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Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance Novel - Vegas Wedding of Strangers and Move to Paris (ex-dancer and attorney). Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Elizabeth | 2 comments The book starts with three girlfriends who goes to Vegas. They meet 3 guys, and the shyest girl hits it off with a really good looking guy (named Ainsley?). She ends up married to him. He tries to convince her to stay married and move to Paris with him (she is supposed to start to business school). She is shy because of an accident that stopped her from dancing. She had written herself a note about how Ainsley made her feel. It is a three-book series (at least).

She goes to Paris with him. He is an attorney and works really long hours. Things are awkward at first, and she comes up with sexy role playing games (maid, devil, etc.) and dresses up in costumes. It works. Ainsley is part of a foursome bicycling group. One of the guy's name starts with an S (he is the star of Book #2). Another member of the group has a gender neutral name. He is mentioned several times throughout the book, only the main character comes to find out that it is actually a GIRL, and she is the ex-fiancee of her now-husband. She finds out at a dinner party when she meets the girl. Ainsley sometimes called his ex the midnight hair or some nickname along those lines. The ex taunts the main character about it and how the new big bed was for her because she had trouble sleeping.

This causes main character to flee back to the United States. Ainsley follows up and he ends up quitting his job and moving to US.

In book two, it focuses on the S guy and one of the girlfriends from book 1. She is rich. He owns a boat business with his dad and brothers, but it is not doing well. The girl really wants to help him, but he is embarrassed. He ends up going on some reality TV boat show with his family to save their company.

I cannot remember the third book, but I think the third guy is involved in comics.

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Elizabeth | 2 comments YES! Thank you!!!

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t (villainists) | 9 comments Elizabeth wrote: "YES! Thank you!!!"

No problem :))

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