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Finally out of class, Tori immediately tested the wind to see where it was facing before grabbing her own satchel and heading for Syracuse ready to adventure wherever the air instructed her. As she set out on the pavement, she dashed throughout the crowds, grabbing things from different shops and placing the money on their little carts. She thanked the vendors, continued to chase the the direction of the leaves until she ended up on the rooftops. Everytime she was up here she fell in love with the city over and over again, comepletely infatuated with the way the colors grasped her attention everyday. Either from her dorm room or the tile roofs she now stood upon.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene had wanted to get away. He had no classes, and the room he slept in was currently preoccupied with his player of a roomate and whatever fling they had. So to the city he went. He was currently on one of the many tile roofs, munching on some lunch he bought ina brown paper sack and reading a book, as Rene usually did. His hair was a little disheveled and he was in his oen little world, studying all the runic symbols, not even noticing another person arrving on the rooftops besides himself and the birds.

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Just as Tori was about to depart the other way, she felt a strong shift in the beeze, as if it had wanted her to meet someone. And that it did. Tori fulky believed that everything had a soul, wether it be the powerful and almighty wind that moved the leaves in the sky, or a small blade of grass that sprung from the ground. "Rene!" She exclaimed, clearly recongnizing the mess of brown curls anywhere. As she leaped across the rooftops, light as a cherry blossom, she landed right next to him and peered into his book. What are you reading? she signed trying to get his attention.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments When the familar grin and mess of her own hair of his friend Tori appeared, Rene shook a little in surprise, not realzing that was who it was. When the shock passed over him and the boy readjudted his glasses, a small smile crept along his face. This girl was the only one to ever make his grin and just her appearance cause it to happen. With a little wave, he began to sign back, setting the book down to do so then picking it up once he finished. A book on magic symbols. Its very good, see? He tilted it so that Tori could look at the oage he was on and watched her. She was very chill but also really excitable. It was so strange and Rene loved it.

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Tori was able to understand cued speech a great deal, she earnestly tried her best to study all types of sign language, but she hadn't been practicing it like Rene had, which was practically all of his life. Though from his signing she could infer that he was talking about his book of symbols. What are they based off of? she inquired, trying to get a better look of it. I still don't understand it? Is it Greek, Roman, Norse? While she definitely was interested, it baffled her, where did they even come from?

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Roman. Book says they were used to talk to gods. It is hard to read, but nice. He knew that most others struggled to understand, so when he did sign, the boy went slow so others could catch on. He patted a spot next to himself and sat the book in his lap so the both of them could look at it. Why are you out here? Dont you have more classes? Rene was curious, the girl hardly seemed to go to class, yet she had good enough grades to stay in the institute. His hazel eyes flickered up to her, that small smile still there.

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As she took a seat next to him, she investigated the cover and the words closely, as if taking a closer look would help her to understand the Latin any better. While being able to communicate with a lot of people from all over, she could not read, write, or comprehend dead languages as well as she'd like. Well... yes. I do have class, but I can always get notes from my classmates, as long as I get grades on my assignments then my attendance shouldn't matter should it? It was true, Tori didn't learn by sitting inside a classroom, she learnes from experiences, but the closest thing she had to that were other students notes. So she took what she could get. And, don't you have class too? We're in the same year Rene. As she signed a smug smirk appeared on her face as she quirked an eyebrow.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments No, well I do, but I am far ahead in class and teachers said I could take day off. Hey, there are perks to being a child prodigy turned genuis teenager. He returned the smirk before letting it fade back into the small smile he had once before and reading his book. His whole body felt really good when it was in the sun. He was almost like a lizard in that sense, he could stretch out and soak it all up. What the boy or anyone knew was he was a lizard of sorts, but that is for later on the line. For now, Rene ejoyed the time he had with Tori. Fair enough, just don't forget to do your homework. He then gave her a small nudge in the rib with his elbow, a teasing gesture and his eyes flickered back up to her face again.

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Feeling the sun on her fair skin made her freckles pop up like spots of chocolate on her cheekbones. Her hazel eyes glowed as though they were pure gold, though as she continued to look around they shifted so it looked as though emerald green had been painted on as well. At the moment everything was utterly perfect, the wind was blowing at just the right speed making both of their curls sway gently in the wind, and her carmel like skin to glow like a bronze. As she turned to look back at Rene she felt at peace with just them, sitting contenedly on the rooftops. He looked so happy, she felt as though she had done her job. Though as he batted his eyelashes and nudged her, Tori wanted nothing more than to just hug him and feel safe. I can't make any promises.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene actually loved all of Tori's freckles. It was his favorite part of her surpsingly, though it was for a silly reason to him. He wanted to count them all. But everytime he started in his mind she would say something that would make him look away or she would move and he would lose track. It was a fun little riddle that he would solve one of these days. The sun was slowly making its way towards the early afternoon time and Rene tugged at his shirt a little. It was a little too small for him and he knew it, but he loved the simple blue t-shirt, and its simple picture of a tree on it. He also wore blue jeans and sneakers, just enough to were he was covered but so he was comfortable. As he read in the comfortable silence, eithout realizing it, his head slowly leaned down and settled on Tori's shoulder. He didnt even think of what he was doing, his mind back into the book and oblivious of everything else.

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Feeling Rene's head rest on her shoulds was surprisingly comforting, the two had known each other for a long time. Since both had arrived here as first years actually, and she had found him just as he was now. Reading a book on the rooftops on Syracuse. Them and the silence was Tori's perfect afternoon, besides her going rock climbing anyways, this still tied to that. Tori explored to regain the memories of people she loved, and people she had loved. People who had loved her, and those who she had just had fun with to pass the time, every place was like a memory of then regained, yet when she found somone who she truly enjoyed, traveling seemed completely unnecessary." Then it hit her, as she sat there with Rene she felt completely at rest, something she hadn't felt since her father and mother when she had left them behind years ago. She did a little more than just like Rene. And the thought of that terrified her.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Soon Rene finished the book, and closed it gently as to not hurt the old pages and that was when he realized he was on Tori and his head quickly shot up, his cheeks starting to turn red and he quickly signed. I am sorry, I didnt know I was even on you.. He gulped and then began to try and get himself to calm down. He scootched judt a bit away, feeling like they were nearly atop of one another. He would never say his feelings about the dryad, that he had a crush on her since she they had first met, and it only got worse the more they were together. How he loved her smile and the way she was so full of life, nothing compared to himself. He was a quiet book nerd who didnt do much and yet she still hung out with him a lot, it confused him but at the same time, made him feel like a million bucks, knowing someone at least enjoyed his company.

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Don't worry about it. It's fine. Her signing -she knew- was a bit sharper than usual. She was surprised, irrutated, and confused all at the same time. She promised herself that she would never let another capture her heart, not even platonically, it kept her trapped her somewhere, she wasn't supposed to to do that. Tori told herself that she couldn't affor to put roots down anywhere, she had made an exception for Rene seeing as the two got along so well. In fact, Tori didn't know what she would've done without Rene there to balance her out. Though even as she saw his face completely beet red, she felt her heartstrings being violently tugged at, and she knew that she had to go. She had to seperate herself from Rene, make herself not want him. Hey, I have to go. I have Herbology the only class which Tori actively participated in.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments But.. Then Rene did something incredibly stupid in his brain, not wanting to ruin what just haooened amd seeing her hands move in just a way that made him feel awful, the boy decieded to speak. It came out bad, deaf toned and maybe even a little slurry. " sorry." He then quickly shut up again and started to stand up, that smile was gone but that was just because he couldnt handle making Tori feel bad, at all. Rene had no idea what he even did but it made her want to leave to a class that wasnt for an hour. So he would at least walk with her and that is exactly what he said. Let me take you there then, I need to drop book of at library then I am going back to room. The smile returned ,though much more faintly and the red disappeared from his face.

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Immediately Tori felt like the most awful human being in the world. She had made him speak, and he hated to speak. Yet, it wasn't only that, it was the fact she had done something to make him apologize. That was enough to bring her to tears. With water threatening to fall from her eyes, Tori quickly turned on her heels and faced him before storming back over to him and embracing him in a hug. She let her head rest on his favorite blue t-shirt feeling absolutely ashamed that she was staining it. Tori felt as though she had no right to cry, no after what she had just made him do, he didn't want her to be angry at him, and he apologized even though it wasn't even his fault. Pulling away, she quickly signed back trying to make him understand that he wasn't in the wrong. No, no no no no! You didn't do anything. I promise. Lets just go return your book. Okay?

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Rene was shocked, didnt know what was happening, exceot he had just made his best friend cry. "" he paused for a moment to get word right as he embraced her on the rooftop, rubbing circles into her back. "..wr-ah-ng?" He looked up at her, axtually being a tad shorter than her and so he held to let her cry it out. The poor boy was just so confused and a little flustered by Tori and when she oulled away, he beamed a large grin at her, trying to let her know it was okay without having to sign but did anyway. okay, Tori, but you need to say what is on mind. Bad to keep it in head, like I do.

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As he continued to talk the dryad merely smiled at him before interloping their pinkie fingers. Nothing. I promise I'm good. she sigjed hoping that he would stop. If he contiued, Tori didn't know what she would do. As she pulled away, Toru felt quite pleased with herself, she had made him smile again, even if she was oblivious to what it meant. I promise, everything is fine.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Okay, I will believe you. But if you do wanna talk...well sign, I will be here. With Tori giving him a pinky promise, Rene felt decent dor now and began to climb his way off of the rooftops to the streets below and walked beside his friend and signed, not paying attention at all. My boom was really good, I hope they get a new shipment in soon of books. I think I have read every book in there. The big, broad grin went back to hus normal smile wjen he was around the dryad and continued to wall, still very confused about what just happened up there, and it showed a little in his face as he was wrinkling his nose. A telltale sign that he was trying to think.

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after my post do you want to end it then we can rp them later maybe Toru was low-key avoidinf him??

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Tori could never let Rene find out the truth, especially with their friendship on the line. She didn't want anything to happen anytime soon, this thing between them was fine just the way it was. Nothing more. And maybe just a little less would be okay. I'm glad, though maybe try and go to the town's library, I'm sure it's not possible you've read every single book in Syracuse and the two went on talk until the reached the school, going their different ways.

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sure just know im like about to fall asleep so if my answers arent consistant... there you go

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Angus couldn't sleep. The void-caused nightmares were back in full force, and after several attempts to go back to sleep without Oliver in the room, he'd given up and climbed out the window, heading to Syracuse in dragon form. And so he had ended up on the rooftops, sitting and watching the stars. He knew he'd get in trouble if he was caught, but he felt better already just being out here. His thoughts earlier, about finding Chaos and seeing if he had any answers for Angus, rose into his mind, and he sighed and shook his head. "Shut up brain, let me enjoy the peace," he mumbled.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias flew through the dark skies, his form shifting from a falcon to a dark Raven as he gazed down on the lit up city below. Something drew him here. He knew he was looking for someone. Almost as if that thought on his mind summoned said person, he zeroed in on Angus. One of the void. One who needed some... correct pressure applied in the correct places. Landing behind him, Chaos shifted, allowing himself to take a different form than his original. He would begin this talk simply, seeing how this boy responded to his advances if he pushed in a few different ways. Blue and brown eyes flickered around for a moment, taking in the view for a second before he spoke,”Aren’t you supposed to be at the institute? A student out in Syracruse at night?” His voice rang out, leaning on the edge of the roof behind himself and finally looking directly at the boy before him, a nearly bored look on his expression as he awaited a response.

His current form;

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Angus spun around, nearly losing his balance. "Who are you?" he asked, staring at the man behind him. "What are you? How do you know that I'm a student?" The man was... strange. His presence felt like an oil slick, jarring and wrong. Angus shivered. Was this the primordial behind the tremor? Chaos, he thought. If it is, I can see why Oliver told me not to trust him. His skin itched painfully, and he winced, raising a hand to his face. Scales scattered across his skin, glittering in the little light provided by the sky. It was rare for acne to appear like this — often he woke with scales on his forehead and cheeks, but it had never happened while he was awake. "... Why is it any of your business anyway?" he added, tone hostile.

The moment he realised that he'd spoken in front of a stranger without any difficulty, Angus felt his throat close up, and his shoulders slumped. There he was thinking he'd made progress, when in fact he'd just been distracted enough not to realise.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Mmm I think you are my business. Or at least, part of it.” The man before Angus purred, his eyes flickering over the scales that were on Angus’ face as he stepped towards him. Instead of approaching and getting right in his face though, Tobias’ turned when he was a few feet away from him, leaning on the edge of the roof and instead gazing at the city around them. A cool night breeze brushed agaisnt his face and he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He hadn’t been out of the forgotten vale before by himself. Even at night. Slowly, he opened his eyes again, not even sparing Angus a glance,”Always so hostile. But perhaps that isn’t your fault, everyone you’ve ever known has been hostile towards you, am I correct?” He asked blankly, running a hand through the blonde hair that framed his face, once more closing his eyes to relish in the cool breeze that once more drifted past them.

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Angus tilted his head and heaved a sigh of annoyance. There was still a tightness in his throat, but it was easier to breathe – the man felt familiar, possibly because his avoidance of the question was very similar to what Oliver always did. "You're one of those–" he waved a hand vaguely "– annoying people who never give anyone straight answers, aren't you. You only answered one of the questions," he mumbled. His head ached, and he felt a handful more scales appear on his cheeks. "People aren't hostile, I'm just not good at talking." He ducked his head and stared at the tiles of the rooftop.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “People aren’t hostile? Mmm I’m impressed. Especially with what’s going on, I’ve heard things are rather... falling apart, and hostility towards those under the moon and within the void run high.” He admitted, glancing at him and then turning so he could lean against the railing, tsking faintly. “As for your first question, I think you do know who I am. You were seeking someone like me weren’t you?” He purred, blue and brown eyes flickering to him once more, but this time remaining on him expectantly.

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Angus snorted, anxiety forgotten in lieu of annoyance. "The older years might be falling apart, but my year's doing fine for the most part. Fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds have better ways to discriminate than our birth." I'm shade, not moon, he was tempted to add, but he refrained. It wouldn't do anything for anyone, and something about this man seemed untrustworthy. Angus' eyes widened at the man's next words, and he stepped backwards in fear. "You– you're the one who caused the tremor..." he managed to get out, before he lost his voice to the anxiety rising in his chest. He hadn't realised what Chaos was like, and now he understood why Oliver had told him to stay at school. A manipulator, a clever liar — someone untrustworthy, someone who would say whatever it took to get what he wanted.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Once recognition dawned in Angus’ eyes Tobias threw his head back and laughed, his throaty chuckles themselves seeming to make the ground beneath them quiver in fear. He rolled his shoulders, popping out the kinks in his neck as he finally quieted down. His eyes turned on him again, the blue and brown contrast sharp, even seeming to glow in the moonlight, or maybe the moonlight was glowing in them? A small sly smirk graced his lips and Tobias winked faintly,”Oh my, are you all really that cowardly? I understand. They only teach how to be submissive and to keep your head down at that dreadful school of yours.” He hummed, remaining agaisnt the railing, his posture still as if he could be bored with all of this,”But do tell me Angus, something besides just my heavenly presence seems to be bothering you.” He suddenly told him bluntly, once more stoic and rather arrogant as he eyed him up and down judgmentally

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Angus shook his head furiously, backing away again. More scales were appearing, down his back and arms now, and he knew it was only a matter of time before his anxious-shifting got out of control. I just want answers, he signed, not entirely sure if the primordial knew sign language. Angus had learned it as a child, so that he could communicate if absolutely necessary when his voice refused to work, but he hadn't used it in years.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias knew sign language, or at least how to read it. But he didn’t want to allow Angus to stay in his comfort zone, rather, he wanted to see the side the boy kept hidden from the world. And judging by the scales appearing, he was getting close. “Did you say something? You’ll have to speak up, I don’t understand.” He lied, allowing him to back away further. Perhaps this one would do well in the defacto, he’d certainly get along with the other ‘misfits’ as he liked to call them.

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Angus slumped. He didn't understand. Of course he didn't — people like him were used to getting their way, and they saw no need to make life easier for those who couldn't participate in their conversations. Tears of frustration gathered in his eyes, threatening to fall, and he closed his eyes. Breathe, he thought. Tell the anxiety to bugger off. Remember what the psychologist told you. Angus waited until he felt less like he was choking, then spoke, eyes still closed — he didn't trust his voice not to go again the moment he laid eyes on Chaos. "I just want answers," he mumbled, trying not to let his emotions overwhelm him. "If you're going to be a jerk, go away."

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Be a jerk? Quite on the contrary, I want to help you.” Tobias’ voice rang out after a moment of silence. This boy had little to no confidence. This boy who had amazing skills that could be used in a variety of helpful ways. “And I know people who would understand you, perhaps not as well as I can. But they are all just like you. But you have to tell me, what exactly is it you want? What questions do you do desperately need answers for that you go seeking for the one primidoral who could get you in a heap of trouble?” He inquired smoothly, licking his lips as he once more turned his gaze to the student in front of him.

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Angus huffed. "Just like me? Are they fourteen, are they dragons, do they have two different sources of nightmares which both end up with them not getting any sleep for the rest of the night? Was their childhood so bad that they go mute when their anxiety gets the better of them?" He shook his head, opening his eyes. "I had some stupid idea that you'd be different, but clearly I was wrong." His back ached painfully and he stumbled, head spinning. No, not the wings... he thought, trying desperately to make his body obey him. Another sharp pain and he dropped to his knees, breathing heavily as he struggled to stop his wings from emerging. As much as he wanted to run away from this, anxious-shifting was painful and hard to reverse, so he would prefer to minimise how far it went.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “You thought I’d be different? Different by what standards” Tobias suddenly snapped, his cool manner abruptly gone. Who was this little boy to question him and disrespect him like that? Watching him fall to his knees Tobias let out a snarl, shaking his head,”All I have done is offer you a place in my ranks, a place where perhaps you would find yourself among those who can relate. Maybe not directly, as you seem to believe, but at least a little.” He hissed, stepping up to him and reaching down, grasping his chin and forcing him to look up, studying his face. “It seems as though my idea of you was wrong too. I thought you’d be different” he paused, before releasing his face as if he was disappointed,”But no, you’re just like the rest, too caught in themselves and their own self-pity to make something of their short little lives.” He snickered, turning away and beginning to head back to the railing, seeming prepared to leave.

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Angus shook his head. "You didn't. You asked me questions. You're just like everyone else, incapable of giving a straight answer when you could beat around the bush instead. I'm tired of riddles and nonsense answers and answers that only create more questions. But everyone's got to be like a bloody set of terms and conditions — can't tell anyone anything plainly, got to say it in a way nobody else can understand." He slumped, head resting lightly on the cool tiles. Anger flooded through him — frustration at not being understood, fear, anger at Chaos' accusation — and he felt his body change.

The blue dragon leapt forward, pushing the man to the ground. He knew it was a bad idea — the man was a primordial, he could easily kill him — but Angus was not going to be so easily defeated. Not for the first time, he was grateful for Ms Kane's lessons, his wings pushing him so that he remained on top of Chaos rather than being pushed forwards and colliding with the railing.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias sensed rather than heard him coming, a smirk sliding into his expression as he was slammed forward. He twisted to fall into his back, allowing the dragon to pin him and tower above him. He gazed at him, seeming completely unconcerned about how a literal dragon had him pinned to a roof in the darkness of night in a town he barely knew because of his imprisonment,”You want straight answers? I’ll give them to you. You’re a child of the shade, with affections to the moon, you posses a power and a past that haunt you rather than make you feel strong. But I think you really want an answer to this, what can, or should you do with yourself?” He murmured, his voice like a silk as the roof below them seemed to crack and split a bit, rocks seeming to grow out of it and curl with an eerie liquid essence around Angus legs,”Now how about you answer a question for me Angus, what are you going to do? Continue to mope? Continue to question your existence until you don’t even have that to worry about?” He demanded, eyes piercing as he stared without fear into the eyes of the beast above him.

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That's not a straight answer, Angus thought, but his dragon form was incapable of speech — so he opted for snarling at the man instead. What should I do with myself? Finish school, that's what. Then fly away to the mountains and never talk to anyone again. There was a quieter thought behind that, suggesting another way out, but Angus knew better than to listen. Its suggestions were stupid, and impractical, and while it might be a problem for a mundane... well, people had tried to kill Angus before. Dragon magic might be unpredictable and impossible to control, but it knew what to do when its possessor was in danger. He shoved Chaos forwards, pushing him against the edge of the roof, but didn't follow it up by pinning him down again. It wouldn't do any good — he wasn't scary, and in dragon form he was barely the size of a large car: nowhere near heavy enough to have much effect.

He focused for a few seconds, but Thanatos didn't appear. He supposed the spirit had decided not to show up with a primordial around — understandable, Angus wouldn't either. But he needed support (although given the events of the last time he'd called him, he might not get any anyway).

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias did hiss a bit in pain as he was shoved agaisnt the edge of the roof, his back scraping the hard surface. When he wasn’t immediately pinned again he sat up, sighing in annoyance as he brushed himself off, remaining calm. “If you’d just own up to who you truly are, then things would be easier.” He told him with a softer tone this time, seeing as his harshness didn’t seem to be getting through his head. He leaned agaisnt the railing behind him, glancing up at the moon as if he were thinking about something else in his mind.

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Angus snarled again, then turned his back on the primordial, his tail flicking at Chaos' face. I'm fourteen, why should I worry about who I truly am? He projected his thoughts as best he could, though he wasn't sure if the other would hear — Angus had never been good at it, and he often used his dragon form to avoid having to talk to people. Wings spread, he was on the verge of simply jumping off the edge of the building and returning to school — but part of him was curious to see what Chaos would try next.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias sighed as he leaned away from the tail flicking at his face. He enjoyed annoying this one, but he knew that the boy would also be a fairly good asset to his own cause. He stood and brushed himself off again, gazing at him as he just said bluntly,”Defacto. Join it.” Before he went back to flicking off pieces of dust. He didn’t beg, he didn’t negotiate. He demanded and took. And this time was no different from the rest. If the kid didn’t join today, he knew the thought would burn into the kids’ mind, and if nothing else, he’d join in time, or die with the rest.

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Angus turned his head and blew a small burst of fire at him, the dragon equivalent of sticking out his tongue, then took off, returning to Addermire. Join your murder gang? I think not, annoying pseudo-philosophical weirdo. He had no interest in murdering innocent people, and he didn't particularly want to murder the non-innocent ones either — someone else could do that, if they had to die at all. Now he just had to make sure that Oliver didn't find out what he'd been doing.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments ((Okeee May I take Chaos away now?))

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Zayden sits on one of the roofs, leaning back against a chimney. It wasn't hard for a Banshee to get up here. Or anyone, really, since there was a ladder on the back of the building. Odd thing. Why would a ladder lead up to a roof? Though, Zayden didn't care. When he wasn't in the forest or in his dorm reading, he was up here. Doing what, you might ask? Reading. Of course. He softly bite his lip as he read one of his many romantic novels. Over a thousand pages. A thousand and 200 pages of angst, jealousy, and most importantly--love. Not everyone was into this genre, but Zayden enjoyed it.

It wasn't often Zayden read his books out in public, other than in class sometimes, but, he figured he was alone, and it was getting more interesting--at just 800 pages in-- that he couldn't help it. love. What a thrilling but fearful thought. He wondered if it happened just like the movies, or more importantly, the books. He wondered if everyone felt like the characters in this book did when in love. He's read many books, but no matter the love story, whether it be between man and women, two women, or two men, the characters all seemed to feel the same when in love. That was the best part.

Zayden was lost in this endless tale. Too much, in fact, that he didn't realize how the sky was beginning to grow dark. Well, it was around 4 pm now, but that was still much later than Zayden usually stayed out till. He didn't really enjoy being outdoors. Too many people. But up here, he was away from it all.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Now Nym had begun to make his way up the ladder for a very different reason. The Firbolg was distractible, to say the least, especially when it came to the flora and fauna of Syracuse. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before, even back home. Back home. The seemingly endless rainforest was something he missed more than anything. In cities the ground was so hard and there was so little green; how could anyone stand it? Still, he had managed to find a little patch of paradise on the side of a large building. It was definitely moss, yet it had tiny purple flowers sprouting in the green. It was absolutely enchanting. He had to find out if there was any more, and if there was if he could respectfully take some for his plant filled dorm.

That's what lead him up to the rooftops. He was nearly too interesting in this utterly fascinating moss to see the familiar blonde boy in front of him. Zayden didnt seem to like him very much, and Nym had absolutely no clue why. Back at home you simply told someone if they had done something to offend you. This world held a series of complicated social dynamics that he had no clue how to begin to navigate. Keeping himself from yelping in surprise, Nym made himself invisible as a knee jerk reaction. No, that wouldnt do. Making himself visible again, he wondered if he should climb down again. Yes, that seemed to be the best course of action. I mean, even when magically disguised as a normal ish person he was tall. It would only be a matter of time before he turned around and saw him. So he tried to climb down as quietly as possible. He probably would have gotten away easily if it weren't for nearly falling. He really was a clumsy one, wasnt he?

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Zayden had jumped at the sound of someone falling, quickly closing his book and held it closely in his arms. He stared wide eyed at the figure before him, before his eyes had adjusted to see who it was, then his stare turned into a hardened glare. Normally, someone would ask someone once they fell if they were ok. But, Zayden wasn't used to such formalities. Nor did he like this person enough to care.

"How long have you been standing there?" He questions, narrowing his eyes. He had been so lost in his book that he wondered if this familiar face had been watching him for some time. If so, he wondered if he caught onto what book he was reading. As he waits for an answer, he quickly pulls his bag up and stuffs the book in it, never once taking his eyes off of Nym. He didn't like him. He didn't trust him. Though, he didn't like or trust anyone, really, so this shouldn't of came as a surprise. But, he especially didn't like Nym. He wasn't sure why. He didn't know himself, he just didn't.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments When Nym opened his mouth to defend himself, all that came out was a language that sounded like water rushing through a tranquil forest. It was exotic, beautiful, nothing like anyone in the city but Nym had ever heard. That wasnt important, though. He closed his mouth once more and forced himself to slow down. He knew English. He had been speaking English every day for over a year now, and had been speaking it regularly for the 6 years before that. You have to give the boy a break, though, it's hard to speak clearly when you just smashed your chin on a ladder rung.

"For approximately 3 seconds. I was making my way down when the second I saw you and nearly fell off," he replied in a soft tone. For his size, the dude sure was quiet. Youd expect him to have a deep booming voice, yet he was the sort of man even Bambi wouldn't run away from. The taste of his own blood was harsh in his mouth, and he wiped it on his sleeve. Dark green smeared over his white sleeve. Huh, he was bleeding worse than he thought. He had probably accidentally split his lip with his teeth. Holding his sleeve to his lip, he silently wished to perhaps be struck down by some merciful god. This was a hell scenario.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Zayden narrows his eyes,"The hell was that?!" He waited until he spoke english before he huffs,"Learn to speak up for once." He snaps, though, his body began to tense. Was that.. Blood? He could smell it clearly. He himself wasn't attracted to the scent of blood, but he knew others were. He stood up quickly,"God damn! Can you not be careful for once you giant lug?! We're not in a human infested world, one whiff of your blood, and creatures here are sure to go crazy!"

He had glanced around before he huffed, walking up and grabs Nym's arm and tries pulling him up,"Get up here moron, you can't go anywhere now until you're healed or a soft idiot like you will be torn to shreds." He growls lowly. He was much shorter than Nym, standing about 5'4 in height, and weighed around 120 lbs. He was short and small, yet had an attitude and the mouth of someone who could easily take a large person down. Though, never before had he ever actually took violent action, despite his words and harsh personality.

Despite how his words sounded, this was actually Zayden's way of caring. He was like this towards anyone who was hurt. He didn't want them to leave his sight. Though, don't think too far into it. Zayden still couldn't stand Nym, he just knew he didn't want him dead yet. At least, not by anyone's hands but his own. Not that he'd ever take action on this.

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