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message 1: by BobJosh (new)

BobJosh | 15 comments It was a triology -or quadriology- by a german author.
A light fantasy or YA fantasy.
All I remember from the story is:
A 14 year old-ish boy in germany is transported to another world somehow.

message 2: by ~ Giulia ~ (new)

~ Giulia ~ | 146 comments Do you remember when you read the book? Was it a new book or a classic? What kind of world is the boy transported to?

message 3: by BobJosh (new)

BobJosh | 15 comments I believ it was around 2010, so the books were written sometime before. Perhaps 2000-2005?
Not sure about the world, there was some kind of evil ruler, and people were about to overthrow him. The boy was summoned there to help them.

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