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taught by mr. karim

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Mary walks in, glancing around. It was her 4th year here, but she could never get over the look of this classroom. It screamed 'Egyptian' just with the theme colors. Mary had been coming here for awhile now. Well, since the beginning of this semester. She was sort of close to the teacher. Well, she figured he was rather close to her. She made sure to only flirt with him to draw him in. She figured he could be useful later on. He was a teacher, after all. And herself, she was part of defacto. So, she knew for sure he'd come in handy.

So, she flirted with him. Made Mr.Karim believe she was wrapped around his finger. That she'd do anything to be with him. When in fact, she kept her distance. She was using him, and she didn't care.

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She was early. She always was. And as per usual she looked lovely. Mary was the kind of girl Navid always fell for. The kind of girl and ran the back of her hand over his forearm and whispered something sweet in his ear over blaring music up above and two sparkling drinks on the bar below. He'd ask her how her day was and he'd tell her that he liked her hair, they'd spend the night together and he would never see that girl again. Only Mary was a student, and it was technically illegal (even if she was of age), to be with a student. Regardless, Mary was a dangerous girl, and though Navid wasn't your standard idea of smart, he wasn't a dumbass either.

He'd been a bit distracted lately, thinking about the tremor, the political climate, all of the crap he'd been briefed on a few days before. The headmistress seemed frazzled so it had to be a big deal. But if he were being honest... it didn't really impact him as much. Sure he was of moon influence but aside from some general irritability, he was doing alright.

"Hey" he said awkwardly, giving her a half smile.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Mary set her bag down, smiling her usual smile,"Good morning, Mr.Karim. How's your day?" She asks, placing her hands behind her back as she approached him. Mary always knew how to get what she wanted. How to twist people into something she wanted them to be. But, she was usually very sly about it. As she had waited for him to answer, she sat on the edge of his desk, popping a piece of mint bubblegum into her mouth. She was watching him, not only waiting for his answer, but for a reaction as well.

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He couldn't help but watch her for a moment, eyes tracing her movements before he turned on his heel and walked back towards the white board, beginning to write the daily procedures on the board. He was great with history, mostly because he just had to assign chapters and tell cool war stories. He'd been there to experience them, when he'd gone by anubis, when he'd been worshiped and bathed in gold and riches and women and men. It was a lovely time. "... Ya know, the usual. Pretty uh... lit" he said awkwardly. Was that word still relevant?

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Mary lightly laughs. He was still nervous around her. Cute. She smiles,"You know, Mr.Karim. We're alone. You don't have to act so formal all the time." She eyes him over,"..Although, you are cute when you try to act cool.." She softly teases, softly chewing on her bottom lip. She was watching his movements as well. She was a venomous snake. She was the deadliest of them all, waiting for her perfect moment to strike.

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Navid blinked at her tone, her insinuations, the implicit nature of her words set him on edge and he swallowed but he nodded, "I..." he chuckled again, "Right. Yeah. Did you get your homework done last night? Did ... Did I give you guys homework last night?" he asked, thinking to himself and raising a brow.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Mary's eyes scanned over him slowly before she raises an eyebrow,"..You did not. Not from what I recall, anyways.." She smirks,"If I didn't do my homework, would you get me in trouble?" She asks, crossing one leg over the other.

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