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Just a holding tank for text that deals with time, motion, and action within NE. I'm trying to get a sense of Aristotle's treatment of time, this might not make any sense to anyone else (obviously time/motion are not relevant themes in NE.) It's just me "thinking on paper," don't waste your time on this thread!

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While young men become geometricians and mathematicians and very adept at such subjects, it is commonly believed that a young man does not learn practical wisdom. ... A young man has no experience, for it is length of time that gives experience.

(VI, 8, 1142a11–15)

A young man is not a suitable person to take a course on how to run a city, for he is inexperienced in the affairs of life. Besides, since he tends to be led by his feelings, attending the course will be pointless and unprofitable, since the aim of the course is not knowledge but action. It makes no difference whether he is young in years, or immature in character. The problem is not a matter of time, but a life-style which pursues one kind of thing after another as feelings dictate. To people like this knowledge is no use, any more than it is to people who lack self-control. But for those whose desires and actions are directed in a well-ordered way, it would be very helpful to have knowledge about such topics.

(I, 3, 1095a2–11)

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