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Priscilla (gcrokzzzzz) | 45 comments Does anyone know where the Hunting Ground would be located in today’s world? I thought at first it was somewhere in the UK. Then I thought maybe North America? Now I’m thinking its back in the UK or Eastern Europe.

Tasha I'm pretty sure It was in Europe. I believe they start out in Britain, but then cross a land bridge (that must be there for some reason in the future,) and go into Europe. They go east after that; the other characters go north. So I don't know. Lol.

Trike | 8958 comments It’s hard to tell, really. It feels like a very tiny version of Earth, because Shan Guo seems like a stand-in for China and the story starts off in the North Atlantic. I suppose London could have traveled over the top of the Arctic, but they still have normal day/night cycles.

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John (Taloni) Taloni (johntaloni) | 4272 comments While on average I would say this is not the series to look for logical consistency, I actually think they're on solid ground. Yes, Shan Guo is Asia; there's a reference to the Himalayas.

London is traveling pretty fast, much faster than normal. There's references to the heat of the Gut. It never stops. Let's say it's 100 miles an hour. 2400 miles in a day. 10K miles in four days. At 50 miles an hour, 10K miles in just over a week. The timeline works.

Trike | 8958 comments But they fly from the North Atlantic to Shan Guo super fast, much more quickly than a dirigible can travel. I think we just have to handwave away the notion the airships are going 250+ mph. I don’t recall the exact number, but I think zeppelins can only get to around 100 mph.

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John (Taloni) Taloni (johntaloni) | 4272 comments Yeah, agreed on the handwaving. Or if you like, "pre-apocalypse technology that allowed increased speed of dirigibles." Or...the author didn't care. I liked the book fine, but there are episodes of lazy writing.

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Julie (3x5books) | 110 comments Poking around, it seems to be northern Eurasia. The book indicates that the North Sea east of Britain is the western edge of the GHG.

For me, the question is the timeline. The story opens in the spring, but I can’t remember if it talks about how much time passes.

William | 434 comments I tracked down a very basic world map here I don't think there's any real spoilers, but if you want to be whiter than white, please don't click here:

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Tassie Dave | 3676 comments Mod
Thanks for the map.

I am assuming Africa is part of a later book in the series.

Tassie is connected to Victoria in the future :-?
Makes sense, so our superior Tasmanian Traction cities can overrun and destroy those inferior mainlander cities ;-)

Priscilla (gcrokzzzzz) | 45 comments This map is like “South America who?” Lol. Thanks for the link though! I always find maps super super helpful.

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I was thinking this whole time that the Atlantic had dried up.

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