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quq  (190511) Marleigh knelt by the creek, savoring the shade from the thick tree canopy overhead. The silence of the forest was a bit unnerving, but the occasional bird would chirp and reassure her. At least it allowed her to hear footsteps from a longer distance. She dipped her canteen in the water and winced when a few drops dropped off her canteen hit the surface, creating a small splashing sound. Her unbound hair fell around her face as she leaned closer to the water to prevent more splashing. She had elected to wear tight black athletic, not to mention synthetic pants, and a dark blue tank top. It wasn’t the best to blend in, she had realized a few minutes in, but it was what she had chosen. She scanned the surrounding area; well known, so if they wished to expand here they already would have. She took a small sip of the water after allowing it to filter for a few moments, and then screwed the cap on tightly and stood up, ready to get moving again.

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Hehehe Whoops just realized Tyrus hasn't been approved yet by a mod. We might have to wait a bit just to make sure he's approved before I reply but as soon as he is I have a reply ready. If that's ok with you?))

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quq  (190511) ((yeah! thats totally fine))

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Coolio!!! While we wait maybe we could think about how Tyrus as Marleigh actually know each other lol.))

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quq  (190511) ((idk … maybe they met on like a training mission or something, but they still don’t know each other very well? idek if there are training missions lol))

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Mmm yeah they could have met before the mission when the crew were like all meeting each other or doing some training so they got used to the terrain they would be in being earth is very different from a ship. Then actually became good Friends when the ship crashed. Just a thought anyway here's my reply hope its not to long.))

He had was technically on outside border patrol but that was only because he got bored. He had helped as he could around camp before they ran out of things for him to do with thanks to his lack of knowledge on anything other than his field of work. So he couldn’t help and his twin sister was once again out doing some scout work so he couldn’t spend time with her and he could sit down being he wasn’t tired yet and had little patience for sitting. Therefore the only thing for him to do was to go on border patrol. He had been doing his rounds a hour or two ago but he didn’t mind coming out again. He life was always busy it felt weird when he encountered those times he had nothing to do. Thankfully he could go one border patrol basically whenever being he was head of the guards.

Tyrus was just walking thought was woods follow the creek that was rather close to base. He had the hood of his jacket up to it hid the bright red of his hair. That was the only problem with him, he couldn’t blend in for the life of him unless he covered his hair. Being his hair stood out rather well, it was almost like a flare calling out the the predators saying “hello I am here come get me!” Which wasn’t what he wanted.

As Tyrus walked he heard a splash up ahead the sound unearthly loud the the quiet of the forest. Not very loud but a defiant splash not made by anything not living. Cautiously, Tyrus pulled the dagger from it’s sheath at his waist as he crept towards the noise. It was unlikely anything dangerous. That got the occasional bear come in this close to camp but most things stayed further out so it was likely a deer or something more or less harmless. Slowly and quietly, Tyrus made his way towards the source of the noise dagger gripped tightly in hand. However as he spotted the source of the noise he noticed the creator if the splash was human, and upon close inspection that human was Marleigh. Tyrus smiled slipping the blade back into his sheath. Marleigh didn’t often make noise. Her stealth being so good that he often had a hard time spotting his friend when out in the forest meaning she could easily sneak up on him. However he found her and he didn’t think she had seen him yet which was quite a change of tides and Tyrus thought he might have a little fun with it.

He waited, watching his friend fill her canteen while he stood behind a tree thankful that his clothe choice blended in more the hers despite his hair. He watched the way her hair fell around her face like a little cage as it prevent anymore noise being made as she filler her canteen. Then as she stood turning away from him Tyrus made his move. He snuck up behind her making sure to tread lightly. Any sound made would sound like a thunderclap. He was going to just try give her a fight but as he made his way behind her he noticed she was still by the creek edge. So as soon as he was within arms distance of her, Tyrus gave her a light push to make her topple into the water. However before she fell he grabbed her pulling to towards him so her back was against his chest.
“Saved you” He laughed before releasing his best friend for his grip, after making sure she had regained her balance. “Hope you weren’t doing anything that needed much stealth. I think I might have broken our cover.”

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quq  (190511) ((sounds good! thanks!))

Marleigh heard a small footstep, but dropped her canteen into her bag anyways, passing it for a bird of some sort. They were everywhere around here, which contrasted incredibly to the ship, where everything was either metal, technology, or human. Birds, or any animal of sorts, were a little-recognized privilege, she realized.

A second later, she was pushed from behind towards the water and almost screamed. She wasn’t usually one to get scared, especially from a small push, but she had thoroughly convinced herself that it was a darn bird. She managed to keep her silence, however, and was relieved when they caught her. Not that she couldn’t have caught herself. In fact, she probably would have made less noise than this blundering fool.

She recognized the voice immediately, and sighed loudly, noisily in another sense of relief. She knew no one here cared anymore if they were making sounds, and he had already talked anyways. She reinforced her earlier idea of ‘blundering fool’. Tyrus was, of course, silent like her, but he was louder. Just enough to make his footsteps distinguishable. She hadn’t seen him in a while. A very long, seemingly infinity while. She couldn’t portray her feelings, though, lest he mark her as a softie and send her on her way. So, instead of responding to him, she just shrugged off his grip and turned to glare at him angrily, despite how happy she was to see him. First impressions were key.

Her voice wasn’t loud enough to hear from a few meters away when she finally spoke. She had practiced her “silence voice” about five times every day for a week until she got it exactly right, and she’s never regret that training. “You are such an idiot!” She hissed, but just as soon pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.

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Xwft | 97 comments Tyrus was rather proud of himself for actually catching Marleigh of guard. It was almost impossible to find her in the woods let alone sneak up on her. Then again she probably heard him coming just either ignored him, letting him believe he was smart. Or maybe just waved off his footsteps as a birds, which were common in this part of the woods. However he still took pride in being able to get behind her, he saw her stifle the yelp. He knew, even if she put on a stone face, he gave he at least some of a fright.
He was meaning to just have a bit of fun. However as she pulled herself from his grip turning to face him with a deadly look on her face Tyrus thought he might have gone to far. He frowned a guilty look crossing his face, he didn’t mean to annoy her. He was just having a little fun with a friend he hadn’t seen in…. Truth be told he hadn’t seen Marleigh in forever. They had both been so busy with their jobs that they only saw each other briefly over the other side of the camp. He hadn’t realized how much he missed her. While on the ship she was one of the few he got along with in training. Let just say he had a reputation thanks to his dad meaning most avoided him. Marleigh was one of the few who actually talked to him. That was until they actually got to earth, then things started to settle down.

“Marleigh i’m sorry I…” He started not bothering to be quiet, he already broken any opportunity for them being quite.
However she cut him of when she pulled him into a tight hug. He tensed for a moment, not expecting her to so quickly get over that death look. However he quite gladly returned it once he came to terms on what was going on. The hug didn’t last long thought being in return for him almost shoving her into a creek she decided to crush his bones.
“Yeah I know, but, um, can’t breath.” He spluttered attempting to wiggle from her grip which only made it worse.
Now he could have just let her release her own grip but Tyrus did exactly want his bone crushed. So as he attempted to free himself from her grip his shoe caught on a tree root. Tyrus wasn’t the most graceful of people and hew knew that being his sister often put him to shame. She could leap about all over the place barely making a sound. Then when he tried to copy her he ended up flat on his face. Even though Tyrus wasn’t graceful he could have caught himself, only problem was he was in the middle of being crushed to death by his old friend. So as he stumbled backwards and his foot snagged on a uprooted tree root Tyrus toppled. Being Marleigh was still attached to him he dragged Marleigh down with him. With a loud crash Tyrus landed rather uncomfortably on his back dragging Marleigh down with him. A dead brunch dug painfully into his back, the hood had fallen revealing his bright red hair and he was very lucky he didn’t land in the water but despite it all he laughed.
“Ouch.” He moaned between his laughs. “You know that wasn’t going to be the way I was going to greet you but here we are. And for the record I blame you.” He grinned tucking his hands behind his head as a pillow making look as if he was comfortable, even though his position he was in was rather the opposite.
He knew this wasn’t doing his job, quite the opposite really and he wasn’t helping Marleigh get her job done either. Then again he told himself a little time to catch up time couldn’t hurt. Especially because he couldn’t move unless Marleigh moved or else he would probably end up actually throwing her into the water, which despite how it seemed wasn’t his best idea.

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quq  (190511) Marleigh was, of course, going to release him like any sensible person would do, but then he just had to go and try to get her off him. And of course he tripped. And fell. And, of course, she went with him. She nearly hissed in his face, but stopped herself. She wasn’t that much of an animal. Even if her brothers did try to teach her how to be a professional tiger. She played with them often, when she was off-duty, but she hadn’t yet resorted to tiger-ing, which was unfortunately their favorite game.

When he crossed his arms beneath his head, looking comfortable as could be, she snorted and then clapped her hand over her mouth. All of her dignity was henceforth gone. She found it hard to believe this was a comfortable position, but of course he could make it look like the hard-packed dirt and flimsy cover of moss was a million dollar plush chair.
She stayed there for a second, punishing him, and then leapt off like she’d been burned. Which, she had. Internally. With warm, nice, tingly fire. She ignored that ridiculous feeling (where was it going to get her, anyways? She was supposed to be scouting, not tackling Tyrus). She didn’t even know what it meant. Hopefully that she was happy to see him.

She remembered a lesson, from her father, surprisingly enough. And without meaning to, she found herself surveying him carefully. Shenoticed his bright, hair first. It was fiery red, like always, and longer than when she’d last seen him. Surely it would get her caught out here for not blending in properly, not to mention talking. He was taller, too, though. And more muscled, probably. Not that she was looking for that. No, ew. She couldn’t really tell by seeing him on the ground, anyways. Last time she’d seen him, she’d been barely a half-inch taller. How tall was he now? She tore her gaze from his body, rememebering exactly how observant he was — they both were. He would probably have noted the look on her face, and she had no idea what it was. She was awful at controlling her expressions and emotions when she was around cursed Tyrus.
Still, though, she extended a hand to help him up, reveling in the fact that this time she was helping him up instead of vice versa. Which had next to never happened, of course. “Payback,” she threw at him, but she was grinning widely, trying to make up for the terrified expression on his face when she had glared — glared — at him. And also partly because she couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Hahah being a professional tiger XD that’s the best thing I’ve read all day.))

Tyrus wasn’t surprised that she kept him pinned for while longer refusing to get off. After all she need her payback from her sneaking up on her. To be honest, Tyrus kind of found this position rather entertaining. It’s not that he hadn’t be pinned by girls before. His sister had gotten the best of him before, but he had never be pinned by a girl when they weren’t actually fighting. Not that he was really complaining, he didn’t overly mind Marleigh using him as a seat and she wasn’t all that heavy either. Other than the fact he still had a tree branch digging into his back. So he was rather relieved when she jumped off him.

“Ugh, that was painful.” He moaned moving the stick from behind his back.
He noticed the look she was giving him. Her eyes seeming to be studying him, taking in everything that had changed over the years of them being apart. Not minding her watching eyes, Tyrus lay where he was surveying her himself while trying to decipher the looks crossing her face. At first she looked slightly annoyed her gaze on his hair, which was no surprise. Bright red wasn’t the best for blending in and he knew that. It had gotten him in many tough situations and he was quickly learning to cover it up. Then she looked more happy but it quickly changed to a more disgusted face. Finally she looked away. Tyrus couldn’t help but grin, he had no idea what she was thinking but those facials were rather interesting. Not that he would comment, he wasn’t that rude.

He scoffed as she held a hand down to him.
“Isn’t this meant to be the other way around?” He asked though still took her hand letting her pull him from his rather uncomfortable position. When standing next to her it became quite apparent Tyrus had grown taller. Before she had been an inch taller than him but now he towered over her. That, at Tyrus’s best guess, was probably what she had been looking at before. He looked her over slightly himself. Like him she had changed a lot. He had also forgotten a lot about him. Like the way he nose turned up slightly at the end or how dark her eyelashes are. Little things that don’t seem important until you start forgetting them.

However he didn’t spend to much taking her in being his more, job focused side took over. As nice as it was to see Marleigh they did both have jobs even though currently Tyrus was just being bored. Plus they had made heck of a racket and now half the forest knew of their presence which wasn’t really a good thing.
“Not to be a spoilsport but we might have to get moving. I’m sure ninety percent of the forest know we are here now.” He said it light heartedly but was slightly worried for any unwanted attention they might have attracted.
Flipping his hood back over his hair, Tyrus started off continuing the patrol he had been doing gesturing to Marleigh to follow.
“So what you being doing out here?” He asked know the answer could go to way.
He was asking, in a subtle way weird way, if she found anything exciting that the head guard should know about or if she needed to go back to camp and was already done her mission. He also really wanted to ask about his sister being she told him he would be on a quick mission and be back to see him before he was due to go on another patrol. However she hadn’t returned in a few hours now and he was kinda worried. This new world was a dangerous one. To make it worse scouting was on of the more dangerous one being their sole purpose was to go out and find new places and basically walk themselves into danger. Truth be told he was reluctant to let his sister take the job to scout but in the end she convinced him she would be fine and, so far at least, she had been other than a few scratches here and there. However never before had she gone against her word of being quick, other then this time. But Tyrus suppressed his worry and forced on the other scout next to him. They way her long black hair bounced as she walked. But it wasn’t all black, it seemed to have a brownish tint to it that really stood out as she walked through the beams of light cascading thought the canopy above.
“You found anything exciting?” He asked deciding to elaborate on his previous question.

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quq  (190511) ((lol yess
its inspired by real events XD))

She rolled her eyes and pulled him up, though a bit reluctantly. She had enjoyed him on the ground. And a branch? Compared to, like, all of the injuries of his career? She tried not to think too hard about anything he’d suffered in the time they hadn’t seen each other. It was disorienting and slightly disturbing to her that he might have new scars that she didn’t know about; she liked familiarity.
She noticed how tall he was once he was actually standing. Taller than her, now. She made a face; she had always enjoyed being the taller one. It gave her authority. Or at least, it had when they were younger. He was less gullible now, by a lot.
And he was watching her now. What was so interesting, she wondered? Other than the fact that she’d gotten slightly more muscular and a tad bit taller, though obviously not enough to surpass him, nothing had changed. She had kept her hair at the same length, and hadn’t gotten any major injuries.

Marleigh walked beside him, and slightly in front of him, knowing she was the one supposed to be looking for important spots. Not that his job wasn’t important. It was, but she considered hers vital.
And also, she was better, she told herself. Even though his skill was certainly as good as hers. “I’ve been scouting,” She said, shooting him a confused look. He certainly knew that, so there had to be some other question under the facade. When he clarified, she was almost glad, but also slightly embarrassed that she’d even needed him to explain. Which she hadn’t. She could’ve figured it out on her own, she knew. “No. I’ve barely been out for fifteen minutes, Ty,” she told him, using the name she’d formulated in her head when she was nearly bored to death in the woods and imagining a scenario where they’d meet after a long time. It had come while longer than she expected, and had gone nothing like the ones in her head, but it had finally happened. Thankfully.

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quq  (190511) ((hey, i was wondering if maybe one of them could get the illness? not in this scene, but maybe the next time they meet … idk, it would just add a bit of drama))

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Yes! For fun drama purposes! I am perfectly fine with making Tyrus get sick ((cause I'm mean)) and being he will probably be going on the original mission and he would be a rather stubborn sick person XD. However Marleigh can get sick to or instead I don't mind either works with me.))

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quq  (190511) ((lol yes ok
i was just thinking, thanks for humoring me XD))

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Sweets and your welcome ;-) ))

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Hey Nova would you like one of your guards to go on the mission to the bunker? We are looking for another person and noticed you didn't have anyone going so I thought I could extend the offer.))

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quq  (190511) ((sure!
if everyone else is ok with it, i would love to!
am i allowed to have one character in two places? cuz I’d rather use my girl (i’m better with girls, probs cuz i am one XD) but she’s in another rp … ig i could cancel it? it hasn’t rlly started yet …
sorry for rambling lol
thank you sooooo much for reaching out! (((: ))

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Xwft | 97 comments (( Hahaha I so know what u mean, it took me awhile to get use to playing males but i'm getting better at it i think. Do you want to use Marleigh? Cause mean i'm sure you could the only reason we suggest one of your guards was because we were going to have two guards but i'm sure Tyrus can handle it alone, or think he can handle it anyway ;-) If you were going to use Marleigh then we don't need to cancel this Rp being Tyrus is going on this mission too lol so they can just go together or something.
And that's all good I don't mind rambling i;m guilty of it to XD ))

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quq  (190511) ((yes! that would be awesome!!! thanks

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Xwft | 97 comments ((Coolio! I'll see if we can put Marleigh down to go on the mission.))

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quq  (190511) ((thanks so much!!!))

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Xwft | 97 comments Tyrus found it rather entertaining that Marleigh walked in front of him. She always seemed to do that, leading him like some lost puppy. Despite the fact that she was about three years younger than him. He didn’t really mind however both were walking more or less the same direction anyway and he as fine following along behind her. He wasn’t the prideful to care. As he walked, Tyrus made sure to keep as quiet as possible keeping his footsteps soft. Marleigh was naturally quite but Tyrus wasn’t as naturally good at it. He had to actually think about being quiet while walking.

Tyrus rolled his eyes laughing at her obvious reply. He didn’t really know what he had expected. He had literally asked the most obvious question ever. He just waited eyebrows raised until she figured out what he meant. He smiled as he finally answered his more subtle question.
“Mmm ok…” He muttered going silent for a moment losing himself in thought for a moment.
A few minutes went past as he he stayed quiet the only sound was his soft footsteps as he followed along behind Marleigh. His hand mindless picked at this raised bump cutting down the left side of his neck. The white line flowed down from jaw to collar bone. Since he got it at the age of eighteen it became a habit of his to pick at his scar, especially when thinking. His sister hated him picking at it saying he wasn’t making it any better, but Tyrus knew it would never heal and he didn’t mind. These marks didn’t plague him as much as it did to her. He still held the guilt but knew if he didn’t do what he did she would have likely been hurt worse or maybe even… Tyrus shook his. Hating how his mind sometimes ran away on him.

Coming back to the current time and stopping his little picking habit, Tyrus sped up his pace and with a few long strides he was beside Marleigh again. It was hard to talk to someone when you were behind them.
“Ty? Haven’t had anyone call me that in a long time.” He said his mind racing to come up with a nickname for her but coming up short.
He often had nicknames for people. His twin was a perfect example of that. He barely ever called her by her first name being he had so many names for her. Kit Kat was normally everyone else nickname for her. However he had many others like Kitty, Sis, Kat or his most common one Kitten.
“Ok I give up, I can’t think of any nickname for you.” He said frowning slightly.
He felt like he should have a nickname for Marleigh. He had know her for ages now but he didn’t have a cute little name for her.

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quq  (190511) Marleigh steped over a large log and scanned the tree down to the roots. It was about 30 meters long, counting the multitude of roots. The first half was rotten, but the last two quarters seemed in fine condition. She kicked the better-looking part and reeled away in disgust, nearly screeching when the wood gave way beneath her boot and revealed a large infestation of red ants. “Get it off me!” She whisper-screamed. She slapped her boot and her arms, seeing phantom ants. That was one of the un-pleasures here; all of the bugs and creepy crawly things. She had absolutely hated red ants ever since they’d infested her tent and she’s found them crawling in her hair the next morning. “Eeewwww,” She whimpered, sliding her palms down her legs to make sure none were on her. She leaned back into Tyrus for familiar comfort and then edged around the fallen tree, being careful to give it a wide berth. Usually she hated being weak or freaking out, but red ants were terrifying enough that this time was an exception. Even if Tyrus was watching.
When they were walking normally again, he quickened his pace to keep up with her. She was fine with it; after all, it was hard to catch up when one of the two kept jumping ahead. She half-smiled, the corner of her lips curling up. “Why not?” She asked, a bit confused. Wouldn’t Katie have called him that? She knew his ridiculous amount of nicknames for her, most of which she found hilarious. She didn’t know why Katie wouldn’t return them.
She smiled even more. It was adorable how frustrated he was about it. “I don’t want a nickname. Marleigh is fine.” She stubbornly didn’t mention her actual favorite name, but that was just was she pretended everyone called her. She’d never tell him about that. It had been a mistake to tell her brother, as he’d gone around shouting it everywhere and she’d had to have a serious talk with him about something called secrets. She didn’t trust them at all, still doesn’t. Anyways, she wasn’t making that mistake anymore.

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Xwft | 97 comments Tyrus had trusted Marleigh to lead, until she went and kicked a log. Now Tyrus himself didn’t have any faers as such. No bugs or animals scared him and he was rather relaxed with anything medical like needles. He really only feared loved ones dying, especially when he could have helped. But, that’s more of an extreme fear. He knew his sister feared a few things large hunks of metal the first thing coming to mind, but she to feared not much. Therefore it caught him slightly off guard when Marleigh let out a weird whispered scream as the log shattered under her foot. As she stumbled back into him Tyrus Instantly kicked into action freaking slightly and thinking there was something really wrong. As she was off balance he lead her backwards before slipping himself between Marleigh and whatever the threat was, his hand resting on the blade at his hip. However, upon finding out it was just ants he relaxed, he could deal with ants.
“It’s ok Marleigh, they aint gonna kill you.” He said stomping on a bunch that decided to make their way towards him.
They were nasty little buggers but never before did he think them terrifying. Either way if Marleigh felt threatened by them he had to do something.

He squished another trail of them that clearly hadn’t learnt their lesson before slinging an arm around her shoulder.
“Come let’s not aggravate them anymore.” He said soft steering her around the long keeping himself in the ant infested side.
Once they made it past the ant infestation and were back to normal Tyrus released his hand from around her yet still staying by her side.
“Yeah why not.” He shrugged not really minding the nickname, he’d been called it a few times anyway.
However even as she said Marleigh was fine Tyrus still made it his mission to find a name for her. He couldn’t really shorten his name which was were most people's nicknames came. And they weren’t really any variations on her name either.
“How about…. Queen of red ants?” He said with a cheeky grin.
Not really being serious but still finding it rather amusing. Life at camp would suck when all you did was be grumpy and boring. He took it as personal challenge to make sure other weren’t dull and boring just like Kitten made sure no one was overworked. It worked rather well to be honest.

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quq  (190511) Once she had gotten over the scare a bit, she scowled at him. “Ain’t? Ain’t?” She said disapprovingly. “And yes, they can! They crawl up your nose and burrow into your brain!” Still though, she gave them one last glare and then left them to their burrowing and creepiness and whatever ants do when they’re not freaking people out.
Honestly, she didn’t mind being freaked out if it meant Ty would be so nice … she couldn’t help but enjoy his arm around her, but she resisted from leaning into his side, lest she appear weak. Yep, definitely more muscle since last time. She grinned to herself.
“That doesn’t answer the question. Why don’t people call you that? It wasn’t rhetorical.” She groused, rolling her eyes. “Like, Katie has so many nicknames. I don’t even know how you come up with them, but shouldn’t she have the same nickname-streak or whatever?” She waved her hands vaguely in the air.
She tried not to shudder at the thought of all those ants. She slapped his arm, laughing. “No! You are going to forget about that. Right now. Ready?” She counted down from three and wiped her mind of the incident — though not completely. She still felt smug at the fact that he protected her instead of making fun.
They entered a smaller clearing, where there was good tree cover and moss-covered ground. She stepped out onto the moss and was relieved to find it sturdy. She bounced on her feet a bit, testing the ground. This might be a good spot. She could see evidence of sleeping deer nearby, so this must be a popular spot for prey, which meant it was safe — at least most of the time. She could hear the creek from here, but was far enough from it that it was barely visible. A good marker to help anyone living here to get back to the base camp. She dug an orange flag out of her bag and stuck it in the ground to remind herself when they came back through.

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Xwft | 97 comments ((That last paragraph is a bit of fluff that I felt like writing. Kinda cheesy but i think it's kinda cute.))

Tyrus chuckled at her reply. For some reason he found it hard to believe that ants would craw up someone nose and make home in their brain. They could crawl up your arms but he doubted any would happily stroll into someone's nose. However, thanks to his dear twin, Tyrus knew when there was a fight he wasn’t going to win so he kept his mouth shut making a mental note to keep Marleigh away from ants in the near future. He also obeyed the ‘memory wipe’ but that would never actually stop the slight mockery he would give her about it. Like everyone, if they did something weird Tyrus wouldn’t let the live it down often using it as a good sentence starter that made them seriously want to hit him. Beside it was kinda nice to be able to hold an old friend close, even if he was escorting her away from little ants.

Tyrus thought awhile on her next question. The first thing he thought about was why was she so interested but that was beside the point.
“Um well people do, it’s more that they haven't in while….” He said slowly.
Truth be told he hadn’t put much thought into this himself, never thinking his own nickname would be that interesting to come up in any conversation.
“I guess now that we are one earth after 300 years people don’t really have time for little things like nicknames. I know Kitten doesn't often use shortened names unless that is what they want to be called by.” He shrugged slightly hoping that made some sense. “Beside other then Ty what other names could you think to put with me?” He asked almost hoping she would try but some other names to him, it would be…. Entertaining to see what she came up with.

It was interesting really, they way that both of them joked around but never fully forgot their intention for coming out. Tyrus just stood back a bit watching as Marleigh tested the ground and did all the weird little things scouts had to do to make sure the spot was ok for possibly expanding to. He had seen Katie do it many times leaving her trail of orange flags, the weirdest colour to leave behind if you asked him. It was a bright beacon to any predator that they were here or someone was here. However who was he to complain about the colour of a flag. In fact he was much like his hair, which had been revealed once again during Marleighs ant epidemic. I bright signal to all that he was there. With a sigh, Tyrus flick the hair from his face before shoving it once again under the hood his hand brushing his scar as he did so. It was too hot to pull the hood tight around his face so he would just have to deal with it constantly falling off.

He still stood back watching Marleigh with some form of admiration, I was kind of cute how she did her little retinue to cheek the place out. He was also waiting for some signal from her on what she had to do next. Whether she done doing whatever she needed to do, or if she have something more to do. He didn’t really have anything he needed to do. Technically he didn’t even need to be out he was just bored. Doing nothing was not his forte. So he was rather fine with following Marleigh around like a obedient little dog when being he had nothing better to do. Other then hunt for his sibling that he hadn’t seen in awhile now. Beside it was nice catching up with Marleigh being he hadn’t seen her in ages either. Best bit was she didn’t seem as uptight as the rest of the camp, she actually allowed herself a bit of fun and laughed at his occasional stupidity. It was warming being able to make her laugh, or even have her give him a playful slap that she gave him before. She provided good company that was for sure, company he didn't realize he missed until now. Tyrus was fine being a follower as long as she was the one leading.

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also, about the orange flags … i had no idea what they were supposed to do out here so i just kinda made it up, is that okay?))

“Why haven’t they?” She pressed. She didn’t really pay attention to why she’d fixated on this little fact. It was a weird thing her mind did when it was happy: focused on small, unimportant things and examine them from every angle. It was strange, she knew. She shrugged at his next words. “Well, I think it’s easier to say one syllable than, like, ten.” She said, enunciating the I so he knew it was most likely just her who thought that.

She thought for a spell on his question. “I don’t know,” she finally said. What was there about him that was different? “Scar-face?” She joked, hoping it wouldn’t offend him. He was too tough for that, right? She started walking to the west, noting that she’d come from the south. They’d have to continue in a straight line from here to the next marker she recognized and then back in to the camp. Where she’d have to make dinner for her family. She nearly groaned at the thought. One night off, just one, would be so nice.

She discreetly reached into her pocket and started obsessively rubbing her stone. It was just a random rock she’d found in the forest and hurled at a tree in her anger, and then she had become attached to it and taken it home. She’d rubbed it every time she got angry or sad, as a stress reliever, and now it had a groove in the shape of her thumb. She took it everywhere; you never knew when grief could strike.

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Haha nah it’s all goods I make many things up all the time to ;-) ))

Tyrus had been watching Marleigh, grinning as he constantly questioned his little nickname thing.
“Marleigh.” He laughed. “I really don’t know.” He said shaking her head slightly with a shrug.
Tyrus hadn’t been around her in so long he forgot her strange habit on focusing on the weird little things. It was kinda like Tyrus’s scar picking habit. Both could be considered simi annoying but also kinda cute. He didn’t mind her pressing but seriously he was out of explanations. Ty wasn’t used much but that might be because he wasn’t around often enough to be talked to. If he was around he was often doing some job stuff and hated being addressed as Ty while giving orders. That was the only time he resented his nickname.
“Let's just settle with people being able to call me anything, including you.” He said unfazed by her the new thing she decided to call him. To be truthful he had his fair share of scars so ‘scar face’ was kinda weirdly relevant. Either way, he kinda liked being called something different by her, it made him feel…. noticed and loved in a way. There was something nice in hearing his nickname said in her voice. Something…. Special about it.

Tyrus had been keeping his distance just waiting letting Marleigh do her thing and keeping an eye on the surrounding forest just in case something came at them. Not that he thought anything would but he couldn’t turn off that protective part of him. Despite keeping an eye on the surrounding forest, Tyrus still noticed when Marleigh pulled out a little stone tossing it seeming to mindlessly fiddle with it. She also seemed to try keep it subtle by Tyrus noticed these things. Whether he learnt that trick from his sister and her habit of fiddling with things, or if it was just his observation skills, Tyrus knew something must be off, something made Marleigh stress and Tyrus was determined to find out what. Was also determined to make it better. If there was one thing he hated it was seeing his friends sad and he would refuse to leave them sad when he could help. So that's exactly what he was going to do.

“Marleigh.” Tyrus said soft, moving so he was standing close in front of her so he could feel her breath against his skin. He cupped his hands around hers stopping her fiddling. His hands were much larger than hers and much more rough being calluses lined his palm thanks to long days working. However he still held her hands softly, they way he did with his sister on the days she felt worse for wear.
“Marleigh what’s wrong?” He asked gently his hands feeling where she had made a dent in the stone.
Clearly she had rubbed it often and Tyrus was amazed he hadn’t noticed it until now.
“Marleigh is there anything I can do?” He asked sincerely.
He did want to help, he also had a feeling Marleigh wouldn’t admit to anything easily. Oh well Tyrus would figure it out and make it ok again. Whether he had to carry her back to camp or just give her a hug, either way he wouldn’t let her continue being upset.

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She grinned at his dismissal. “You should know.” She poked his arm, and then immediately wondered why she’d done that. Whelp, too late to take it back now. Being near Tyrus let something go in her that had been tightly clenched while he was away. She felt like she could let go of her tireless facade and really be herself, be Lee. Not the scout, the fake mother, that girl who lives alone. She was happy for the first time in a while, and she couldn’t stop the smile from spreading further across her face.

“Okie dokey, scar face.” She said, a lilting laugh edging her voice. She found it a bit hard to believe that he wasn’t bothered by that, as she would’ve been. But they were different people, he more accepting and open-minded, she more mean and closed-opinion like. She liked that, actually. It was nice to be around a rival personality, and combined with his looks he was practically beautiful. She tilted her head to study him, and then realized what she was doing. She chided herself in her head. Just because she was friends with a boy didn’t mean she had to check him out at every turn. And he’d probably noticed that, with his military-honed mind. What if he was disgusted at her? She tossed the thought away; Ty was too forgiving and just overall good to act in disdain.

Her lighter mood had evaporated over the last few minutes, the thought of going back to camp and making dinner for her family giving way to her mother. She’d tried so hard to keep her out of her head. Weakness was just that: weakness. And crying meant weakness. Even feeling remotely sad meant weakness. It would lead to a day alone, which would lead to her losing her scouting job, eventually. Alone in the woods, she could sometimes let tears cloud her vision, but never as much as she wished. Crying, unfortunately, was loud. But she missed her mother; her easy laugh, her quick smile, her sunny disposition, always optimistic. Marleigh frowned deeply, her expression almost mirroring one of concern, but that wasn’t her goal. If she focused on a small point in the distance, it would help.
As Tyrus came to stand in front of her, mere inches between them, she stared past him towards a tree. Until he grabbed her hands. Then she looked down at them and closed her eyes, breathing deeply for a few breaths. In five seconds, she told herself, I’ll let go. I’ll stop thinking about her. It would be so much easier without Tyrus here, she argued with her subconscious. Five … But she needed him, much as she hated to admit. Four… She needed him. Three … she blinked furiously and started to refocus. Two… On Tyrus’s shirt, the threads easy to pick out. On his boots, against the leafy ground. One … She couldn’t. She fell forwards against his warm chest and started crying, silently, going completely limp. She didn’t care that he was there to see, even if it meant the permanent death of her dignity. She couldn’t do it anymore. She just couldn’t.

((lol sorry that was so dr a m a t i c
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Now Tyrus didn’t know what he expected from Marleigh. In all honesty all Tyrus had seen of Marleigh was her being tough, unfazed by anything. Despite being younger than him she was so much harder to break. Tyrus found himself harmed by many things, some he didn’t understand himself. When Marleigh she could stare death in the face and be perfectly confident. She was all rock and stone not letting anything crack her but now…. See her so beaten up…. It was worse than anything. He had seen that broken look before and it never meant anything good. They way she looked thr the ground, her eyes switching between a million things at once but never his face. It was rear he saw someone this far from anything good but he had seen it before. Only problem was, the one thing he feared the most about all this, was he didn’t know how to fix it.

Truth be told he expected her to wave it off, say it nothing and make him fight to get the answer out. Either that or make him drop the subject, saying it was nothing and not letting anything he say, not his begs nor pleads, get though to her. He had not expected her to just… crumble. Like the floodgates opened and just everything fell apart. Tyrus almost didn’t catch her as she fell against his chest. Thankfully his reaction time quick and he caught her holding her in his strong arms as she went completely limp. She didn’t weight much, he could hold her in one hand if he had to. But this time he wrapped her in both holding her close feeling her warm tears soke his shirt. His arms wrapped around her back, tight enough to keep her from falling, so she knew he was there, but not enough to strangle her. He didn’t know what happen, had no idea why she had caved nor what caused it. Neither did he question. Only if she felt like talking about it would he ask. It was not his business to go poking around in.

Carefully he lowered them to the leaf cover ground keeping Marleigh close as he did so. He crossed his legs slipping Marleigh onto his lap so he could keep her close. He rested his head uptop hers whispering sweet nothings to her.
“It’s ok Marleigh, it’s ok. I’m here Marleigh, it’s ok.” His whispered gently to her.
He had a feeling no one his words actually found her but it’s just what you did to crying people.
You told them sweet nothings for reasons Tyrus himself didn’t know. Maybe it was so the person knew you were there? Tyrus didn’t know, all he knew was he had to be with Marleigh and make sure she was somewhat ok. She need him, just as much as he sometimes needed others, and Tyrus was going to be there for her, just as a friend should be.
“It’s ok Marleigh, you’ll be fine.” He muttered sweeping strand of hair away from her face and tucking them behind her ear. He leaned forwards slightly placing a feather light kiss to her forehead his hands softly rubbing her back. Just little signs of affection, just so she knew he was still there and knew he still cared. He would let her tears run dry, he would sit her for hours still cradling her in his arms if he had to. He would only move when she wanted him to, and if that was never then so damn be it.

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Marleigh honestly didn’t want to be like this. She wanted to stand up on her own, wipe her tears away with her own fricking shirt, and move on. Like nothing had happened. But damn her conscience, her heart had a different say. It was going down a dark, dark road, with no streetlights. She felt his arms come up around her and was grateful for the support. She didn’t even know if she was going to break into little pieces and fly away on the wind. That didn’t even sound so bad right now. It was better than this dejected life.
She kept her face pressed into him. He was so good — when she fell apart, like she was never ever ever supposed to do, he didn’t even judge. He was steady. And confident. And kind. And all the things she tried to be but, in the end, couldn’t. She curled her fingers into his shirt, holding on for dear life. Her fingernails dug into her palms, sure to leave marks.
She could hear him saying things to her. Nice things, the thing you would say to someone who had problems, needed help. She certainly did not. She wouldn’t ever need help again. But it wasn’t — okay, that is. Okay was impossible. Okay wouldn’t bring her mother back. This inspired a new round of crying — it wasn’t the fact that she was gone, as Marleigh had dealt with that before, when she went on trips or scavenging errands or the like. It was that she was simply gone, and she wasn’t going to come back. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, the insides of her eyelids turning blue.
She kept her hands at her face for a while, trying to stem the flow like you’d do with a wound. Finally the tears stopped remotely, a few still clinging to her eyelashes. She knew her eyes were red, and probably swollen too, so she didn’t bring her hands down. She was relieved to be free of the burden of crying; it was really an ugly thing. But she also felt light, somehow. Like she’d finally grown into her wings. She leaned forward into his kiss, tingles going through her despite the current predicament. She’d never forgotten he was there, even if she’d tried to. She brought her hands down from her face, finally, and looked down a bit dejectedly, still deciding whether to go dunk her head in the still-nearby creek or just look at him. She knew she owed him an explanation, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything just yet. Her hands stung too, from where she’d pierced the palms with her too-long nails. They were probably bloody, but she didn’t want to look.

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Would it make everything worse if someone else came along joined this Rp fpr a bit? Priscilla was wondering if she could join with Phoenix. I wouldn't really mind but it might mess up this cute little moment.))

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yes sure that would be fine

but only after marleigh’s dramatics calm down))

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Xwft | 97 comments Like he promised Tyrus stayed where he was holding Marleigh close. Slowly he ran out of things to say so just stroked her back providing her as much comfort as he could. Both him and his sibling were good at comforting people, being both knew exactly how it felt like to be destroyed. Tyrus had been there more then once, but in this case they way to help was different for everyone. There was a difference between being broken and being destroyed. It was a fine line but one so easy to cross. One you didn’t know you crossed until there was no turning back. Tyrus was just glad he was able to be here for Marleigh. Screw any other thing he had to do, he was needed here and now and nothing was going to change that.

Her hands coved her eyes pressing into them like maybe it would help. Tyrus knew it wouldn’t, years of trying told him that. But he also knew saying anything right now would not be smart. Best just to let her cry, let her tears run dry in there own time. Strangely enough you seemed to feel so much better after letting out a few tears. Tyrus had no idea how long it was however he heard her tears slow after awhile. It took her longer to take her hands away from her eyes. Even though she looked down Tyrus noticed her eyes were red and puffy, tear marks still streaked down her cheeks. Some fresh ones still even clung to her lashes not wanting to leave just yet. Placing a finger to her chin Tyrus tilted it up so her eyes meant his unnaturally gold ones. He softly whipped a lose tear from under her eye smiling slightly. It was only then that he noticed how close their faces were, how close they actually were with Marleigh curled on his lap. He could feel her heavy breaths on his face tickling the lose strands of hair that had fallen over his face. Kiss her his mind said making him hesitate one hand still holding her chin up the other not quite sure what to do.
However he quickly dismissed that thought. No. No what on earth was he thinking? Marleigh would think him insane if she could read his mind right now. He looked away forcing the thought from mind. Beside truth be told he had never… kissed someone before. He never had the time with all the things his parents pushed upon him. He knew his sister had a boyfriend once but… Tyrus had never even put thought into it. He had never even found the right person…. Long story short Tyrus had no idea what he was doing. To him the safest way to fix that problem was not to do that thing he didn’t know how to do.

Finally after a long thought process that led him nowhere and only provide a strange silence, Tyrus looked back to her ignoring any thought of kissing her. He felt her hands clutched tightly around his shirt as if letting go would kill her. At a glance down Tyrus noticed tiny flecks of red dying the fabric of his top.
“Marleigh?” He questioned raising an eyebrow knowing full well that hadn't come from him.
Carefully he unhooked her hands from his top only to see four little crescent moons of blood on her palms. Not deep only enough to break the surface causing blood to seep out. And everyone knew the tiniest cuts, no matter how small, bleed a heck of a lot. He sighed rubbing the blood off with his thumb.
“When we get back to camp i’m personally fixing this myself.” He said knowing he could easily fix little wound like this.
He also hated the fact he hadn’t noticed her long nails that looked quite amazing. How many things had changed about her that he hadn’t noticed. Oh well, he would make a note to actually talk to her and make sure he found everything that changed in the months. But that was after this whole little ordeal was over, and after this little nagging feeling to kiss her left as well.

"So you ready to move?" He asked softly after a few minutest. His fingers still laced with hers, whipping away the blood as it came back. He didn't mind if she didn't want to go, in fact he was quite content in staying where he was. However he felt there was a nicer place to go then to stay on the leafy ground. Then again the isolation was nice, when it was just him and Marleigh.

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She finally looked at him, but only when he forced her to. His eyes were so beautiful, she couldn’t help but notice. Since last time, the edges had darkened, lending a bit of a closing circle around the molten gold iris. She fixated on this tiny, unimportant detail, and kept her mind from straying off the track. He was staring right into her eyes, and then something in his gaze was suddenly different. She suddenly noticed his lips, and the way there were just mere inches between her and Tyrus … He’s going to kiss me, she thought. There went the train, right off the tracks. She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t pulling away or making a repulsed face. Maybe she … wanted it? No way. She was almost glad when he looked away, sparing her any further thought battles with herself. She returned her thoughts to his eyes, but it didn’t have the same novelty as when she was actually seeing them versus reliving them. When he looked away, she let a slightly reluctant sigh escape her body and propped her chin on his shoulder.

Marleigh didn’t quite know why she was still in his lap. She was capable of getting up, so why didn’t she? She needed to get up. Ready, one two …… he pulled her hands off of his shirt and she realized she’d been bleeding on him. She wanted to say sorry, but didn’t want her voice to be weak when she said it, which it was likely to be after all this crying. She tried not to think of the weakness this proved. Ty wouldn’t judge her though, right? She thought of him looking away. Maybe before this, he would’ve kissed her. Maybe if she hadn’t ruined it all.
She nodded at his question, still a bit devoid of feeling. She sniffed, and, despite her lingering affection, crawled off his lap and stood up. She untangled her fingers from his. She started walking back towards the last flag she’d put down, having lost her direction in her drama. She didn’t look behind her to see if he was following, though she felt slightly bad for it. As she walked, she brought each palm to her mouth and sucked the blood off. She knew it was a sort of gross habit, but human saliva had healing properties, and where else was she supposed to put her blood? She’d dropped her stone, she realized. She didn’t go back.

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It was fair to say Tyrus was a bit disappointed when Marleigh decided to leave. He had no idea how long it had been with her curled in his lap but it felt like it wasn’t long enough. He almost immediately missed the feeling of having her with him and he couldn’t help but feel he missed a perfect opportunity. Maybe he should have… No. No they just met what was he on about. He missed nothing. It was nothing but him being confused. His task had been comforting a long loved friend and that was exactly what he had done. Now he was to make sure she was ok and didn’t panic again for whatever reason it was. He still was completely clueless as to what set her off. Could it have been him? She seemed to start crying when he came over to her to her. Could he have done something? No, she wouldn’t have let him comfort him if it was him…. Right? Either way she seemed better for the time being. Maybe he would question later, once the whole situation died down and he wasn’t at risk of starting her tears up again.

Tyrus noticed her her stone drop. The one she had held that she seemed to use to comfort her. He expected her to go back, in fact he almost picked the stone up for her until he noticed the fact that she didn’t go back for it. She deliberately left it behind. Tyrus grinned slightly to himself. Maybe he had done something to help after all. He trotted off after her as she walked back to her last flag. He came up beside her matching her pace but not having anything to say. There was no words he could think of that should be said. So, Tyrus stuck with silence letting the sound of their footsteps being the only noise between them. The side of his mouth twitched into a grin as she licked the blood from her palm like a cat. Maybe he should call her Kitten instead.

Upon seeing her go back to her job Tyrus decided he wasn’t going to let her do more work. He didn’t have anything he was meant to be doing other then looking after Marleigh.
“No, no, Marleigh come one we are going back to camp now.” He said slipping a hand around her shoulder and tugging her back towards camp.
Once again he liked the closeness between them liking having her by his side.
No Tyrus, heck what’s wrong with you He cursed to himself.
This was not what he was meant to be thinking. Shaking his head slightly Tyrus got back to the task at hand. He knew he almost forcefully pulled her away but he wasn’t going to allow her to just continue to work. Not after she had a break down in the middle of the woods for an unknown reason.
“I will personally bring you out here again later if you want. But as of right now you need rest and I will make sure you do.” He said steering her away from the clearing an towards camp. “I don’t mind what you do when back at camp as long as it’s nothing that’s too stressful.” He said knowing it was kinda ironic those words coming from his mouth.
Tyrus had never been one it sit and do nothing. In fact he found sitting for more than fifteen minutes almost impossible. Nor was he one to give advice on not moving being he didn’t know how to stop himself. However he had learnt a few tips and tricks form his dear sister so he was sure he could do something. Even if it was a hour or to of her just sitting down. He would tolerate the sitting down, as long as it made sure that Marleigh was ok. He didn’t want her panicking again without him being there. Beside he could use that as a time to catch up with her. To just talk about nothing in particular which, not really surprisingly, you don’t get much time to do when on jobs. After all you can’t have a leisurely chat while walking thought a monster infected forest.

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{ack, this is an ugly post}

Marleigh sniffed, and immediately hated herself for it. She was trying to pretend that she hadn’t been just crying. Nothing had happened. Normal, normal, normal. Yes, she could barely see through her swollen eyelids, and yes, there was a tightness to her chest that she couldn’t ignore, but she had to find a place. It was her job.
As they walked, she could feel the silence stretch between them like a web. It wasn’t right. They should be able to talk to each other about things like this. But she hated herself for it. She was supposed to be the strong one; if she broke down, her family would follow. Her father was probably going to die anyways, but it would happen sooner. She had to get herself together. She found a rock in the underbrush and started grating her nails down, partially to fill the silence. They’d gotten too long as it was. Once they were nearly down to the quick, she clenched her fists and took deep breaths. Calm, calm, calm. Max and Sam, Max and Sam, Max and Sam and Dad. She finally found the flag, bright against the surrounding dead leaves.
She turned to move north, parallel to the creek, and nearly screamed out when Tyrus prevented her from going anywhere. “Get off — off me!” She said in a whisper scream, ducking out from under his arm. “I do not need rest.” She said steelily. She indignantly turned and marched farther into the woods. There was no way in hell she was going back to camp right now, to let her family see her like this. If anything, she needed more time out here.

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Excuse the Tyrus being a but chesty near the end ))

Now Tyrus had the best intentions in mind but was very uneducated on how to actually look after people. So he hadn’t fully expected her to scream at him. He flinched slightly backing away, momentarily thinking he had actually hurt her. Slowly though he comprehended what he had done. It made sense actually. Tyrus knew exactly what it was like not wanting to sit. However he hadn’t exactly anticipated her little outburst. He hesitated to follow not really sure what to do. It was hard to help when he didn’t know what was wrong. However as she headed further into the woods, Tyrus’s conscious told him to follow. As a guard he knew the trouble that occurred in the woods and couldn’t just let her walk off without him following behind like a lost puppy. So after letting her get a head start Tyrus followed along slowly behind letting her blow some steam before steeping in again.

Tyrus followed silently watching her weird little habits like filing down her nails on a rock. Little things he hadn’t seen before but then again they didn’t have any basic little things here like nail clippers or anything. The ship had everything they could need so it was quite a change coming down here where you had barely anything. Tyrus let his thoughts wander a bit while he walked still wanting to give time for Marleigh calm before questioning anything. The first thing he thought about was what he would actually ask Marleigh. He said he wouldn’t pry but now he felt there was something more to it than just being tired or overworked. And if there was something more behind ity Tyus would make it his solejob to fix it, or at least try help. He hated seeing friends hurt. His one flaw, his all to willing to self sacrifice. Even if it’s something as simple as his own sleeping hours. He would gladly give those up if he thought it wa beneficial for others.

After a few minutes later he increased his pace coming up beside Marleigh. He walked beside her in silence for a short while making sure she knew he was there. Then, in one swift movement he cut in front of her, stopping her walking by placing a hand on her chest.
“Marleigh please, stop.” He said not moving his hand in case she tried to step around him. “Please just talking to me.” He practically begged. “I want to help Marleigh. But I can’t help unless you tell me how. Tell me to leave if you want, if that will help I will.” He said willing to respect that order if given. “But I just don’t want to see you hurting.” He said sincerely hoping she didn’t punch him for saying that. But it was true, even if she waved it off it would forever be true.

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All Marleigh wanted was to be alone. She needed to think, and quite possibly scream. And smack her head against a tree. Her consciousness was spiraling out of control; first she’d lost it and cried in front of her best friend, the one person she’d always held her own against. Then she’d nearly yelled at him. What was up with her mood swings? She was weak. That was it, she told herself. Weak, weak, weak. And if she didn’t stop being weak, the whole fragile system of her family would come crashing down like putting a rock through glass.
She dug her fingers into her hair, tugging at the roots. The sharp pain helped her focus on her trajectory, and she kept walking, despite Tyrus’s obvious presence behind her. She thought she’d told him to stay behind, but maybe she hadn’t said it aloud. She ran a thumb over her eyes, taking gratitude in the lack of moisture. Okay, so she was done crying and yelling and stomping. What next?
And then, of course Tyrus had to come and just be there. Like he always was. She glanced sideways at him and unconsciously noticed how the light filtering through the leafy trees cast not-before-seen shadows, and realized that she was being utterly selfish in addition to weak. If she took the time to grieve, it was doing something for herself, which her family couldn’t afford. Max was hardly old enough to reach the stove dials, and her father wouldn’t even talk. She had to stop.

She sniffed and looked down at the leaf-littered ground, making sure she wouldnt trip on something. She saw a shadow, and felt a hand on her chest, and looked up, her thick hair falling out of her face. She could feel his hand acutely against her shirt, and had to consciously stop her gaze from flitting down to his lips. She let him say what he wanted, and then interrupted. “No - I need you to …” she said, slowly trailing off as she stared at him. Marleigh had fully intended to tell him off, but … She honestly didn’t want him to go. She didn’t want to be alone in this world, this world where beauty only showed on top. And if it was true, if nothing gold could stay, she had to carpe diem.
So she looked down and opened and closed her mouth like a floundering fish. She dug around, trying to find the right words. But no words gave death enough ugliness. So she simply said, “my mom died.”

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Tyrus hadn’t been expecting that. He knew something big must have been wrong but to heard her say her mum died. He had never expected that. He also had a hard time figuring out exactly how to interpret it. When had her mum died and how had he not known about this? How much did he not know how Marleigh? She was the first person, other than his twin of course, that he ever actually got close to yet he still knew nothing about her. That shows just how good Tyrus was at making friends. Well in his world he never had time for friends. He never got the chance to talk to outside of work. His father never provided time for Tyrus to do anything other than work. He was lucky to find Marleigh but he still hadn’t seemed to be able to get to know her. He had was constantly being surprised by things about her, things he hadn’t noticed but feel he should have.

Now knowing Tyrus had a hard time trying to figure out what to say or do. For some reason he felt that saying ‘i’m sorry’ wouldn’t exactly fit. It wasn’t really his fault and there wasn’t much he could do about it. He wanted to say sorry but didn’t want to offend her like he feared doing. Tyrus had never really had to comfort people before. He never really had to comfort people. In fact he was often the one needed to be comforted. Unlike Kitten he never got experience in talking to others other than formally. She should be the on here, she should be the one helping Marleigh not him. Now it was his turn to become a fish, opening and closing his mouth not exactly finding the right words. As he did so he noticed her eyes flick briefly to his lips only for half a second but enough for him to notice.Enough for him to get the idea himself. Maybe he should… Maybe he was wrong to wave it off last time. Maybe...

Now Tyrus was acting on impulse. All he knew was he needed to make Marleigh feel better. Words just didn’t seem to cut it right now, nothing he could think of anyway. Gently Tyrus reached out placing his hand on her check. He hesitated slightly before following though leaning down so his lips lightly brushed hers. The soft feeling of her against his with a slight hint of salt thanks to hr past tears. It was only very lightly but it was enough. Enough for him to notice he had done it. It was also short, a brief touch, being it took that time for the message of what-the-heck-are-you-doing to reach his brain. And when it did, Tyrus realised just how big of a mistake he had made.
“Oh my gosh Marleigh I… I’m sorry.” Tyrus said stumbling back as if she had stabbed him.
In fact he almost tripped over his own feet him being way too focused on what he had just done than where he was stepping.
“That was insensitive of me. I’m sorry Marleigh I should have done that.” He said finally stopping a few meters away from her his hands clenched tightly to his sides personality scolding himself for being dumb.
He should done what he did. Why had he let implus take over him, was this why his father hadn’t let him socialize? In case he did something dumb like this. Or was this a consequence for not socializing? Maybe if he was used to helping other he would know what to say and not do... that. Tyrus was never one to act irrationally he always thought things through but… But this time something inside him took over and it was as if he had to do it. What if she liked it though? Tyrus blinked rapidly bring himself out this thoughts. Daydreaming got you no where, that what he had been taught anyway. Either you make that dream a reality or don’t think about it. Clearly he had tried to make the dream a reality but quickly found out why he had been dismissed the idea so long.
“I...I am really sorry Marleigh.” Tyrus said his hands going back to picking at his scar without him even noticing. “I think I should leave i’m not really helping any more.” He said forcing a small smile.
With that Tyrus bit his lip in order to stopping saying or doing anything dumb and began to make his way around Marleigh heading back to camp. He thought both of them needed some time to… think.

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Marleigh wanted to stop him before he said anything. She owed him a huge explanation. But, he didn’t say anything. He kissed her. She pulled back in shock, but then leaned forwards again, but he was already gone.
She took a moment to contemplate what had just happened — it seemed impossible. Like a fantasy. She knew she’d liked him, in that way, for a long time … but she’d never acted upon her thoughts. That would’ve made everything horribly awkward between the two of them, and he was the only person she could trust.
And now he was walking away from her.
“No, wait,” she said, reaching for his arm. She spun him around to face her, and without thinking, she leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth, like it was completely natural. Whoa. She’d never kissed somone like this before.
She finally pulled away, but kept her arms around his neck and their bodies close. Storytime. “Okay. I’m really sorry about not telling you, first of all. Secondly, I’m sorry about breaking down. Thirdly … well, thirdly, I really owe you an explanation.” She glanced up at him to watch his expression, and then kept talking without pause. “My mom died a while ago, but my family … we were all alive. It was sickness, I don’t really remember. Dad … he’s different, and always will be. It’s not developmental like I told you … it’s depression. And I hate him for it, I hate him, because it’s not like everything he has to love for us gone. He has us.” She closed her eyes and breathed for a second. “Okay. Yeah. Max and Sam were really young … so they didn’t know her. And now I’m their mom, and I can’t afford to be a bad one. So I can’t break down, or talk about it, because then they’ll know that I’m not who I’m pretending to be, that I’m not enough … and … I just really miss her,” she said, finishing in a whisper.

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Tyrus hesitated for a moment hearing Marleigh tell him to wait. Part of him said he should obey and he should wait, that maybe he was being irrational. Maybe he was jumping to conclusions and Marleigh didn’t hate him for what he just did. However the great part of him said he was doing the right thing, told him not to give in to his impulse. So he stopped walking but refused to face her knowing he would do something dumb again.
“Marleigh I…” He started but she cut him off forcing him to face her.
Then it all just… happened. Now as Tyrus had previously noted he was no good at love. Had never done anything in the way of love before. Marleigh had kissed him, actually kissed him, not like he had done, just a soft feather light touch. No this was an actual kiss and it would be fair to say that Tyrus froze for a second. However he slowly relaxed leaning into his kiss one of his hands sliding into her hair letting it run through his fingers. The other wrapping around her waist. All his senses were confused, his skin tingling under her touch.

In fact he found he was slightly disappointed when she pulled back but wasn’t about to comment. He was aware of her hands still wrapped around his waist but kinda found himself liking it. His hands lingered around her waist keeping her close while she talked seeming to finally open up.
“There is nothing to be sorry for.” He muttered hugging her close, resting his head atop her’s.
However he shut up when she explained further. Now just cause he knew what happened didn’t mean Tyrus knew how to reply. Again comforting was not his strong point. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like. Tyrus couldn’t even think about raising children like Marleigh was and he was three years older. It now made much more sense now why she had fought against him. But, there was one thing he knew, one thing he could fully relate to and that was distant parents. Sure, neither of then was dead as far as he was concerned but… They never loved him for him they loved him for what fame he could bring them. He realized that now, it took him most of his life but he knew now. Knew he was being groom, turned into the perfect image of what his father didn’t manage to be. But by then it was to late, he had had those qualities bet into him at a young age and even now he was struggling to undo some of his father's teachings. A sad smile spread across Tyrus’s face, why were parents so difficult?

“Marleigh you know i’m here if you need help. Me and Katie will be happy to help with anything.” He said know his twin would jump at the change to lend a hand. “Just say what you need and we will help.”
He also knew she would be more of a help then him. Again, he had grown up with staring at screens and work books. However he one thing he had never lost was his protectiveness of loved one and Marleigh most defiantly counted at that. He also never lost the fragments of humor that he had gotten from listening to the conversion of half the ship. So despite the situation Tyrus couldn’t help but grin as idea formed in his mind. He realized his tight grip on her moving so he could judge her facial reactions.
“I mean wouldn’t it be kinda cute. You me and your brothers, or sons adopted depending on how you look at it.” Tyrus said a lopsided grin forming his face.
Tyrus wasn’t even close to being a father. He had never put thought into that sort of thing. He also most feared his abilities to look after children. After his upbringing Tyrus wasn’t really sure what a good parent looked like. However he wasn’t opposed the idea of helping Marleigh out in looking after her brothers. Two friends… or whatever they were now… looking after two younger boys. What could possibly go wrong?

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btw it’s still novie I just got fancified}

Mareigh sighed and looked down at her feet. She unclaimed her hands a bit. To be honest, she didn’t mind the sound of help. It would be nice not to have to care for three people who should be self-sufficient by now. She was still stuck high on her pride, though, and accepting help was insufferable. What kind of mother would that make her? One who couldn’t do her own work?
She was still shaking a little bit, but Tyrus’s warmth seemed to seep into her and cease her panic. Being close to him was a nice feeling; one that she never thought she’d have.
She revisited her earlier thoughts. Help. No way, she though, resolving herself to decline his offer. But then, she looked up. Golden eyes. They seemed to melt the steel right out of her. She slumped forwards a bit, letting him support her. “I guess,” she said, with a bit of disdain. She nearly laughed when he elaborated, though. “Adopted sons?” She asked, amused. “Nah. Max and Sam are heathens.”

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It felt kinda nice having Mareigh trusting him so much. How she told him everything and trusted him to help. Being other than Katie he never really had anyone trust him, not enough to tell him personal stuff. People only followed his orders and that was cause they had to. However Tyrus feared he would miss use the trust being he had no idea what exactly to do with it. He already felt he had screwed up when Mareigh seemed to tense at his comment. All Tyrus wanted to do was help but he seemed to pick just the wrong words. Maybe his help wasn’t wanted, Tyrus was sure Mareigh could do it on her own. It wasn’t that he doubted her ability to look after her brothers. It was more that he thought he could lighten her lode. But maybe he shouldn’t have offered. Tyrus chewed on his lip annoyed at himself. Why did he keep doing dumb things? He shouldn’t be around Mareigh, he was only making it worse. Trying to help but was just shoving his emotions onto her making it all worse. Maybe he should just leave.

He was about to comment, probably end up saying something else dumb, when Mareigh leaned into him once again letting him take her weight. He didn’t mind, she didn’t weigh much and it was reassuring having her do that. Even that slightly action soothed his worry. He laughed slightly at her words taking even bigger comfort at the fact that she to was laughing now.
“Well then we might have a problem.” He replied with a slight grin on his own. “However i’m sure we can do something. Famous last words but what’s the worst they can do?” Tyrus asked knowing enough about movies that he totally just jinxed it.
Oh well, Tyrus had delt with his parents. If he could do that he could deal with anything. Those were also famous last words but never mind he would just roll with whatever happened, like he always did.
“Anyway what now?” Tyrus asked feeling the consulting Mareigh on the next course of action was the smartest idea.
He didn’t want to ask another dumb thing or something. So he would let Mareigh pick the next thing that happened because as he was relearning she was stubborn and had a exact way she wanted things done. He also knew the comforting approach was not the correct one for Mareigh. Therefore Tyrus had no idea what to do and thought it safest to let the female make the choice. One piece of advise his sister had always joked about by he was now finding was all to true.

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Marleigh grinned at his ‘famous last words’. She was abolsutely sure they would wreak havoc without her father, which was strange. Because he never did anything. But she knew whenever she was home, and her father was there, they were nice kids. Although, they did get into more trouble than the average child. But she could deal, they were her brothers.
“They can do a lot,” she said, the smile lighting up her face and erasing all counts of misery. She dredged up memories from a while back. She could actually remember them forcing her to go outside, like, with fireplace pokers and stuff. It was horrendous. But it worked. They’d smashed vases, broken cabinet doors, ruined stove tops … the list was endless. They’d been a lot more tame since their mom had died. That made sense, though.

What now? How the hell was she supposed to know what to do now? She’s just had a fricking mental breakdown, her best friend was in love with her … she didn’t know. Although, she did come out here to do something … “Jobs,” she said simply, after giving him an unflinching look.

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Tyrus he thought he was always working. He wasn’t opposed to Marleigh’s idea, work was always good and they did have a job to do. However was now really the best time? Of all things she could think of was working really the most calming she could do. Tyrus knew how not calming it was, then again it was something to take their mind off the… other matters. Tyrus sighed giving a slight nod.
“Sure.” He replied tucking a single strand of hair behind her ear before letting his hands slide from her back, taking a step back to provide some room between them. “I was thinking something more along the lines of like…. Not work but if that's what you require then sure.” Tyrus said not really having a better idea of what to do and also knowing the Marleigh was rather stubborn.
Good luck getting her to do anything she didn’t want to. As Tyrus had learnt let Marleigh do what she wanted, everyone will be happy that way.

Now once again Tyrus wasn’t exactly meant to be here, not out here and most definitely not kissing Marleigh in the middle of the woods. He hadn’t told anyone he was out here he had just left, which was a mistake on his part but he didn’t think he would be long. Turns out he was extremely wrong about that. However Tyrus had forgotten this fact, after everything that happened he assumed people knew of his leaving. He was completely unaware that others were starting to look for him only to be unable to find him. Completely an aware of his sisters arrival to the camp only to be constantly question on his whereabouts. Of course not knowing of this Tyrus turned depeing into the woods a bright idea coming to mind.
“Hey Marleigh us guards and a few scavengers accidentally found a cool little cave thing. No idea what it’s like we only found it but we think it could lead to a whole cave system or something. Would a scout like yourself be willing to check it out, who knows could be a good place to set up a small camp.” Tyrus suggested fairly sure he remembered the way.
They had to backtrack a bit going against the flow of the river before turning deeping into the forest, walking for a bit before coming to the little cave system. They had left little flags telling them the path incase they all forgot to in fin doubt they could just follow those.
“So what do you say?” He asked tilting his head to the side in question his scraggly mop of red hair falling across his eyes as he did so. “Don’t know how girls can deal with long hair.” He muttered trying but failing to blow the annoying stands out his face.

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{u think urs are short ??? that’s fUnNy}

Marleigh felt like her whole face tipped upwards at the scouting offer. What was work, again? She would jump at any offer different from her normal routine; it not only distracted her, but it was fun. Of course she would go! Plus, she loved caves. They were so cool with all their nooks and crannies and water and darkness. Total cave darkness could cause blindness, if you stayed in it for too long.

“I’ll go,” she said, trying to act nonchalant and cool with her arms crossed over her chest. She nodded. Marleigh had a wonderful poker face, thankfully, so she wasn’t giving any feelings away.

She tilted her head in response to his. He was so … beautiful and cute at the same time. She scoffed. “You think you have long hair?” She ran her hand down her waist-length, thick strands, and reached up with her other hand to brush the hair out of his eyes.

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Xwft | 97 comments Tyrus shrugged, it was long enough to get in his way so he considered that long. However he was aware of Marleigh’s long strands and how annoying that must be. He followed her hand with his eyes as she ran it through her hair, tracing it all the way down her to her waist. How she could deal with that long hair he had no idea, surely it was snag on things and get in the way. His twin often got annoyed at her hair, which ultimately resulted in Tyrus learning to plait and doing it for her despite the fact he was pretty sure she knew how do it herself. Little things likes that was sometimes all the time they got together. So no matter how strange it sounded Tyrus highly cherished that weird skill of his.

Not expecting Marleigh’s next action, Tyrus screwed his nose up like a child as she swiped the hair out his eyes.
“Thanks.” Tyrus grinned tilting his head back to straight.
There was something about Marleigh that seemed to make him do any work whatsoever. Not that he really minded right now, it wasn’t the most pressing matter. But the years of programming from his parents seemed determined to make him do at least something. So Tyrus thought why not find the equal medium. Beside Marleigh seemed determined to do something as well. Her poker face was driving him mad being he had no idea what she was feeling. Not that he thought she would lie to him. If Marleigh didn’t want to do something Marleigh wouldn’t do that thing.

“OK let’s go then.” He said spinning on his heel and walking on in the direction he pretty sure the cave was in. It took a bit of backtracking but that was fine, any little moment with Marleigh he loved. Tyrus knew first hand how quick those moments could go, he was determined not to let them go so easy. So he stuck by Marleighs side occasionally letting their hands brush as they walked.

I’ll stick a little time skip here being I doubt anything will happen on the walk.

It took approximately ten minutes to get to the mouth of the cave. Well more like a thin hidden gap in the side of a small cliff. Vines and moss fell over the entrance hiding it from the naked eye. A stream of water flowed over the mouth of the cave creating a slight waterfall that ran into a small lake. Tiny droplets of water filled the air, making a magical sort of mist around the whole area. Despite everything being in the way the gap was still big enough for someone to fit comfortably through, the rocks being only slightly slippery. In fact this cave was almost like that off a fairy tail. All it needs was a rainbow and then it would be exactly like a fairy tale.
“Well here we are.” He said glancing back at Marleigh to see her reaction.
Personally he found this place quite peaceful. With only the sound of the water tumbling down the rock face and the occasional melody of the birds. However Tyrus told himself they weren’t here to sight see, they did have a job to do.
“Just be careful the paths slightly wet, other than that we think it’s perfectly safe. You can do your magic and scout it out when inside of you want he said.” Tyrus told her leading the way along the small path that was only just wide enough for someone to walk sideways across.
The path was mostly smooth, not many things to get in there way. But that almost meant there was almost no grip. The fall wasn’t far and you would likely land in the water but it was still a possible injuring fall. So the whole time Tyrus kept a close eye on Marleigh. Not that he didn’t trust her to walk safely but just in case. He was fully prepared to fall himself if it kept her safe. That was the only thing wrong with Tyrus sometimes, his all to will for self sacrifice.

Now Tyrus thought this path was the only dangerous part of the cave. As far he was concerned now blood thirsty animals lay inside waiting to eat them and the rocks were too stable for a cave in. He thought this would be a fine little trip, that nothing could go wrong. Tyrus had no idea how wrong he was.

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