nah It's I can do it alone i'm head guard after all' then proceed to get himself sick lol.

message 15: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Okay, this is what I have so far.

[ Guard ] - [ Tyrus Fullbuster ][ 22 ][ Link ]-[ Xwft ]
[ Engineer ] - [Name] [Age] [Link]-[rper]
[ Engineer ] - [Name] [Age] [Link]-[rper]
[ Scout ] - [ Marleigh Westfield ] [19] [ Link ]-[ nσνα ]
[ Scout ]- [ Samirah Al'Abddul ][ 21 ][ Link ]-[ Donovan ]
[ Scavenger ]- [ Luke Williams ] [ 16 ] [ Link ]-[ Max ]

message 16: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Sweets that looks about right. Now we are just hunting for engineers XD

message 17: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Yes lol.
Donovan, Yuki and sucre'd currently have ones claimed,

I think once I get the event written up I may send out a group message about it.

If worse comes to worse, I might be able to create a throwaway charrie that gets killed by the illness just to fill a spot lol. (and to make Isa feel bad)

message 18: by Xwft (last edited Jul 19, 2018 04:45PM) (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Yeah sounds good some people mightn't even know we are doing this lol.

Yeah if worse comes to worse, Then we can just have on engineer so someone else can come. hahah we are so mean lol I have a feeling we will have a lot of randoms redshirts die lol.

message 19: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments I finally finished the event thread, and am going to start the group message soon.

I was actually thinking of that too lol.

No redshirts shall be safe

message 20: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Coolio!!!! Good job on it by the way.

Yeah lol. And if u need any help kick starting the mission or anything I can try help.

Hehe all the redshirts shall die

message 21: by War* (last edited Jul 20, 2018 05:37PM) (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Thanks ( :

When should we start the mission?

I think we need more people to join the group to fill out the ranks better.

I think i'm gonna go ahead and change the 2nd engineer spot to something else. since no one seems to be biting lol

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

I would do it but the boi isn't finished

message 23: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Welcomes :-)

Mmm..... Yeah we might want to wait a bit. Donovan how far away is your boi from being finished? Maybe we could wait for you to finished you to finish him so we have at lest one and that will give time for other to join and settle in. Maybe? It would mean you have two people however.

And yeah I agree. I think just leaving the last spot open just for anyone to garb would be good meaning whoever from whatever can take it.

message 24: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Sounds good

also I was thinking about the next event being something more upbeat and fun (since I'm not totally evil to my boi's all the time) maybe something like an Earth Reclamation Day party where every one just lets loose for a night to blow off steam / de-stress after the whole bunker illness thing gets resolved?

message 25: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments (( I was just putting ideas out there. However I am going away on the 3rd of august ((about two weeks)) on a school trip and will be gone 8 maybe 9 days and will likely not have much free time and if i do no assess to internet or a writing device therefore will likely be nonactive for those 9 days. I don't mind at all if you start that whole bunker thing while i'm gone (Being a doubt you guys can wait three weeks to start this fun little Drama) and I will just slip in when i'm back. But this is just a early warning that is where I will be and why I wont reply for awhile.

(Your nicer then me then lol) Yeah I feel like we need some cute little thing like that just to relive some pressure and all that. Like, as harsh as it sounds, a little party 'we lived we did good to get this far party' and maybe also a time to remember those who did die in all the chaos.))

message 26: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments Have fun! but we'll miss you!

yessss, I love parties I can totally see Isa having some secret dance moves that come out after a few drinks XD

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

bro i can't wait to see Samirah go all out

message 28: by Xwft (last edited Jul 26, 2018 08:48PM) (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Thanks!! Yup so i'll just join in when I get back or if we start before I leave i'll join then go then come back again. As long as i get to do the really sad mean thing I have been planning for ages now then i'm happy.

Aww Isa and Katie dancing together <3 I feel like Tyrus will have two left feet tho.

message 29: by War* (new)

War* (warr) | 136 comments ooohh can't wait!

sooo cute
Jon will also trip over his own feet, but I can see him also being evil and keep handing people drinks all night

message 30: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments I'm only going to break a few hearts XD So don't cure the disease without me lol

Hahahah that's just mean lol. No one will be able to do anything the next day lol

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Immagine Samirah beind utterly embarrased and unable to come out of her tent for the day, all the scouts would probably be surprised to see her so outgoing

message 32: by Xwft (new)

Xwft | 97 comments Oh the poor darling. Katie will just be like yeah I did some dumb things that night to lets just all agree to forget it

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