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settled near the greenhouses, a place where students commonly flock to have lunch or gather with friends to study.

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Tori was having a calm day, she didn't nessicarily feel like going to class, and her room was a mess(again), so she didn't really feel like sleeping in there. So, here she was laying in the gardens resting under the shade of a nearby sycamore tree, as she talked to a monarch butterlfy that had rested on the bridge of her nose. "So, how's your day going? Mine's alright, nothing is happening so I've just been resting." Tori's eyebrows furrowed, and her hazel eyes glistened. "I don't want to be in class, therefore I don't need to be in class."

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Annie was a peculiar one. She was not popular in the slightest, but most of the student body knew of her. Knew of the way she held herself as if something was constantly watching her. How she never seemed to notice any other person but somehow could catch onto the little details of a person's being. How bugs seemed to follow her around. Annie was definitely strange, even for Addermire. Right now she was looking through the various plants for beetles. Her stock had been running low; apparently she'd done too many experiments and left none for self defence purposes. She spotted one and grabbed it. It was a particularly whiny one, something that she didnt quite enjoy. "Shhhh." And the bug fell silent.

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"Don't give me that nonsense! If I don't want to go to class then I don't have to man, thats the 'ting." Her Jamaican accent rung loud and clear throughout the hearthfire gardens which she thought to be empty. Though as she continued to talk she merely got annoyed. "You know what sir, I am not very happy with you, I came here to relax not to be scolded by you as if you were my motha'." And just like that, you could swear that the butterfly gave a small 'hmpf' of anger before leaving. "Yeah, you better leave, I'm trying to enjoy myself." She turned to a nearby millipede before scoffing. "Can you believe him? I'm trying to relax." Though her offence was immediately silenced as she heard the screams of a beetle silenced. They were the type of bugs to be compliant. Jumping off her small ledge, she silently crept like a leaf in the wind until she found another girl about her age in the gardens with her. "Oh, hello?"

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Annie had placed the bug in a small glass container by the time Tori walked up. When she spoke, she stood up quickly- the closest she came to being startled. "Hello," she replied quietly. She looked at her critically, as if she was already studying her every movement and breath. It probably wouldn't be surprising if she pulled out a notebook and started taking notes. "Did you need something?"

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"Uhm, no, it's just did you have something to do with the screams?" As she thought about it, Tori realised that the sentsnce which had just come out of her mouth made her seem insane. That was until she noticed the black bettle resting inside of the jar completely silent, as if it were in a daze. "Let it go." She didn't understand what the reason was behind capturing the beetles and honestly she didn't care. No creature deserved to be captured like that, no matter how much it annoyed her.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Annie fought the urge to laugh in her face and instead gave an amused smile. The girl in front of her was pretty, but she was no different than the other students. The other students couldnt tell her what to do, either. "I'm sorry-" she wasn't, "but who exactly are you?" She already had a list of what this girl could be. Djinn? She didn't seem like that kinda type. Fairy? She didnt have wings. Diwata? That seemed likely. The dryads always seemed to care more about wildlife than they did themselves. That was something Annie never understood- to her, other creatures were tools no different than the plants some witches ground up.

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"I do not seem to understand why that is important? Why are you hurting him? I admit the beetles aren't the beat companions- eh, no offence." She quickly added feeling the glares that darted onto her forehead, "But that's no reason the trap them, yeah? How would you feel trapped in glass knowing something bad was going to haooen to ya?" Her entire being seemed to be begging for the release of the small insect, as if she knew how he felt. "Please?" She asked once more, her eyes becoming a bit softer and kinder, she couldn't understans why anyone would want to treat another being like that, as if it wasn't cappable of feeling anything.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments She pretended to think about it for about 5 seconds. She made a big show of seeming defeated, looking at the bug, looking back at the other girl, sighing loudly.... "No." She placed the bottle in her jacket where it clinked against what sounded like maybe 10 other vials? Not all were filled with bugs, but a good amount definitely were. "There is no rule about taking what is needed, and i intend to do just that."

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As she saw the corked vial being placed back into the inner coat pockets, she couldn't help but let a few tears slip from her eyes. They were going to be killed. She knew it. And the thought of that made her feel sick, "Is there anything I can do to make you think differently? Or anything I can give you in exchange?" Tori would do anything for wild life, in fact whenever she knew an animal felt in harsm way, she give her life to protect it, turning to her instinctual Evergreen, letting her fruit be picked to heal them. Sure it caused her to become drowsy, but it was worth it knowing that they were safe.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments That peaked her interest. The sort of maternal instinct Tori felt for the bugs was utterly astounding, and Annie had to know more. Did her powers reach to the "insects" that were more spirit than animal? Did she hold the same contentment for them? She simply stared at her for a few seconds before taking a single vial with a ladybug out and offering her hand to shake. "My name is Annie. I believe we can make some sort of deal."

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The dryad immediately felt a relief knowing that being in her coat pocket would be okay. "I'm Tori. And I'm glad we can make an arrangement." She reached for the poor ladybug in the vial and looked between the two before releasing it back as it flew away. Though in the few seconds that it had left it returned, sitting in her curls. A smile of glee appeared on her face, like an owner finding their lost dog. "So, Annie, what do you need these poor creatures for?" She asked still eyeing her suspiciously. The longer that Tori stood in one place, she felt the grass brushing against her legs intertwining with her limbs.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments It was like making a deal with the devil. Annie now expected Tori to do something for her as well, and she wouldn't be afraid to cash in that debt soon. "I need them to work my magic," she said simply. "I do not have them, I have nothing." That was a lie. She worked with the spirits, not necessarily the insects themselves.

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That made Tori a bit hesitant, peering at her feeling a bit confused. "What is your magic exactly?" She suddenly felt unsafe, as if her shaking hands with Annie was something that had been a bit more dangerous than expected. Nevertheless, if it kept the animals and insects safe, she would do it. The planet's nature reserves weren't enough to keep them safe, they were being torn down everywhere, she spirit of mother nature was clearly being drained.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments "I can show you, if you want." She searched the bushes once again. Pulling yet another ladybug from the leaves, she smashed it in her fist. Then, when she opened it again, hundreds of aphids poured from the thing's corpse. They were spirits inclined to do her bidding. Annie stood there completely unfazed from this show, and when she snapped her fingers they were all gone. "They do whatever I wish."

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Watching the ladybug die was enough to make a dryad go insane, and enough to make the one in her hair frantically fly away. In that moment, Tori wished she could as well. "I-I.. why would you ever?" She trailed off feeling as though a fraction of her soul had just been crushed itself. "Thats..." Evil? No. That couldn't be it. The power was only evil if the person it was bestowed on was evil, and she had no proof of that yet, no matter how much she wished she did.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Annie was used to much worse than the dryad's horror. She watched her stammer over her words; apparently she couldn't find an ally in her. She should have known that from the beginning, of course, but it still... hurt. As much as she didnt want to admit it, things still hurt her feelings. "They all die eventually, Tori. At least now their death means something."

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"I know, and I cannot merely dislike you because of your power, that would be completely unfair. It's just, wouldn't have the same effect if you just waited until they died?" Tori took a deep breath choosing her next words carefully. "I don't think there is a good or evil, are you good for defending what you love, or evil for destorying what threatens it?" She was mostly talking to herself trying to convey that Annie wasn't evil. "But, they are innocent beings. Though, if you need them to use your power then who am I to deny you that right?"

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments "Youre absolutely correct. You could not stop me no matter how hard you tried. They are innocent, yes, but that is simply the bare minimum. Being innocent does not mean that you are free from bad things. I need their soul; I need them to be alive." She was starting to get defensive and crossed her arms. "I understand that you're a Diw- dryad, but it's simply the circle of life."

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"I-I guess you are right." And that was all she had to say, Tori wasn't going to label Annie good or bad, she had no right to. Yet as she watched the broken shell of the ladybug and it innerbosy spilled out all over her palm, Tori felt sick to her stomach. Insects and animals were her only companions that she allowed herself to become close to over the years. Mostly because just like she had said, they died, yet they were companions that didn't expect anything from her.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Drew strutted slowly through the garden, hands in the pockets of his khaki pants. As he went through, he lightly kicked up dirt just to keep himself entertained for now, as there was really nothing interesting he wanted to do. He was never fond of plants, but wanted a new hobby. He looked at all the different plants as he went through, one in particular catching his eye; one that was a beautiful blend of red, blue, and green. He squatted down to get a closer look.

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A brilliant blue winged butterfly flashed away from view the moment the boy leaned down towards the exotic flower. Joining a swarm of identical butterflies, which smoothed out and wavered into the form of a tall, black-eyed girl. Wearing a simple tank top with skinny jeans, heavy combat boots on her feet.

Most people knew this half-Fey to be Celeste, since she was fairly popular-without being too well known. Peeking over the stranger's shoulder, Celeste cleared her throat, "Hello, I'm Celeste-who're you?"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Shortly before Celeste introduced herself, Drew grabbed a hold of one of the leaves off the elegant flower, beautiful he thought. Then out of nowhere, he heard a woman say her name followed by a startling 'hello'. That scared the crap out of him. He sprung up, accidentally taking the leaf with him. "Oh, hi. My name's... uh-" He looked down at the girl's odd fashion sense, "Drew." He snapped back into reality. "Nice to meet you, you scared me there." He laughed nervously.

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Celeste ran through all of what she could say, first impressions were everything to her.

She settled for a reassured smile that just barely touched her eyes, "Of course, my apologies. Interesting flower, isn't it?" Actually, Celeste couldn't quite tell if the plant Drew had been admiring was a flower or not... It looked colorful-but there were plants that were colorful, so... "I prefer the classic roses, daisies, and dandelions," the half-Fey put on a mock serious frown, "Dandelions are flowers, just like Pluto is a planet. No one can tell me these facts of life aren't true."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Drew didn't know how to react with this woman, she was kinda all over the place. "Yeah, sure is. Nice patterns. It's pretty." Drew really couldn't tell either since he didn't pay much attention in his herbology classes. "I've never really cared much for plants, kinda just came here for fresh air," he shrugged. "But... Pluto... Isn't a... Planet." Drew said reluctantly, trying to not start something with this mysterious girl.

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You sound drunk. Or foolish-both? Celeste got like this, yet-some-people claimed it added on to her friendly charm. For CeCe, it just made her nervous-what if others thought she was crazy? Maybe she was, no-wait, scratch that. She probably was. "Fresh air is nice..." Celeste's eyes flashed with an unspoken challenge, "Oh, really? Tell me more," plopping down, crossing her legs, Celeste patted the pathway's ground with a graceful fingered hand. Relax Celeste, put Drew at ease, don't make a fool of yourself, don't be a dork-or don't talk to yourself...

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments This girl strangely gave Drew flashbacks to Harry Potter. She reminded him of one specific character that he couldn't quite- Luna! The name sprouted into his head. "Well, one thing I can tell you is; it's probably a bad thing to sit down on the ground like that. It's kinda covered in soil and mulch down there. Your pants will get dirty." He offered her a hand. Well, if she even cared of how dirty she'd get anyways.

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Celeste ran through more probabilities, wishing she had a power for seeing the future or something... Mindreading! But, no, mindreading was also bad, so.....

"Oh, no, I'm fine," But are you? "I mean, yeah-thank you." Celeste added hurriedly, grasping Drew's hand firmly and pulling herself up. Dusting off her dark blue skinny jeans before focusing back on Drew, "So, Pluto-it's a planet."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Well Drew was a Djinn, and while it was minor, he still had the ability to read minds. Though, he had near to no control over it. Most of the time, random thoughts from a random person from across a hallway would shoot into his head. "Dwarf," he corrected. "Sorry to get personal, but your contradicting yourself an awful lot up there." He said, pointing to her head. Unluckily for Drew, this one of those times where his powers just said 'screw him.'

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Wiping her palms, though they didn't sweat, they still felt uncomfortably clammy. Celeste's first reaction was to laugh than wince, she opted to just chuckle embarrassedly and glare at the ground as she tried to shove all thoughts away. Look at you, you're a fucking mess... He's obviously a mindreader. He can read your thoughts so isn't he reading them now? Can you just shut the frick up for five- Celeste took a deep breath and plastered on a shaky smile-ten points for looking like a fool, CeCe. "Sorry, I'm half-Fey, what are you? And dwarf planet still has planet in it, so-that's my illogical logic."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments What he could hear only really came in bursts. It was kind of like listening to the radio, but the music cut out at certain points, and resumed at the next part of the song. There were so many questions he wanted to ask; like why it was her mind was at war with her. What her fashion sense was, and... and... we'll get to that later. "I'm a Djinn, or at least trying to be one. That's why I'm at this school, really." He sighed, "No, that's really... not how it works... I think."

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"Oh-that's cool, you don't have to be trapped in a lamp for hundreds of years, right?" And that was the dumbest thing Celeste had ever said. But, now that she was more prepared, the half-Fey was able to mask her emotions, push them down into her gut where they remained there with all Celeste's other forgotten emotions or jitter bugs. "Eh, I'm not all that... Science...-y...."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments "Nah, I don't think so at least. Well- I am still here aren't I?" Drew asked jokingly. "I mean, Pluto's kinda like a frozen rock, am I right? No real point of it being a planet when it's so darn small." Suddenly, it was like that evil voice in her head just kinda went mute. It kinda shocked him.

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"Yeah, so-no to living or being trapped in a lamp for centuries?" Celeste inquired, doing two awkward finger guns in an attempt to.... What, make the other laugh? Or dig her hole slowly deeper than its current 100 feet.

"Mmh," the slight bubble of a thought rose up, but Celeste put a mental gag on it, putting all her focus into thinking about Pluto, balls of ice, and dandelions. She'd learned that, if she ignored the voices, they went away-sort of.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments ((Shoot shucks darn. Sorry, forgot to post.))

Drew laughed awkwardly, "Haha, yeah, none of that. I hope not at least." He looked down at her fingers, slightly confused at exactly she had been doing. Then, for what seemed like eternity, there was a moment of silence. To break the silence, Drew asked, "What brings you here- to the garden?"

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"Fresh air." Celeste said immediately-it was... Sorta true. Kinda... Not really... Yes? CeCe's face held it's radiant smile, despite her murky thoughts-her brain was like that. Quick one moment, slow the next-not to say Celeste is dumb, which she isn't, though her focus is usually on pinning her emotions down. And smiling-damn, her cheeks hurt from smiling, even if it was a small one ((she was always smiling at somebody or something, gotta keep up that friendly demeanor))

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments "Way to take my idea," he teased playfully. At this point, Drew felt as if any conversation they had was going to die out rather quick due to her really odd personality, but he was in no situation to turn down friends. "You alright? Your mouth hurt? You came over here smiling really big- now it's kinda dying down. It's like.. you're forcing it?"

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Celeste felt a small tug of emotion-amusment-yank on the edge of her mind, as though her brain were trying to warn her that "uh oh, an emotion is coming through"

Cece brushed it off, like she did most things. "Oh... Uhm." Rubbing her hands on her jeans-once again dry, but a nervous reaction nonetheless. "It's... Fine."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Drew looked around the garden, trying to not be as awkward as possible. He then looked down at her legs and... odd boots, swaying back and forth. He sucked his lips together, letting out a light sigh. "So, what kind of stuff are you into?"

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"Well-I'm currently in a love hate relationship with Ramen noodles..." Tapping her chin, Celeste thought for a moment, "I like cats, cooking TV dinners, and any color except bright pink." Shifting her feet, self conscious, Cece grinned, "You?"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments He laughed, "I'd say I'm in a total love relationship for noodles." He looked down for a moment, trying to think of what he was into without sounding like a total d-bag. "I've always liked surfing. I go to the common parties that Brigmore throws- What house are you in?" He asked, tilting his head.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments .

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((sorry-so sorry :P ))

"Yeah, I just like Ramen one moment-then I can't stand it." Celeste shook her head, smiling-not enough to reveal teeth, more of a gentle, serene curve of the lips. "Brigmore parties... Those are the best-and the loudest-but always fun. I'm in Saffron, it's... Nice." Truth be told, Cece didn't have many close friends in Saffron-didn't even have a roommate...

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Yeah, Drew was kind of in the same boat with her. He'd been trying to make friends, but kinda just stopped caring... which is really odd of him. "Yeah, I've been considering throwing one myself. But, ya know, the damage and the cleaning- too much." He cocked his head slightly, "That's cool, I know a couple people in Saffron."

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Celeste laughed, she hadn't considered that. She just wasn't comfortable around lots of people-it riled her up, which would just cause her to, by accident, rile everyone else up. All part of not being able to control her own gosh-darn powers. "Oh, really?"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments He smiled, knowing that he had to get this girl to an actual party, and have some actual fun for a change. "Well, 'know' is a strong word; they were just freshman asking me for directions around this campus- it's huge." He nodded, taking a look around the garden. "What about you? Want to actually go to a Brigmore party sometime? Have some real fun?"

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Celeste puffed her cheeks out, considering. She liked this boy, he was sweet. Then she had to say the most idiotic, dumb response that popped in her head, "I'm gay."

Alright, so, Cece had been hit on by a few guys before-before even realizing it. So she found that it was better to get the "I like girls" conversation over with before seeing if they could still be friends. Most boys didn't want to be-others did-it depended on the person.

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