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Tʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴍᴘ ɪɴꜰɪʀᴍᴀʀʏ ɪs ʙᴜɪʟᴅ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡʀᴇᴄᴋᴀɢᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅʀᴏᴘ sʜɪᴘ ᴀɴᴅ ɪs sᴛᴏᴄᴋ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʀᴜᴅɪᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʀʏ sᴜᴘᴘʟɪᴇs. Mᴇᴅɪᴄs ᴏꜰᴛᴇɴ sᴘᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ.

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Drifting silently through the camp, Katie headed towards the Infirmary, slightly favoring her right leg as she walked. She'd just returned from a scouting mission that had taken slightly longer then she had indented thanks to her little... slip. She only expected to be out for an hour and a bit, hoping to see her brother for a bit before one of them had to leave again. Her outfit was almost much less planed then normal thanks to her hopes of being quick. She put on a short sleeve top and shorts thinking it wouldn’t matter to much, beside she liked feeling the suns heat on her skin. However that ended up backfiring and it took her almost three hours, and even then she didn’t cover the whole space she was designated. She did what she thought best which was to go back to camp rather then to make everything worse. While out in the forest, Katie had done a rough patch up job back but she couldn’t exactly find the right resource and whatever she did had little effect to quench the irritating pain. So she turned back limping towards base making sure to still keep her steps quite, she didn’t want to get into any more trouble then she already was.

Now came the question of what got her into that mess. She knew full well she would have to explain it to her brother and to any medical staff that asked. She had a certain someone in mind that she knew wouldn't take her new wounds lightly. All that had happened was Katie had been out exploring a little further from camp when she came across a patch of stinging nettle, or a plant that looked very much like it. Yes she noticed it quite quickly but still decided to pull a move like her brother and keep going despite the field of nettle. For the most part she was doing good at avoided the painful plants. That was until she jumped to a rock intending to avoid the nettle but not noticing it was covered in moss. Katie tried to keep her balance but ended up falling landing the the field of of nettle. It was mostly her right leg and some of her arm that got the damage being that was how she fell. She landed painfully on her right thigh instantly feeling the burn of the nettle as it poked into her skin. She tired hard not to let much of her skin touch the nettle. However she couldn't help but let her leg and her wrist get stung or she would have been unable to actually to get out of the plant field. Nettle bits had stuck themselves into her hair, which she foolishly left not tied up, but she had little time to pick them out being she as much more worried about tending to her wounds then fixing her hair. Now irritating red rashes climbed all the way up the tanned skin of her right leg, making walking painful, as well as circling around her right wrist. Truth be told, it hurt like heck and took all her effort not to scratch it and make it worse.

Once making her way across the camp, Katie slipped silently into the infirmary trying not to make her presence to known as she did so. Standing to the side for while, Katie watched what was happening in the confined area of the infirmary. Like normal there were a few medics running around tending to small cuts and scrapes in the dim lighting of the wreaked drop ship. However, from what she could see they weren’t to busy meaning she probably would be able to slip in and out without getting anyone's way. With naturally light footsteps, Katie made her way of the shelves of herbs. Thanks to her years of working with other medics she knew enough to be able to fix herself up alone. Grabbing a bundle of herbs, a small tin of ointment and few strips of cloths, Katie naturally drifted to the dark corners drop ship where she would mostly be out of anyone's way. Unscrewing the lid, Katie took a small blob of the funny smelling ointment and began rubbing it into the worst parts of the rash which happened to be up on her thigh. She she massaged the ointment into her leg she had to bite back a slight hiss of pain as the cold oil meet the heat of her rash.

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Ever since the Drop-ship crashed into the surface of the newly reclaimed Earth, Isaac Finley and the other medics found their time overburdened with all manner of illness and injury. The tall, pale haired medic drifted between different beds inside the lowly lit infirmary as he watched over his charges. While the day had been a relatively slow one. Isa still found himself exhausted, and it showed on the poor man’s face as much as he tried to hide it. Isa took his work seriously, having been training for this moment for what seemed like his whole life, and the lives of his family. He was fiercely under the impression that for something to be done right, you have to do it yourself. Not that he didn’t trust the other medics, but he often has a problem delegating jobs to others. Having just finished checking in on a patient with an apparent case of food poisoning, Isa took a moment to breath. Rubbing a hand over his face, he pulled a light bit of color back into his skin.

Dressed in a dark set of clothing, with an ISC Medic patch sewn onto his left shoulder, caused the pallor of his skin to stand out even more, Isa couldn’t remember the last time he left the Infirmary for any significant time since the crash. There was always something to do inside the small makeshift infirmary, from treating major trauma to simple cuts. He would often pull scouts away from their routes to help him gather different wild herbs that the botanists found to have medicinal uses, since he, nor his medics, had the time.

Deciding that the infirmary seemed under control for a few moments, Isa walked over to the stock shelves and started taking inventory of the wide assortment of different herbs and medicines lining the walls. Keeping a current and running stock of the different medications allowed Isa to know what the small base camp had and what they needed. It would do no good for anyone if the med bay didn't have any medicine. Graced with height from his father, Isa started from the top shelves and moved clockwise. Muttering softly to himself as he worked, Isa found a peacefulness in the activity. He hadn’t realised the stress that he was holding in his body until a few moments into his work as his taut shoulder muscles relaxed. As the minutes passed, he grabbed a well worn notebook from a table and flipped to the next clean page inside. Writing in his long, scratchy handwriting, Isa noted the count of the various jars and bottles when something caught his eyes. They narrowed in confusion as he compared yesterday's count with today's. It seemed a few things were missing, including a jar of Woodbine Oil, known for its horrific smell and antihistamine properties. It proved to be quite useful. Turning around, Isa made to check his count again when something else caught his eye, or his nose rather.

Trained to recognize subtle differences between plants and herbs, explicitly medical ones, to prevent using a harmful / poisonous one over its mundane counterpart, Isa noticed the slightly burning and minty smell of the Woodbine in question. Thinking himself hallucinating, Isa shook his head softly, muttering to himself that he needed more sleep. However, just as he was about to brush off the missing jar as mistake, Isa heard a sound he was all too accustomed too. A hiss of pain. Following the sound to the back corner of the Med Bay, Isa’s mind was running through all kinds of crazy ideas. The first most being that there must be some kind of mass serial killer hiding in his med bay and stealing medicines. Clearly Isa had watched too many horror films back on the ISC, a fact he was much regretting in this moment. Filling his chest with a large breath of air to steal his nerves, Isa pulled back the curtains that separated the last bed in the row to reveal whatever was behind it. Shocked that source of the noise was not a murderer, but rather his good friend Katie. Isa found a large grin filling his face as he shook his head in equal parts amusement and disappointment.“Do I even want to know?” Isa questioned the girl, unable to stop his eyes from drifting from the jar she held in her hand to the large red patch on her leg. His medically trained eyes sizing up the injury in a few quick moments, at least there was no blood this time. Assured his friend wasn’t in any serious harm, his eyes drifted back up to hers, eyebrows raised as he waited for whatever story she was about to spout, amused.

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Now Katie wasn’t one to lie, or one not notice things or one to get easily surprised but all those things seemed happened all on the same day in the space of only a few minutes.
Katie couldn’t tell whether the ointment was actually helping or just making her burns more painful but it certainly wasn’t dulling the pain or the infuriating desire to scratch it. So far all it was doing was giving her hands a weird minty smell. Not like the cooking mint, this was stronger and less eatable smelling. However, Katie probably should have guessed it would take awhile for the ointment to actually take action. After all she had done quite a good job in damaging herself this time so it would take it’s time to heal.

Katie had cover most of the red patches on her leg, coating them in a thin lining of the antihistamine ointment. They looked much less angry under the lining of ointment and slowly but surely the pain was fading. Slowly. However, she had a feeling she would bear the red mark for while longer. Coating the tips of her fingers once again, Katie smoothed the oil over the rash on her ankle. Slowly she rubbed it in but hesitated when she got to the indented mark that covered a nice portion of her ankle. That was the worse wound she had ever had. Breaking her bone to the point of it poking through the flesh was an impressive injury, and it would have been much worse if it wasn’t for both her brother and Isa. Both had, in a way saved her from most of the damaged if only to suffer themselves. It was a time she didn’t like remembering but it was hard not to when you were forever marked by it. Letting out a soft sigh Katie started covering the marked flesh with ointment. Amazingly she was completely unaware of the other human presence, until they talked.

Katie jumped as a unexpected voice spoke dragging her from her thoughts and making her once again bump her wounds. She winced but didn’t make a sound, clearly the ointment was somewhat helping. Katie looked up not knowing who to expect but guessing it was no one good. She relaxed however upon seeing it was just her friend Isa. Of course it was Isa. Nothing could get past his uncanny ability to know when and where someone was hurt. Even if she wanted to get past him Katie couldn’t. As soon as she messed with the medical supplies or did anything in the infirmary no matter what, even just poking her head in to say hi, Ias always knew she was there. Years of training did that to a person.

She saw him eye up her rashes clearly going through a list of things and deciding whether it was life threatening or not.
“Isa it’s….” She stopped mid sentence as his eyes drifted back up to hers.
There really was no point trying to say it’s nothing. Once again when Isa knew someone was wounded he wouldn’t take ‘it’s nothing’ as an answer. She sighed, thinking she might as well explain.
“It’s just stinging nettle.” She said rubbing some more ointment into the rash around her wrist as she explained. “Long story short I was out scouting when I slipped landing in a patch of nettle. It’s not to bad. Just kinda annoying.” She shrugged finally covering everything she needed to in the oily substance and screwing the lid back on.

She looked up at Isa frowning slightly. Now she actually looked at him he look worse for wear, almost worse than herself. He looked tired, he had the exact look her brother got when he’d been overworked. The way they tried to act like everything was alright, that they were fine but she always knew. Like Isa knew if someone was hurt Katie knew if someone had been push past their limits. Dark circles would form under their eyes and their actions would become slow, sluggish. Either way there were always way to tell.
“Isa, when was your last break?” She asked gently looking up at his pale face.
However, like her brother, she doubted he would admit anything. Both thought they could do it and both wanted to do it. But Katie knew better, Katie knew they wouldn’t be able to. Somethings people couldn’t do everything, even if they wanted to.
“How about you come with me for a bit. The infirmary isn’t busy and i’m sure that the other medics can take care of things thanks to your teaching.” She said climbing to her feet stifling another hiss of pain as she put weight back on her injured leg.
“Beside I will probably need to bandage the worst of these rashes and and I might need you to give me a hand.” She rested her weight on her left leg extending her uninjured hand to him.
She was worried for his health, she saw how the lack of rest affected people. She had been dealing with it for her whole life and she would hate to see another loved one succumb to the same torment. Especially when that someone had done so much for her. Her brother mightn’t be alive if it wasn’t for him and he had been her closest friend back when she was neglected by her parents. She refused to see him end up like her brother had. Normally she wouldn’t have time to help, her scouting taking up a lot of her time, but now she was injured she could take that as an excuse to stay with him for a bit.
“Come one Isa please, take a break.” She said changed her voice so it was soft and genuinely worried, cause she did fear for him, she only wanted to help.

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(( I think so, lol. Although it's gonna Isa awhile to realize it))

Pulling the curtain back into place to hide the pair’s presence, Isa walked over to the bed that Katie was currently sat upon, and lowered his tall frame to sit next to her. This close to her caused his nose to wrinkle softly as the harsh scent of Woodbine filled the air, he was quiet as she spoke him, eyes more forced on her injury for the moment. When she mentioned the stinging nettle, Isa huffed softly in amusement “So,...I leave you alone for a few hours and you attack a nettle bush?” Isa questioned, knowing his protective side was showing. He watched the way she was rubbing in the oil into her skin before shaking his head. “Wait...” He spoke, gently pulling the jar out of her hands, taking the time to turn her hands around slightly in his, checking if the nettle had spread to her hands, falling into his teacher mode after a moment. “Next time, place an ice pack down first to numb the skin and pain...” Isa lectured, dipping his own fingers into oil. “Then dap the oil on, not rub. Otherwise you're just spreading the pain” he spoke, demonstrating on a few patches the girl had missed, making quick work of the practiced to perfection action. He stood then, walking over to a supply cart and grabbing a clean rag, cleaning the excess oil off his hands and then handing it over to Katie. “How does it feel?” he questioned a moment later, a hint of worry dropping into his voice.

It was strange, while Isa always cared for his patients, Katie and her brother pulled out an extra sense of protectiveness in him. He attributed it to the night they got injured back on ISC ship, they were the first major surgery he helped with since getting his medic placement a few years before. There was a moment there where he was unsure if the girl would walk again, the bone had been so badly damaged. Trained to notice subtle changes in emotion on a person’s face, Isa found his head tilting to the side when he saw Katie staring at the scar on her ankle. He wasn’t sure how much she remembered from that night, but it was clear to him that the imperfection on her skin still haunted her. “It's only a scar, Katie” he spoke quietly, hoping to break her trance, picking the jar up and returning it to its place upon the shelf. He also took the time to fix the number of jars in his book before returning to her side. He regarded her for a moment as she seemed to be staring at him, he looked back in confusion, eyebrow knitting together as he watched a plan form in her mind. Just then she began questioning him about his last break. Honestly he couldn't remember, a few days at least, there was just too much work to be done, he held lives in his hands much more than any of the others did. He thought Katie would understand his work ethic when she was just as committed to scouting as he was to his med bay. “Um...what day is it again?” he questioned, brushing her question about his last break off with a light bit of humor. He turned his eyes to the ground, bashful, and not wanting to make a bigger deal of the issue as he told the small lie.

But of course, he could never hide his exhaustion as well as he thought he could, especially not from Katie. She had no hesitations in calling him out on it. His eyes flashed back to hers when she asked him to take a break, a million excuses and reasons why he couldn’t filling the back of his tongue. However, his companion chose that moment to foolishly try standing. The hiss of pain from her almost made his heart stop. Instantly he was at her side, his hand going under her arm, the side of his body pressing against hers as he helped to keep weight off her bad leg. “Easy girl,...you’re lucky I don’t handcuff you to that bed” he mumbled as she got her feet back under herself for the moment. If Isa could lock up every person of Legacy so they wouldn’t get hurt, he would, and Kate and Tyrus were no exception. satisfied she wasn’t going to fall flat on her face, Isa released her, but stayed close to her side. “Katie…, you know I can’t” he softly whined in reluctance after she asked him to leave with her. A war broke out in Isa mind between wanting to listen her and staying in case something happened. His blue eyes flickered from her face and the rest of the infirmary, taking in the large number of empty beds. Knowing how quickly a calm could turn, especially on the drop ship. He shifted his weight between his feet unable to decide when Katie’s soft request pulled his attention back towards her. Releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding, Isa nodded his head slightly in defeat. “....Fine” he grumbled out like a child before taking her offered hand. “But you own me!” he shot back in compromise, “The next time I say you need rest, you have to listen”.

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Kaites expression was a mix of a wince and a smile as Isa held her up making sure she didn’t put weight on her bad leg. She knew she shouldn’t be standing just yet and let time for the ointment to sink in, but It wasn’t to bad. Now Katie had never been handcuffed to the bed in order to keep her down, she always knew when enough was enough and she needed rest. However, she knew her brother had been tied down more than once. He didn’t like not being able to do anything. He had been brought up always moving or doing something, he never understood what stopping and resting was. Clearly Ias didn’t know either. It was ironic really. Isa could tell others to stop and rest but he never knew when to rest himself.

She heard his protests. However, even after he let her go trusting her to hold her own weight, she didn’t back down. Isa needed a break and she would make sure he at least took an hour to just get some sun. He looked paler then she did before coming to earth and that was saying something. She watched him silently as he debated between his to options. Katie would make it seem like his idea but she had no intention on letting no be his answer. Thankfully her last few words seem to make up his mind and, with a nod of defeat, he took her awaiting hand. Instantly, she gripped it, not with her full strength but enough so he couldn’t just slip away. This way even if he decided against his choice he wouldn’t be able to leave. This trick had come in handy many times.

Katie couldn't help but laugh slightly at his childish grumble as he accepted her offer. Even the most tightly strung people had a childish side. Both her twin and Isa proved that. It was kinda cute really. Both full grown men grumbling like children when all she had been asking was for them to take a break. Though the request had to go both ways. Of coarse Isa wanted something out of this and of coarse it was medical related.
“In my defense all you told me was I was fixing myself wrong. You never actually told me to rest.” She replied flashing him a ‘i’m innocent’ grin. “But fine, I swear on my life that next time i’m hurt or sick I will come straight to you and do whatever you say. No dawdling, no trying to fix it myself. You will be the first person I call. Deal?” She asked already knowing this was one of the better deals he could get, even slightly better then his offed one.
She knew that ideally he would like her to be wrapped in bubble wrap and lock in her tent all day, but that just wasn’t going to happen. So her promise not to ignore her wounds would have to do.

Now Katie didn’t wait for him to confirm the deal. She was already tugging him out of the infirmary trying her best not to limp as she did so. It was pointless hiding it from Isa, she knew that, but maybe she could try make it look better then it felt. The last thing she needed was for Isa to carry her through the camp because she was limping slightly. Katie wouldn’t put it above him to actually do that. She led him out into the sun of the day waiting for them to be at least a few meters away from the infirmary before letting his hand go. She didn’t trust him not to go running back for some strange reason. As they walked she noticed just how worn out he was. His skin seeming ghostly white in the bright sun when her was glowing a light golden. His steps looked more heavy his body tense. Even if his act fooled other, including himself, Katie wasn't blind by his acts. It was hard to notice back in the dull light of the infirmary but when he was out in the sun it was clear just how little he rested. It was then she made a promise to herself that at least twice a week she would make Isa take a break. Even for if just for an hour, but he needed some time to away from the stress of everything.

Naturally, Katie headed towards the outskirts of the camp. However she still walked by Isas side in case he made a run for it. She knew exactly what to make him do. Isa probably won't approve but it would be fine, she knew what she was doing.
“Right.” Katie started, speaking while still walking, heading past the border of the camp into the surrounding woods. “I figured you wouldn’t be one to sit and do nothing so I thought why not pick your brain a bit.” She said stopping in a small clearing she had been to so many times in wasn't funny. It was a few meters away from camp only being five minute walk back. And, despite not being able to see the camp, if you listened you could most certainly hear it. So if Isa didn’t like being away from the camp, which she guessed he didn’t, he could still hear if someone yelled. Katie preferred more quiet places were all you could hear were the of chirps of birds and the gentle sound of water tumbling down rocks. However it would take time for Isa to be able to leave to far into the unknown, if ever.
“I mean if I can’t fixed my own nettle rash then there’s something wrong with me. I must admit i’m slightly out or practice, so would you mind reteaching me the basics?” She asked.
Katie knew his love to teach, being he often taught her little thing when she had free time. And she thought going over something so simple to him wouldn’t cause much mental stress. That was a trick with people like Isa. You couldn’t just tear them away from their work and make them sit silently alone. Katie would not mind just lying and watching the clouds go by but Ias had spent his whole life doing something he couldn’t just suddenly stop. She had to slowly ease him into it. Which she was willing to do. Katie had developed massive amounts of patients especially for times like this.

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((Aww I can totally see other people in the camp taking bets on how long it's gonna take them to realize it lol. I'm gonna make us a clearing thread since we are leaving the med bay, if you wanna post there next? ))

Isaac found himself regretting the deal the moment his acceptance left his lips, and his companion started pulling him towards the exit of the med bay in a surprising show of strength. He had only gone a few meters when he stopped walking altogether, his arm still outstretched and holding on to Katie’s. Another medic working quietly caught his gaze and made Isa walk over to them. He spoke with them for a few moments, going over a few tasks that still needed to be done and advising them on how best to begin. Isa and Katie made quite a sight, they were like dogs fighting over a rope, both pulling in opposite directions.Once Isa felt more comfortable that his med bay wasn’t going to explode in the near future, he followed the girl once again. Although he did make another stop to grab a field medic bag, filled with basic first aid supplies Isa often gave to people leaving camp, on his way out, still unable to leave his work fully behind. When the girl had laughed at him a few moments later, Isa couldn't help smiling as well as he rolled his eyes at the girl’s ‘innocent’ attitude. ” Deal ” Isa confirmed, knowing that even if he didn’t, the grip on his hand wasn’t going to lessen anytime soon.

Following like a good little duckling, Isa stepped outside the Drop Ship for the first time in quite a while. His blue tinted eyes blinked harshly against the light as he was blinded for a moment, his eyes having adjusted to the dim infirmary light for too long now. However, the blindness worked in Katie’s favor since it forced Isa to follow her without any gripes about being too far from camp. It wasn’t that Isa didn’t like the outdoors, it was quite the opposite really, he just didn't have the time to enjoy it. When Legacy had first crashed, Isa had found himself marveling at the vast openness the earth possessed, and the shear space to move. Something that the ISC Ship clearly lacked. Sometimes Isa even found himself regretting taking the Medic placement when he was younger, not truly realising the beauty the Earth could possess while in its orbit, and his longing to immerse himself into it. The stories never did it justice. But then he would see one of his old patients laughing or working after a long stay in the Infirmary and Isa realised that those were the moments he truly lived for. Being able to rip someone away from the edge of death, and return them to their family. Eventually his eyes adjusted again to the light and he found himself watching Katie limp as much as she tried to hide it from him. Isa hummed in displeasure “You look like a baby deer, Kat. Are you sure that was nettle you ran into?” He questioned, never able to turn off his medic side of his brain. He found himself staying closer to her side in case the girl fell.

Once away from the camp though, Isa found himself being able to breath deeper. He chuckled slightly when Katie dropped his hand once the pair had made it out into the wilds but still stayed close to him, he knew if he tried to retreat now, he wasn’t going to get far under Katie’s watchful eye. Although he did appreciate that the small clearing they stopped in was still within earshot of base camp, in case something did happen. Standing in the woods, Isa was quite for a moment, eyes scanning the area around them before he closed them, face turning up towards the warmth of the sun. It was true, he was too pale, dark purple marks filled the area beneath his eyes, told the tale of many sleepless nights and his light dusting of freckles stood out harsly again his cheeks. Katie’s voice pulled him back after a moment, his eyes glancing towards her as he nodded his head at her request. While the peacefulness of the woods was nice, Isa could already feel an unmistakable twitch in his body with the need to be doing something. His mind couldn’t function with idle hands. “Only you could come out worst in a fight with a plant” Isa joked, taking another glance at the girl’s injury, ensuring that it hadn’t worsened during the walk.

Finding a clear spot, Isa lowered himself to the ground and patted the space next to him for Katie. Again he was quiet, a soft tilt to his head as he thought about an area to being with his teaching. He decided on a rather topical subject. “Let's start with wild plants..” Isa begin with a knowing smirk and glance towards her “Most plants can harm you in one of two ways. Either by skin irritation, like the nettle, or by lacerating the skin, like with a thorn bush.” Isa spoke gently, falling easily into his teaching role. The easy nature of the information rolled off his tongue, reciting years of training into the basics. This was stuff that had been ingrained into his mind back on the ISC, and trained into second nature for Isa. Even moments of hesitation while treating someone could have devastating effects. Isa could still remember the endless testing he had to go through to secure the Head Medic position.Failure always haunted him. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there just speaking but slowly Isa found himself at ease with his surroundings. He was able to trick his brain into taking a break by justifying it to just be another teaching session with Katie. “Stinging nettle has tiny little hairs that cling to anything it touches, basically causing the skin to blister and a rash to form” Isa continued, although he stopped after another few minutes sheepishly. ”I bet you regret dragging me off for a break now, huh? I know this isn’t the most exciting stuff in the world” Isa confessed. Knowing that for the first time in 300 years, humans were walking the earth again and he was all too content to stay in his little med bay. He knew he should be more excited about being chosen for the Drop Ship, since countless others had been born and had died to bring him here to this moment, but something was still holding him back. The ISC had done too well in his training, he was all too willing to sacrifice his life on the ground to ensure that the others got to live there’s.

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