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some extra information ▸ this may help you with creating characters.

▸ baby dragons can be anywhere from the size of an average human hand to the size of a thirteen-inch viola. they tend to want to sit on people's shoulders even once they've grown bigger than that.
▸ young dragons are anywhere from the size of a large baby dragon to the size of a family sedan although there aren't cars in leiyun. the main biological difference between the two, aside from size, is that young dragons have teeth. teeth begin growing in towards the end of the baby period, and have fully grown in before the dragon reaches car-size.
▸ adult dragons can be anywhere from house-sized to the size of a large hill. all adult dragons in leiyun live in the plains/plateaus, although there have been rumours of some nesting on the west coast.
▸ dragons don't like extreme temperatures. before the war between the north and south, they used to migrate to the south for winter, and the north in summer. they hibernate in caves in winter on the plains, or keep farmers' flocks/crops safe in exchange for being allowed into the barn.
▸ dragons can communicate mentally with magicians

▸ the people on the plains trade very little with the rest of leiyun, and when they do it's mostly with the west coast, who also have limited resources. as such, they don't have access to the same drinks that the rest of leiyun has, and they make their own vodka-like drink out of various grains. this drink has very high alcohol content, and is usually watered down significantly. it also makes an excellent fire-starter in the middle of winter.
▸ the people on the plains are also much more used to dragons than the rest of leiyun, and some have figured out ways to communicate with them without magic

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character claims ▸ royal staff claims have been added to the character claims thread.

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