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Time | 2 comments Here are some examples of the relationships in looking for:
Jaibriol & Tarquine in The Moon's Shadow
Oskar & Eli in Let the Right One In
Eugenides & the Queen of Attolia in The Queen's Thief Series
Vittorio & Ursula in Vittorio the Vampire

I havn't got around to sorting out my bookshelf but I believe these are all books I have read that sort of fit:
The Diabolic (The Diabolic #1)
Curse Workers Series
Certain Dark Things
The Cloud Roads (Books of the Raksura, #1)
Dragon Squeeze (Dragon Point, #2)
Penric and Desdemona

Really I would like add another 100 or so to this list at the very least, they are hard to find though. HELP.

must have:
satisfying love story, HEA/HFN ending

male pov/split pov
morally questionable woman as love interest
naive/idealistic male char
older woman love interest
physically(or magically, politically etc etc) stronger woman

triangle drama
more than 2 pov's
naive/idealistic female love interest
to abusive relationship

Any genre is ok. Basically if anyone is tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, sexy, seductive, dangerous, mean etc I want that to be the girl, not the guy.

¸.•*¨*•Gina *A Bookwyrm in Belgium*•*¨*•.¸ (nyogtha) Does Laini Taylor's 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' series fit your remit?
**Spoiler(ish) plot summary**

Girl discovers she is really a monster and falls for the angel tasked with destroying her?

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Time | 2 comments Not quite sure, I will try the first one and see.

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Mom2boyz | 2 comments I havent read the books you’ve read but....

Debra Dunbar does an imp series, female is a demon, male is an angel, though there is a bit of a love triangle, with a naive male human, it’s different than the standard YA love triangles, and the story isn’t hinged on it.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips also creates some great complex female characters, though I dont know if they or their heroes would quite fit the bill.

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