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completed characters ▸ post completed characters here for approval. make sure to include all the necessary information (in the template below). characters must be approved before you can roleplay.

name ▸
age ▸
gender ▸
orientation ▸ (optional)
city of residence ▸ (if they live in a town or village, put the city they live closest to)
occupation ▸ (royal, nobility, gunslinger, priest/ess, peasant farmer, etc.)
if magical, magical power level ▸ #/10 (anything above 7 must be requested, to limit the number of overpowered characters)
if magical, which family member they inherited their ability from ▸ (maximum two generation gap)
weapons ▸ (if relevant)
appearance ▸ (one or more images, with proper dimensions, plus a face claim)
description ▸ (personality and history)
relations ▸ (optional)

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YI HANSOL crown prince of leiyun ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ a.k.a jeong siwon, a traveller
twenty-eight & male & birom & na layuin / magic: power 10/10; talent 4/10
fights with imperial sword or his own sword ; also carries dagger, knife, bow .
( park hyungsik ) + blk hair ; blk eyes ( green when using magic ) ; tall, 1.83m

HANSOL IS HIS BODYGUARD'S WORST NIGHTMARE. Constantly forgoing caution because he grew up with someone (just because they didn't want to murder you then doesn't mean they don't now!); often vanishing in large crowds because he wants to go look at something he knows they won't let him look at; regularly making trips up and down the mountains to try to find safe passes through them — his antics are impossibly frustrating and he has little concern for his physical wellbeing. While he's careful of what views he expresses and what information he reveals, Hansol rarely thinks about the risk of him simply being outside.

Hansol doesn't take lightly to people he cares about being threatened. While he regularly puts himself in danger without thinking, he is careful not to do the same to his cousins and siblings, and anyone who threatens them risks his wrath (which doesn't sound very threatening, given that he doesn't look particularly scary, but his magic gets really unstable when he's angry).

Speaking of his magic — Hansol has never been good at controlling his power. He never wanted to use it as a child, and he didn't pay attention to his tutor when they taught him how to use it, so he tends to just let it build up to the point where it becomes a danger to him and the people around him. He's yet to figure out how to get rid of excess in a way other than it getting to breaking point and expelling itself from his body (which usually creates a shockwave of some kind, and often leaves him unconscious for several days). He's heard rumours that the dragons of the plains — the ancient ones, who have been here since before Leiyun — know the secrets of magic, and he wants to go there, to find them and see if they can tell him why his magic doesn't work properly, why he can't control it even though people have tried to teach him. Is it because he's learning properly too late, or is there something more to it?

When Hansol was born, the kingdom spent hours praying for him. He was barely alive, and the doctor had initially thought that he was stillborn. Their initial guess was that he wasn't going to be magical — and the idea of an emperor with a weak heart and no magic leading their country against an outside world growing in power and technology was one that many were afraid of. But after several minutes, his heartbeat became louder. Still, there were no signs of magic.

On his second birthday, Hansol set fire to his bed when an assassin crept into his room in the very early morning and tried to kill him. While the family worried about his safety, they were glad that he had finally shown signs of magical ability. But as he got older, they discovered two things: one, he was asthmatic; and two, he didn't seem to be able to harness his magic — it simply refused to obey his conscious mind. They assumed it was because he hadn't paid attention in class, but as he got older and more conscientious, and as the asthma went away, harnessing his magic remained an issue.

After several more attempts on his life, Hansol was sent away to live in the countryside, where it would be harder for assassins to find him. And ever since then, he's travelled around the kingdom searching for answers about his magic and trying to understand the kingdom and its people better. Every few moon cycles, he returns to the capital to see his friends and family, but he never stays for long — for safety reasons — and he rarely visits Myuikan when travelling up the east coast.

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lu chen, son of lu jiang and a central plains nomad
aged twenty-three, identifies as male and gay
born on the central plains but residing in na layuin
suspected to be a magician with power estimated at
6/10 or higher, although with no apparent control
inherited this ability from his maternal grandmother
carries a wooden staff with sharpened ends
bears uncanny resemblance to jin longguo

chen's mother gave him her surname in the vain hope that it might help him gain some credibility if he ever came to the capital. but he chose to stay in the plains, with the farmer who had raised him (his father had no time for a son, and his mother could not very well return south with a child and no easy explanation). when the farmer died, he took over the farm — but with only one person to sow crops and care for the animals, it's difficult to keep the younger dragons from stealing his goats and keep them out of the wheat. so he's made the reluctant decision to travel south, a couple of the younger dragons that don't steal his goats in tow. maybe down here he can find someone to teach him magic and he can learn how to keep the blasted dragons from taking his livestock. he trusts the dragons to not eat all the goats and make sure no other predators get to them.

down here, chen doesn't talk much. because magic will get you stuck in the palace, working for the royal family, and he has more important things to do. and also because he doesn't want to be interrogated — the people of the plains rarely travel outside the mountains, despite knowing how to traverse the safer southern routes, and so the people of the south are curious about them and often ask too many questions; and his plains accent is very prominent, although his mother left him enough books and things for him to learn the common dialect from.

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descriptionCAO JIEQIONG; eldest daughter of the cao family ; twenty-seven
descriptionyears old ; a cisfemale and uses she/her pronouns ; demisexual and
descriptionbiromantic ; resides in na layuin ; nobility ; non-magical ; ming xi fc


Jieqiong is not a people person. That much has been obvious since she was a child, shooing away people that tried to interact with her — including family members at times — and even insulting those that continued to be persistent. Over time, others came to think that she had a form of social anxiety, which has never been confirmed nor denied. When asked, Jieqiong would only say that she wasn't very good with communication, and people often try to interrupt her when she's painting, which she has made known to others that it is strictly forbidden to interrupt her at such times.

Some people call her an adventurer. Most times, the words don't affect her, because she is indeed an adventurer. When lessons became too tough or taking on the responsibility of the eldest child became too consuming, Jieqiong would run away. The first time she packed a small bag of belongings and fled at night was when she was eight. She had been gone for a week, exploring nearby villages and enjoying time to herself and her art when she was found by palace guards and sent back home. That didn't discourage her though, as she continued to run away from home, and with each time she'd go further and further out into the country, which made her harder to find each time.

She hasn't run away in two years. Now at 27, her family has tied her down with duties that she would've never thought about at a younger age. They need her to marry someone, to keep up the good name of the Cao family, and to support the prince when he takes the throne. Jieqiong longs to venture the country again, and has even arranged a plan to do so, but for now she is trapped in Leiyun.

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descriptionKANG NAYOUNG; youngest daughter of the kang family ; sixteen
descriptionyears old ; a cisfemale and uses she/her pronouns ; demisexual and
descriptionbicurious ; resides in na luyian ; nobility ; non-magical ; kang mina fc


Nayoung is the epitome of innocence. For a majority of her life, she was in a rather protective bubble, but it wasn't strict enough for her to become a grumpy teenager that chose to rebel every second that she had. Rather, Nayoung learned the principles of keeping yourself happy and never being too hard on yourself, and learned that a few kind words and a cheery smile could help another person.

She is confident in herself. Someone — her elder brother — once called her chubby. In all honesty, Nayoung has round cheeks and a broad torso, but she has always eaten healthy and exercises when necessary, so she's never been too round. Rather than throwing a fit or starting an useless conversation, she bit his hand and called him a stick, then proceeded to explain why eating one of the cakes she can expertly make is good for both mental health and physical health. Even though Nayoung likes herself the way she is, she is never vocal about it, and prefers to not think too much about her appearance.

Baking is a natural skill of hers. As the baby of the Kang family, she grew accustomed to being trumped by her elder siblings and her cousins and their talents and magic. Wanting to find something special that she can claim for her own, Nayoung took up baking. It first started out with following recipes and baking small dishes when she was five, until she began creating her own dishes at the age of ten. She is rather passionate about her skill, and often spends her free time in the kitchens of the castle, working alongside staff and making desserts for her family.

Speaking of her family, they mean everything to her. It's normal for families to be affectionate with one another, but she takes it to another level. Nayoung adores not only her siblings and her parents, but also her cousins and aunt and uncle. She would do anything for them, even if it sounds unreasonable or odd at first, and is always the one that showers them with plenty of love and affection.

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inherited power ( & gun ) from mother ; carries a magical revolver ( unused )
xu minghao

HAN IS A THIEF. It's the unfortunate reality of what happens when your father is god-knows-where and your mother is dead — you don't tend to have money to live off. And sure, he could just waltz on up to the palace and get a job there, terrorising children whose position he was once in simply because the law says it's bad to steal.

OTHER GUNSLINGERS USE THEIR GUNS AS WEAPONS. Han keeps his under the floorboards of the abandoned house he's staying in. The silver-and-gold dragon on the handle is too conspicuous for it to be safe to carry around — and he doesn't need people making comments like 'your family would be so disappointed in you' because he knows they would be. He also knows that if he'd lived up to their expectations, he'd have a lot less freedom and probably still be starving and freezing on the street.

HAN DOESN'T GET CAUGHT. Anyone who realises that he's a Gunslinger finds themselves being threatened with a gun in their face — despite not wanting to carry it around, he does take it with him into crowded places — for safety. And if he's stealing from someone, they generally won't notice that he never paid until he's long gone. Hopefully they won't remember his face, either.

PEOPLE OFTEN ASSUME THAT HAN DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO SUFFER. They try to tell him that the person he stole from will go hungry — even though they've probably got no idea what it's like to be truly hungry. They try to tell him that he shouldn't hurt other people, even though nobody cares if he gets hurt. And although he does joke that nobody would understand true suffering until they've gone out in a snowstorm in Indseil to rescue the family's dog (he stayed with a friendly family there for a few years), he has more scars than he can count. And even if he does do bad stuff, people don't need to criticise him constantly. He gets enough of an earful from his familiar — a baby dragon called Charcoal. She loves to nitpick at him.

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JOO EUNSEO city guard lieutenant & 25
male & ex-royal ward ( magician ; 3/10 )
inherited from father + uses a sword
min yoongi

Nobody really knows where Eunseo's loyalty lies. His parents were executed in front of him when he was five, for hiding his father's magical ability — and Eunseo was taken in as a royal ward, trained as a magician and taught how to fight. Up until he turned twenty, he aided with maintaining the barrier around the kingdom — then he left the palace and became a city guard, rapidly rising through the ranks to become a lieutenant. A simple career path, and yet his intentions are unclear.

Eunseo plans to run away — whether by leaving the kingdom altogether, which would put him in more danger, since the knowledge of Leiyun's magic must be kept within the border; or by going north. If he moved to one of the northern fishing islands, nobody would ever find him — except Eunseo hates the cold, and Indseil is almost always cold.

his blue hair is a genetic thing, passed down along with magic. although his father didn't have the hair, eunseo was born with bright blue hair, and his father instantly knew that the family was in danger — but he did nothing.

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descriptionSANAI BANKS; a peasant ; twenty-three years old ; a cisfemale
descriptionand uses she/her pronouns ; pansexual-romantic ; resides in insdeil
description; magical ; inherited from mother ; level four ; leomie anderson fc


Her mother used to work at the castle. A magician like her mother, and her grandmother, Miracle Wilkinson used to share stories about when she was offered a job at the castle as a personal guard to the royal family. However, each time she shared a story, disgust laced her voice. At a young age, Sanai came to the conclusion that she'd do whatever she can to avoid working in the castle, all because her mother made it seem like she had to avoid it.

Sanai left Na Luyian when she was offered a job in the castle. While she hadn't intended to pack her belongings and leave the home she grew up in and her mother died in, she did, and moved over to small villages around the country. That was where her nomadic lifestyle bloomed, an attempt to stay away from the capital and all things that her mother disliked. After two years of moving around, Sanai is currently in Insdeil, occasionally picking up part-time jobs in the markets.

She isn't the best when it comes to responsibility. Because of her free-spirited personality, Sanai doesn't take the proper time to sit still and think about the important choices she has made that have heavily impacted her life — like leaving home, perhaps — and have left her in the state that she is in now: bordering homelessness. However, she tries not to think too much about her issues, which is quite often, and lands her in even more trouble than she was in beforehand.

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"How do you fly with no wings, how can you breathe without dreams?"

cασ αүℓιηg

Female ║ Twenty-four║ Heterosexual║Cao nobility
 ║ middle daughter║ na layuin║ non magical ║liu yifei

Filled with much imagination and an uncanny search for all things new, she never stops learning and rather likes a good challenge. She hates being provoked but steps down from a fight in order to not meddle into affairs that would disgrace her family or in more complications than she’d like to be in. Kind in all ways to those who need help but in this, she won’t turn anyone away that is asking for assistance. Stubborn but only when it comes to things that she is interested in and what she believes to be right in her heart. A bit of an eavesdropper, she wants to know everything and anything about external and internal relations concerning politics and the royals. She tries to stay away from any drama however, her mind is focused on what is good for her family and for the land.

(view spoiler)

✫Cao noble_father_
✫Cao noble_mother_ indecision to impress
✫Cao Jieqiong_older sister_ quiet understanding
✫Cao noble_younger sister_
✫Cao noble_brother_

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C A O princess female twentyZ H O U
M E Imagic level: 8/10 J I E Q I O N G

(view spoiler)

Mei is a pretty popular girl and she knows that. As one of the younger members of the Cao family who inherited pretty impressive magic, she has been taught to rise to the occasion and to be the barbie doll role model for little girls everywhere. Whenever her siblings fought, she was the mediator. Whenever there was a royal event, she was always in attendance. And yet, that whole thing felt extremely boring to her. So on her twentieth birthday she finally did something her family never expected her to do: snuck out of the house,

Nowadays you can see Mei being rebellious (some call it a premature mid life crisis) and carefree (her hair is pink now much to her mother's dismay). She's unconventional and spontaneous and roams the outside walls of her home more frequently than ever. Knowing that actual royal responsibility will almost never fall on her shoulders she actively voices her opinions on topics she should be mum about. International relations? she says open the gates! Marriage between two unwilling participants? she says that should be illegal! As rambunctious as she is, Mei still has a long way to go to control her emotions and more importantly - her powers.

Being the first in her generation to inherit her mother's powers, she has gained more powers than she would actually have chosen to acquire. The family knew they day she was born that she was special (as a newborn she rarely cried, never developed any sort of sickness and was almost never tired). The extent of this power is unknown to the Cao's and extremely unknown to her. The most she currently knows how to do are the basics that she has been taught. Unbeknownst to her, she contains more power than can be contained for long.

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devotion : ok so i don't think i explained this very well... magic isn't like, specific powers. it's more like generalised 'being able to do magic', but some people have more of an aptitude towards specific things. like spells/potions/healing/curses/etc.

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han eunwoo the third child of the han family, age twenty-two
male & panrom. & na layuin & noble & competent with a sword

eunwoo hates it when he's the centre of attention. it doesn't happen very often, fortunately, since he's got two older siblings and one younger to deflect the attention onto — but when it's inescapable, it makes him very uncomfortable. sometimes he wishes he was born as a peasant instead, so that he wouldn't have to be noticed nearly as often.

despite his hatred of his birth, eunwoo loves his family. especially his siblings, who mean the world to him — even if they don't always understand, at least they try. so often, people tell him to just 'get over' his fear of attention, but his siblings don't do that. they actually know him.

the unimpressive child, eunwoo has never been especially good at anything much. he's moderately good with a sword, he's somewhat competent at languages, he's not magical and while he understands politics he's terrible at public speaking and would never be able to participate in parliament.

fc: kim taehyung

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