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The Mercer Street Murder (Bennett & DeMarko Book 3)
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Title: The Mercer Street Murder
Author: Aaron S Gallagher
Genre: Crime Fiction
Pages Count: 292
Formats Available: MOBI, EPUB
Review Due Date: August 2

Book Description: It’s been a long year for Harry Demarko and his partner Toni bennett. A serial killer, a sex trafficking ring, and a burgeoning personal relationship have kept them busy and the pace shows no signs of slowing down.

A priest is dead in a drive-by shooting and the police think he was an innocent bystander. His daughter isn’t convinced and hires Harry and Toni to investigate. The trail leads them from the morgue to the church to the mob- and the deeper they dig the murkier the trail becomes.

The director of a porn studio is having trouble- between property damage, equipment theft, and physical attacks it’s clear someone wants the studio out of business. A friend hires them to find out the truth and it means getting dirty.

Malik Dahli, a friend, is having family problems. His nephew is in trouble and he refuses to tell his uncle the truth. Afraid of the police and alone in a strange country, he thinks no one can help and he has nowhere to turn. He’s wrong on both counts.

And it’s only Tuesday.

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