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Little Sister Is Not My Name! (Sassy, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Chapter book, elementary/middle school read, young African American girl main character, she and her family get stuck in an elevator and since she is small she is able to slip through the partly opened doors and get help. [s]

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Marissa | 8 comments Main character worries about not having some kind of “power” or something that makes her stand out like the rest of family. She is known for being the smallest in the family. The cover page has a photo of a black girl on it with her hands on her hips, and it has (possibly the title?) in i believe purple and orange glittery text

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Marissa | 8 comments That’s it!! Thank you so so much ♥️ this book means a lot to me!

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Adele | 1226 comments You're very welcome. Happy to help. :-)

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