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The Queen Must Die (Chronicles of Tempus, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult: Girl sees figures from the past while walking home and then travels back in time after falling asleep reading a book. [s]

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May-bell-love | 8 comments I read this book maybe around 2014 and it's part of a series (trilogy I think) and basically this girl is walking home (New York maybe?) and starts seeing mysterious figures that turn out to be people from the past (there was a specific ghost that was a violet-eyed urchin girl) and she just shrugs it off as hallucinations. Once she gets home, she goes under her bed and has a whole library under there but as she's reading a book, she falls asleep and wakes up in the past. She is now in England in the castle of the royal family and I'm not sure who the royals were (possibly Queen Victoria?) but one of the princes was called Leopold and he had a disease and his doctor made him take ice baths to help him. She befriends the doctors son/apprentice and they try to solve a mystery about food disappearing from the castle's pantry as well I think. And I'm pretty sure that the girl had to 'present' herself to the queen in one book.

Also I think that for one of the book covers, it had a blue background with gold too

If you could comment what you think the book could be, then thank you!

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May-bell-love | 8 comments I just looked it up and it is! Thanks for suggesting it!

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