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message 1: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Russell (littlemissbooknerd26) | 1 comments I am new to this group, and this whole area of goodreads itself. After having it for a year I just found out you can join a group, so I joined this one because I love the freedom of it. If somebody can please give me an explanation just so I can get the gist of things I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading this and if so, helping me! I look forward to being a part of his group.

message 2: by Zehra (new)

Zehra | 1 comments I am new here to, just joined it now. But don’t t know how to get around with it.

message 3: by sleeplesspages (new)

sleeplesspages | 5 comments Hört Hört! I’m new too. Would love to get the know-how and just meet some bookish people 😬

message 4: by Jennytenney (new)

Jennytenney  | 1 comments Hey, I’m kinda new to this whole group thing. (Even though I’ve been on Goodreads for like a year) If anyone want to talk about books, especially Shadowhunters! I’m here!

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