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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 2 comments Involved a girl with powers and I remember it being sort of darker and the cover being like a dark red or purple and the title had the word raven in it or raven's were a decent part of the storyline

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press Reviews) (stargazer401) | 257 comments Some more details would help: When you saw it, adult/young adult book, what sort of setting, etc.

Maybe one of the Raven Cycle books: The Raven Boys?

Also came to mind: Conspiracy of Ravens

Probably not, but maybe: An Enchantment of Ravens

message 3: by Anni (new)

Anni | 4 comments Maybe Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows??

YOu should deffo check it out though, it's great! :)

Six of Crows

message 4: by Martin (last edited Jul 11, 2018 07:55PM) (new)

Martin | 30 comments Maybe Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz? I haven't read it in years but I remember that the teenagers had powers or something like that.

Raven's Gate

PS. I agree with Anni. Six of Crows is pretty great.

message 5: by Perhapsme (new)

Perhapsme | 13 comments How old is this book? Could it be The Raven Ring ?

The Raven Ring (Lyra, #5) by Patricia C. Wrede

message 6: by Bluesy (new)

Bluesy | 16 comments Maybe
The girl and the Raven

message 7: by Kris (new)

Kris | 36568 comments Mod
Note: Aaron (OP) was last active on the site in July 2018.

message 8: by Michele (new)

Michele | 2425 comments Blue Lily, Lily Blue is part of th htt e Raven Boys series: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1...

message 9: by Kristine (new)

Kristine Alexander | 4 comments year one by Nora Roberts maybe? the cover has a giant raven

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