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message 1: by kaya (last edited Jul 25, 2018 11:15PM) (new)

kaya (ananats) | 113 comments Mod

cao family
crest/emblem : tba
colour : #b65c5c  
motto : tba

message 2: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 32 comments

fc: xi mengyao (ming xi)

message 3: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 32 comments

@lyn : jieqiong is a rather cold person that doesn't do well with interacting because she can come off as too angry or awkward. in terms of her family, she cares a lot for them, even if it's hard to realize that.

message 4: by Lyn (new)

@cosmic: And jieqiong also liked to travel a lot right? I was wondering if we wanted ayling to have been thrown responsibilities by their parents since jieqiong used to be away a lot. Things are different now, since you said she hasn't disappeared in a while but do we want a tension between the sisters or more like a quiet understanding? I'm leaning more toward the understanding part since ayling has an adventurous side to her.

message 5: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 32 comments

@lyn : i would think that in the first few weeks/months following jie's last trip, her and ayling would have a bit of tension in their relationship, but over time it became a quiet understanding, and now jie does what she can to repay ayling (whether by small things or taking over other responsibilities)

message 6: by Lyn (last edited Jul 19, 2018 03:49AM) (new)

@cosmic I totally agree to that, I also feel like ayli would secretly want to know what it was like on jie's travels. Places she has seen, things she's collected and others she has met etc. I could see her even sneaking into jie's room, or any other room in their household to learn more information about anything. Jie could catch her there and it's this silence of why didn't you just ask. But as time goes on they learn how to talk to each other and be more comfortable with each other. Not talking about being the closest ever but more communication.

message 7: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 32 comments

@lyn : ooh yeah that sounds good. i think after catching ayli, jie would probably start showing the artworks she's made of the places she's been and people she's seen and she'll subtly go 'this was when i was in *village name*. isn't it nice?'

message 8: by Lyn (new)

@cosmic: yea, I like that they will be able to share something together, tie them in as sisters :) I will be working on ayli, and hopefully getting her done today or tomorrow.

message 9: by devo (new)

devo (yourdevotion) | 16 comments

zhou jieqiong

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