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Michael | 5 comments Sondra's mother was worried when animals were mysteriously attracted to her little girl. She decided to take Sondra to a Taoist monk for answers. "Hello Little Nagula," he proclaimed, "we have been waiting for you." Sondra was a nagula - a spirit of nature, a defender of the natural world. Sondra's family moved to the high mountains of Taiwan to train with a nagula master. Master Soong trained Sondra and helped her develop her nagula powers. One day, while sitting at a mountain stream, Sondra met Pelea, a blue magpie who had lost her family to poachers. Sondra uses her powers of shape shifting and her ability to speak to animals to gather and lead an army of monkeys and magpies against the notorious Chang's and their work crew in order to release Pelea's brothers from their captivity.

I'm looking for constructive critiques.

If you like the first two chapters I will send the whole book.

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Solace Nightshade (solcacenightshade) | 16 comments I would be interest in bata reading for you! You can email me at!

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