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Susie | 4488 comments I actually read this in June but didn't get a chance to write my review so I'm adding it here. I picked up Imagine Me Gone after Nicole D reviewed and enjoyed it as it sounded like something I might like, and I wasn't wrong. It is an intimate portrayal of a family's experience with mental illness and how it impacted upon each member. Told from the perspective of the five family members, I thought it was an honest and accurate acocunt of how reflection of what it is like to live with, and live with a person who suffers from, a mental illness. It certainly wasn't sugar coated, but it was real, and I related so much to one of the characters in particular as my brother has had periods of his life where mental illness has plagued him, and I have been his main support. I have also had a lot to do with mental illness through my profession as a social worker, and found Imagine Me Gone to be incredibly authentic. I appreciated the format and writing style and found it to be well paced. At the beginning I did think that it might be a five star read, but I found a few sections to be a bit long and drawn out (although I believe the author was trying to convey how family members felt when dealing with a certain character; he was long and drawn out!) and so ultimately I landed upon four stars.

I listened to the audio which was very well done.

Tracy (tstan) | 1238 comments I liked this one, too.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 8435 comments Nice review Susie. I also have been the main support for actually 2 family members who suffer with a mental illness. I think I would find this book worth a read-thanks for sharing

Nicole D. | 1497 comments Agreed. So glad you appreciated it. You have to look out for My Year of Rest and Relaxation!

Susie | 4488 comments It’s on my list.

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Wow, I didn't know about this book. Great review Susie. I'm going to add the to my TBR. My oldest son is bi-polar so I can relate to how it impacts each family member differently. Even how every family member reacts and copes with the reality.

Susie | 4488 comments I think this would really resonate with you Rachel. It pulls no punches so be prepared for that. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as it is something so close to home for you.

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Susie wrote: "I think this would really resonate with you Rachel. It pulls no punches so be prepared for that. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as it is something so close to home for you."

I got it from the library today actually after reading your review. Its been a difficult year with my son. He is an adult and this makes is far more challenging. Its been harder for my other children as well now that they are adults or entering adulthood and how they deal and interact with him. I plan to start this book over the weekend.

Susie | 4488 comments It must be so heartbreaking for you all Rachel, and challenging for him the most of course. I hope you have some supports who understand so that you have a safe place to vent your feelings. Fingers crossed the book is a worthwhile read for you.

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Jason Oliver | 2105 comments On my TBR

Susie | 4488 comments Rachel, how are you going with this one? Did you end up starting it?

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Susie wrote: "Rachel, how are you going with this one? Did you end up starting it?"

Susie, I'm sorry to say I only got a little into it and quit. I think considering what I'm dealing with right now with my son it hit a little too close to home. I'm in the process of trying to get him to see that getting back on medication is what he needs. The last few months have been a trying time and I think I will try the book again when he is in a better place, which mean me and my other kids are in a better place as well. I didn't have to read long to know this author dealt with mental illness in his family so I looked him up. He most definitely did and it was a sad outcome. This is why I think I will try to get back to it at a later time. Someone who has lived it really does get it and I like that he did this in the form of fiction.

Susie | 4488 comments I’m sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time with your son. I can only imagine what it must be like. Sending you strength and resilience across the ocean.

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Jason Oliver | 2105 comments I'm sorry Rachel of the struggle you are going through. I married into a family with a history of bipolar and it has been eye opening. I wish you the best and I hope everything calms down and finds a balance.

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Susie and Jason, thank you. It is much appreciated. Bipolar is not easy and now that he is an adult it is more difficult. I'm sitting at the counselors office now as he is in session. Medication is the key and so often from what I've read and experienced this is a struggle to get them to see the importance of it. I truly appreciate you thoughts. It means much to me.

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