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taught by ms. jackson

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((sorry it took so long for me to post, Witch))

Calming down a bunch of moon influenced animals was surprisingly harder than you'd think. All the black cats were hanging from the curtains hissing at nothing, bats were fluttering everywhere, and spider webs crowded every space. And those aren't even the "magical" creatures. Leila's demon owls were shrieking about blood and death and how everything was going to burn and drown in black blood..? And then the baby chimera that Leila had been caring for-he'd managed to break his leg, he was still a baby, Leila had to help him... It would've been a sin not to. Anyways, the chimera Leila endearingly called Dez had been standing up on all four legs-completely ruining his wounded leg more-and had begun to throw things around. Desks included. And don't get Leila started on the phoenixes...

Carding her fingers through her short, brown hair, the young teacher looked around at the mess with a weary sigh. Leila Jackson had managed to grab an chair that hadn't been chewed on, burned, covered in webs, or pooped on. Quite frankly, it was the only miracle that'd happened since the first tremors had started this little shit show.

Leila had only just managed to save her millions of old, important books full of animal facts and history and important shit that shouldn't be burned with surprising efficiency. She had them piled on her bed at her apartment. Ms. Jackson hadn't left her classroom after that, she's been here for days and has barely gotten a wink of sleep. She was beginning to miss Derek, she'd cancelled all her classes, and if she wasn't calming down Dez or getting the phoenixes to calm down than she was trying to clean the room of cobwebs and get the black cats off her various carpets (honestly, why so many carpets?)

Leila had never worked so hard in all her years. It was really, really tiring.... Really... Leila didn't understand what the fuss was about-but perhaps that was because her magic protected her from all paranormal activity. Which included the tremors. So maybe that was why she literally had no idea what was going on-and none of her students told her anything, most teachers were busy and staff was off doing whatever. Then Derek's been busy and Leila's only company is this chaotic jumble in front of her.

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((sorry, my next posts will probably be shorter XD))

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((sorry, I'm actually going to bed right now. I'm trying to go to bed earlier, now that school's starting. I'll be going to bed at 9 or 9:30 pm central now-just to let you know))

Looking up from where she'd let her head fall wearily into her hands, Leila laughed-it was a high pitch, thin sound, not as merry as it usually was. "They're all moon influenced, or very sensitive to the paranormal!" The Magical Creatures teacher called back, standing up slowly and ducking down to grapple with a small jet black kitten. Gently easing the feline's claws out of the old carpet and setting the cat, instead, on a small table. Weaving through the chaos, Leila's loyal, very small and very odd griffin fluttering on hummingbird wings at her side, the brunette muttered a curse as she walked into a large web. Brushing all that she could off, the shorter woman offered the choir teacher a weak smile. "As you can see, it's a bit of a mess. Perhaps my having live animals in here is the problem-but I honestly can't bring myself to leave these poor babies outside," and that was the problem with Leila. She was too soft and was never harsh enough, she hated to punish students and hated to abandon animals. Which is why she had so many now...

"Dez, don't you dare!" Ms. Jackson snapped, moving around Ms. Munroe and yanking the chimera away from a phoenix egg that would've fallen if she hadn't pulled the beast away.

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((Well, if it's really powerful she may feel it-but she wouldn't be powerless to it. She's fairly strong in being invincible to the paranormal-it may just cause her to relax more, but other than that Leila will be able to tell it's a siren song and that's really it))

Rocking Dez in her arms, the baby chimera had just then seemed to realize the pain its pre-broken leg had been in. And now it was just about shattered completely, which is why the chimera was shrieking all three of its heads off. "There, there," Leila murmured, feeling her own frazzled nerves begin to calm down. "Thank you... Siren song?" The fellow teacher inquired, head tilting just slightly, "Dez, Akihiko, and I are relieved that you could help." Indeed, siren song could be very powerful, even if it were sung by a young or weak siren. So the song would likely keep the animals calm against the tremors for a few days, maybe hours if the tremors got stronger. But still long enough for Leila to get some sleep...

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Leila laughed, waving a hand weakly. "Probably..? But I can't leave the animals," she mumbled, insistent even as she was falling asleep-standing up with, with a chimera in her arms.

If it weren't for Akihiko insisted poking with his long beak, Leila might've fallen asleep standing up like that. But she managed to jerk back awake and stumble back into a slightly burnt chair, rocking the baby chimera as her attention struggled to stay on Munroe. "Mh... It wouldn't work that well, it may take longer if you forced-" yawn, "-me... But I'll... Just take a quick-mh-nap...." Settling back, Dez cuddled comfortably in her arms and Akihiko resting on her shoulder, Leila finally let her mind slip into sleep.

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