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Settling down on the steps of the church, James pulled his arm from out of his cape to reveal the huge water snake curled up his arm. Smiling, the tan skinned boy rested his finger on the snake's head and began to stroke it slowly-though he may look calm, however, James' eyes were darting around, wary and aware of everything around him. As though expecting an ambush.

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"What do you think Tyberius? Think this place isn't private enough? Not..." Shuddering, James pulled his heavy cloak towards himself, "Safe, enough..." There it was, that pricking sense that someone was watching him... touching the katana, sheathed, that hung from his belt, James was always searching for a way out. What if the stranger attacked him? What if they were a magician-or a White Fang member?! Hands sweating profusely, and fear making both stomach and legs shaky.

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"R-right ba-back atcha," James' voice shook terribly as he stumbled to his feet, Tyberius slither up to his upper arm as the teen drew his sword slowly. "James Bennett, wh-wh-who are you?"

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Jumping, sword swinging-luckily, the flat side is what struck the girl, "Neutral, neutral! Shit, I'm neutral," James shrieked in fear, the feel of that cold metal blade had scared the death out of him.

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Still gripping his katana's handle tight enough that his knuckles turned white, James felt his foot tap restlessly as his mind couldn't grab on to a single coherent thought. Age... Age.. Silent for many long moments, James finally opened his mouth and spoke, "I'm, s-seven-teen."

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"I've told you, James Bennett," relaxing a bit, though the teen's hands didn't quit their trembling, James sheathed his weapon. Bringing out his water snake, the darker skinned teen smiled nervously, "This is Tyberius."

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Laughing, relaxing a bit more around her, James Bennett bent his nose down to where the snake could flick his tongue out on it. "Ty won't hurt you," James assured-though that was more of a lie... Tyberius may not've venomous, but he could certainly bite-a lot.

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Holding Tyberius with a trace more gentleness, the water snake slithered up underneath his cloak. Once he was sure the snake was safe, James answered her question, "Getting away from... Everything."

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((yes, I've seen Fairy Tail so I understood the name and appearance))

"Everything." The fearful boy shuddered, "The streets, the people, the shadows, the.... Blech, roaches."

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Plopping down next to her, but not before adjusting the sheathed sword so that it lay across his lap. "Why are you here?" James inquired, unsure of what else to say.

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Nodding agreeably, James sighed heavily, "You're right, this is a very... Peaceful place." Rolling his shoulders, the teen found his jaws stretching into a wide yawn.

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"Music," James said immediately, before adding, "And baking-sword fighting is something I'm really good at, too." Tugging Tyberius away from his neck, which was always sensitive and bothered him when his snake's scales rubbed up against it.

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"Really?" While he knew how to read, the teen's writing sucked-and always came out shaky and uncertain. Probably because he'd never been to school, and what he knew he knew from reading and learning by himself.

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"Of course," James agreed, but it took him quite awhile to finish a book-as said before, he never did get an official education. "Do you like the violin?"

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"I play the violin, I usually play it away from the streets or somewhere where... Something bad can't happen..." Shuddering violently, as though shaking off an enemy he couldn't see. "Uh-uhm, where are we-I mean, you-going?"

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Taking her hand, hoping she didn't mind how sweaty and clammy his was, "Th-thank you," James said quietly, Tyberius bumping along his shoulders as he moved with her.

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"I've never been here," James murmured quietly, settling down on the ground instead of the bench. "I really only ever go where Miles goes...." Shit! Miles... Usually James told Miles if he was going out for a long time but he hadn't today! Would he have cared, though..??

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"Uhm... My best friend," the light of my life... Too dramatic? Too dramatic. "And, uh, y-yeah... I will..." James, too, turned his head to admire the scene painted around them.

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James shrugged, "Sure," he agreed, feeling rough and dry scale slide past his arm and dart out into the grass. "Looks like Tyberius is going to be playing for awhile," James murmured softly.

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"Mhm," he agreed, nodding solemnly, eyes glued to his withering snake. Flipping Ty on his belly again-how'd he manage to get on his back?-James glanced up quickly, "I'll bring my violin tomorrow."

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((alright, should we do another rp to continue this one somewhere else/later?))

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((mk, could you go first, please? It's getting real late where I am))

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Violin set in the usual playing position, the bow hovering over the strings, James scanned the area before he set his arm in motion. The bow slid along the strings and James' fingers slid from different chords, "Oh, hello!" The boy jerked his head up, seeing Lucy.

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"Thank you," James said appreciately, setting the instrument down on the soft ground and pointing to his abandoned cloak a few feet away. "Tyberius is taking a nap," was all her offered, "Oh, I like stories." The boy added, turning his upper body to face Lucy.

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Slowly flipping open the cover, James went through each page-which took awhile, with his pre-existing struggle with reading. But from what he read, James could tell this was a nice book, some corrections in grammar and spelling could be made-but the characters were interesting and James was eager to read more.

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"It was a lovely book," James agreed, twisting around to grab his instrument. Sitting up, straight and tall, the boy rested the violin in playing position and then began to play a soothing piece that went well with the birdsong that sang around them.

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James perked up, "Thank you," he murmured, setting the instrument next to Tyberius and his sword-which he rarely left home without. "So, what do you do when you have nothing to do?"

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"Hmm, well, that certainly sounds exciting." James' smile flickered, almost falling into a frown but turning back up before it could, "I usually just go with whatever Miles wants to do," and it was painful, but not for the reasons one might think.

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"Uhm... Miles enjoys listening to my music, so I often practice," he squeaks, a bit uncertain as the attention was suddenly shifted onto him.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((Holy, you talking bout Miles reminds me, we should roleplay the two soon! Just saying, also love the roleplay ;))

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((yes yes))

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"And all the things Miles likes," James said defensively, and quickly enough for it to sound hostile-which he immediately regretted. "I-I'm s-sorry, it's just... I don't do much except, heh, cower-unless Miles drags me out of my room."

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"Oh, uhm, y-yeah... Friends." James was beginning to really, really hate that word but it was a good word to summarize his and Miles relationship. "So, you have a best friend?" He inquired, keeping another question from rising up as it began to form in his mind.

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"O-oh, I mean... I'm sure, that is-I could use another best friend..." The boy trailed off, throat tightening. Words weren't his strong suit, and he usually left talking to his more outgoing counterpart...

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((Cool! That book by Perkins interests me, I'll look for it. There's another book I was going to read soon: My heart and Other Black Holes - warning: Depression and suicide, but it seems really interesting so I'm definitely going to read is ;D ))

James winced, resisting the urge to recoil-because it was instinctual because the only person to touch him and hug him had been Miles and his mother. And his mother rarely bothered to hug him, though she was always sweet to him, she wasn't one for physical contact. Like mother like son.

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"U-uhm... S-su-sure?" Standing up slowly, the boy gathered up his violin and bow, whistling sharply and the snake-surprising enough-slithered right over. Tyberius wrapped itself up James' leg until he reappeared at James' shoulder. How the boy didn't cringe from the feeling of the snake's skin was a mystery.

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"It looks nice," the boy murmured, settling in a chair and placing the violin and bow in his lap. This cafe was a very laidback place, not hyper and full of energy-but filled with a quiet calm. James liked it.

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"Uhm... A pastry," he mumbled, motioning to a simple cream cheese danish, "And coffee-black, please." The boy spoke in that hushed way of his, despite the tiniest flickering smile on his face.

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