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message 1: by Bree (new)

Bree Verity (breeverity) | 30 comments Hi, my name is Bree and I am in the processes of writing three different fantasy series - one is time travel, one is portal mythology fantasy and the third is high fantasy with fae, witches and several different types of magic.

I write short novels - 40K for the most part, and in series.

I also write sporadically - so I might write 10K this week, and 2 the next... because of illness, exhaustion takes me out sometimes.

However, I’m looking for some other fantasy writers who might like to swap 2-4 chapters at a time, with the view to building up a solid critique relationship.

I’m not a beginner writer - I have written 8 books, 5 of which are published. I’m ideally looking for someone who is at a similar point in their writing journey.
I’m not doing this in my spare time - it’s the only job I can manage with my current health restrictions, so if you are also a ‘professional’ writer, that would be awesome too. (But if not, understand this is where I’m coming from.)

My series are:

Blackdark magic has been outlawed for centuries. It is evil, destructive, and its practitioners are put to death.
But when outcast F’nyla rediscovers her ability to wield blackdark, she is pulled into a conspiracy of lies and politics that threaten to bring down, not only the fae world, but also that of the humans.
A secret organisation known as Ravyn are the only ones who acknowledge the truth. Dark and light magic are out of alignment. So time is speeding up.
Blackdark, and F’nyla’s ability to control it, might be the last hope for everyone.

Fates of the Muses:
When Jen inadvertently causes a rip in the emotional fabric of the world, she also causes the disappearance of the nine Muses.
Charged with finding them before the world loses art, culture and history forever, Jen is aided by Apollo, Pegasus and a cadre of nymphs with all the attitude of sullen teenagers.
But Dionysus and his satyr army will stop at nothing to keep Jen and her friends from finding the Muses.

Marra is a quiet mechanic, happy to tinker with her stuff and keep the world outside at bay.
When she is brought to a secret place and asked to become a time traveler, she thinks it is a joke, and says no.
But the people at Warriner Time and Fortune don’t have a sense of humor - and they don’t take no for an answer.
Now Marra and her group are sent through time to repair certain historical events.
If only they can stop arguing long enough.

If you’re interested, please PM me.



message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan Mitchell | 30 comments Hello Bree,
My WIP also includes time travel. I think it would classify as an urban sci-fi. Currently 60k and growing. I would be interested in swapping a few chapters. Here's my rough blurb:

Social turbulence is tearing the population apart. Coexistence turns to turmoil between humans and non-humans. Fae, Vampire, Lycan, and Mutants all try to work within the human laws but find many objectionable and restrictive.

Agents from the future teleport to the present. They have a difficult assignment; change the future by any means necessary. Agents Brooks, Stone, Conway and Proctor led by Rivers, attempt to bring creation to a new branch of law enforcement. Conspiracy, murder, sacrifice, election rigging, a political assassination, nothing is off limits to complete their mission. That is, until Detective Roy Burns is on the case.

Once formed, The Citizens Protection Federation agents are comprised of humans, mutants and a feral. The new agents struggle to overcome prejudice and distrust to become a team as they combat civil unrest. What sacrifices will the new agents have to make?

If you're interested, you can contact me at Thanks.

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