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Katie (BooksRUs) (katiesbooksrus) | 131 comments I have a few books that don't show the publishing dates on my shelf, yet when I go into the record itself it shows a publishing date. I've attached the records and the publishing dates for all of them. - Published December 1st 1989 - Published June 2nd 2016 - Published May 8th 2018 - Published May 1st 2018 - Published September 28th 2017 - Published March 15th 2017 - Published September 1st 2016 - Published October 1st 2017 - Published August 29th 2017 - Published April 25 1719 - Published May 13th 1997 - Published June 15th 2017 - Published April 3rd 2018 - Published March 6th 2018 - Published October 24th 2017 - Published June 12th 2018 - Published January 2nd 2018 - Published October 24th 2017

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Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Katie,
please note there are two publication dates on Goodreads.
One is the publication date of the specific edition edition (this is the one you see when you go into the book record) and the second is the book original publication date (this is probably the one you have set up to display on your bookshelf as I can see it is missing from these records). If the original publication date is set up (as it should be), and it is different than the edition publication date you will see
Published [edition pub. date] by [publisher] (first published [original pub. date])
when you go into the book record.

I added original publication date to all listed books.

Katie (BooksRUs) (katiesbooksrus) | 131 comments Ok, sounds good.

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