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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Half dragon shifter ran from intended cause half's can be thrown like yesterday's garbage if barren

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Myst (detetiv) | 20 comments I think the book was a crossover book.
The girl is a kick-ass firefighter who ran from her future intended cause if it turns out she's barren (can't have kids) the male can throw her away & look for a new wife. She didn't want to chance it so she ran. Cue strange fire & her intended who's looks into how the fire started. Fellow in her team liked her a whole lot & he went on to a new town to get away in another book. A family member was the person who died who was also a half who gotten thrown out.

Turned out (view spoiler)

I want to say the book was last year & the other was this year. (I'm looking for book 1)

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Myst (detetiv) | 20 comments NEVER MIND!
Found it. It's Dallas Fire & Rescue: His Burning Desire (Sparks Of Desire 1) by Valerie Twombly
His Burning Desire by Valerie Twombly

Book 2 is Rescue Me (Sparks Of Desire 2) by Valerie Twombly
Rescue Me by Valerie Twombly

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