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Garbage Night
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July 2018: Dystopian > Garbage Night by Jen Lee - 2 stars

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Ellen | 2317 comments Simon the dog, along with his two friends Cliff the racoon and Reynard the deer, spend their days hoping every night will finally be 'garbage night', the night the humans put out their trash and garbage. In what is an unexplained dystopian world, there are no humans in evidence and thus no garbage. The houses and stores have been picked clean of food by roaming animals and these 3 friends are desperate to find something to eat. They meet up with a smooth-talking dog named Barnaby who is on his way to a nearby city. He has heard rumors that there are people and plenty of food available there so Simon, Cliff and Reynard decide to tag along.

I wish there had been some explanation of what happened to the world to cause such desolation and decay. The strong friendship between the 3 animals is very nice and helps to save what to me is a rather depressing and unfulfilling story.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 8425 comments It's too bad there is a void in this story-I love the concept.

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Amy N. | 256 comments This looks interesting. I might give it a try despite the low rating. Hipster animals-- for some reason that tickles my funny bone.

Joni | 625 comments It was an interesting read, but i agree with Ellen, it needed more background information.

Thank you for being my reading buddy, Ellen. July is such a busy month....glad we got it knocked out.

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