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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri sat in the back corner of the tavern, looking quite smug but feeling ecstatic. He had actually done it, without the useless king and queen, or the guards catching him. After that, it had been easy enough to hand it to a another white fang messenger and that was that. In the disguise of the shadows in the corner he was sitting in, he grinned to himself. Swallowing the rest of his drink in a gulp, he looked around for any of those infernal guards, but seeing none, he walked up to the bar to order another drink.

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Adeline | 133 comments Hayes stormed into the tavern, brushing stray snowflakes from her long black hair. She eyed everyone, looking for someone who might be in league with the White Fang, but couldn't find anyone. They were all very good at hiding it anyway. Only the stupid or brave said anything about being a part of the group. She sighed and sat at the bar, sad that she wouldn't be torturing anyone for information that night, and signaled the bartender. "Cold whiskey, please."

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dashofmagic | 69 comments A girl stormed in and sat down at the bar two seats away from him. She had a very threatening presence, but he had no proof she could do any real damage, but just in case he would be careful. He resumed his conversation with the bartender about Blackridge, his hometown, after he got the girl her drink. Although Theri was purposely facing away from her, he was also keeping an eye on her out of the corner of his eye, because who knows who she was.

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Adeline | 133 comments She continued to look at everyone out of the corner of her eye, hoping to find at least one person, and slowly sipped the whiskey. A boy sat at the bar two seats down from her, and she felt like he was watching her. Either he was just being creepy like everyone else, or he was trying to decide if she was a threat. She smiled sweetly at him and said, "Hello."

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dashofmagic | 69 comments This is exactly what he wanted to avoid. Too late though, he'd just have to go with it. Keeping his face nonchalant, he turned his head to face her and turned up the corners of his mouth, but it wasn't a smile. "Hey" he said in a reletively quiet voice. Unlike most people, she seemed to have no fear at all, which was a strange quality around here.

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Adeline | 133 comments "So, you're from Blackridge, yes? What are you doing here in Wintervale?" Hayes asked, keeping up the cheery attitude. He didn't seem to have any weapons on him, but she did a quick sweep anyway. Multiple daggers were hidden from what she could tell, and there could be more in his shoes. She sighed inwardly. Why did everyone have weapons on them these days? It made her job so much harder.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "What's it to you?" he scoffed, raising an eyebrow and turning slightly to face her a little more. His right hand was closest to any of his knives, but he wasn't going to use them if he didn't have to. He could probably lie his way out of this, unless she had some magic to see through the stories Theri wove around himself to be protected. She was a little too cheery for a place like this, it made her suspicious. Suspicious people were never good, especially after he had just pulled off a heist that could easily get him killed if the wrong person found out.

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Adeline | 133 comments Her smile stretched wider when he turned to face her more, and now she could see his face. He looked roughly 17 or 18, and he had blue eyes that seemed to burn through her soul. "Just curious. I'm from Northstar. My name's Locke," she said, using her fake name. Now that she thought of it, she should probably think of another fake name after this. Locke was a well known name by now, so that probably hadn't been her best idea. "What are you doing so far from home?"

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "Locke, hmm?" he said thoughtfully, cocking his head. "I'm Ellias" He lied, using his fathers middle name. He hadn't used it in parhaps 6 years, so hopefully she wouldn't remember. Setting a sad smile on his face he spoke quieter, "I was attending my younger sister's funeral. She was killed last week by a few members of the White Fang" he stared at his drink for a moment before emptying the remaining contents into his mouth and setting it back down on the table. "I would ask the same question of you however"

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Adeline | 133 comments "That information is on a need-to-know basis, and you do not need to know," she noted the tilt of his head. So he had heard the name. "I'm sorry about your sister. Was she a part of the rebellion or did she just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?" He'd said his name was Ellias. The name wasn't familiar at all, but perhaps someone she worked with would know. She'd request the file later, if she could find one of her contacts.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "Alright then, don't tell me" Theri said with a hint of a smile on his face. "It's alright, she had just joined the rebellion when it happened. Apparently, she was walking home after one of her first few meetings when an assassin took her and her girlfriend down. Nobody knows why, but who can explain anything the White Fang does, right?" he laughed sadly. Locke. Where had he heard Locke before? He racked his brain but was coming up with nothing.

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Adeline | 133 comments "Yes, who can explain anything they do?" she agreed. Glancing out a window she saw that the snow had stopped. "Well, I am sorry to cut this short, but I have to get going. I have some... errands to run before it gets to dark and everyone closes their shops." Hayes stood and placed some coins on the bar next to her glass. A different bartender came over and took them, leaving a small, rolled up piece of paper in its place. She casually took it and placed it in one of her pockets to look at later. "Goodbye Ellias," she smiled then left, the door slamming shut behind her.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "Mhm. Quite true. Farewell Locke, parhaps we'll meet again, someday" He raised his hand in farewell. As soon as the door slammed shut, he turned to face the bartender and whispered somethin in his ear. The bartender's face turned cold and glared at him. "Don't you dare Fox" he warned Theri, but he was never one to listen. "I can't turn down a challenge" Theri told him. With that, he pulled the dark blood-red cloak over his head and simply dissapeared, but not with magic, just skill, leaving the bartender shaking his head.

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Adeline | 133 comments As soon as she was out of sight from the tavern she ducked down an alley and took out the scroll. In fine print it read Ilsa Bishops 3453 Ice Road. So that was who she'd been sent to kill this time. Taking out a dagger from her boot she picked up a stone from the ground and sharpened it quickly. She didn't want to make any mistakes. The scroll she dropped in the snow and watched to make sure it became unreadable. Pulling her hood over her head, she slipped back into the street and made her way to the unsuspecting victims house.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri scaled the walls of the tavern easily and began to follow her from rooftops and windowsills. He had planned to just take the scroll, but now it was just too interesting. He also wanted the dagger, it looked really well made. The snow had made the ink run, but he could pick out numbers and letters. An adress maybe? Or a code? He was going to find out. Silently, he followed, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

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Adeline | 133 comments Reaching for the door to Ilsa's house, she held her dagger at arms length. She cursed softly when the door didn't budge. Locked. Going around to the back she pulled the hatch on a window. It swung open. Dropping lightly on her feet, she made her way to a staircase. A hand on her shoulder stopped her and she spun around, lashing out at the person. Blood sprayed her face and there was a gurgle and a thud. She took a look at the body. A middle aged woman lay there, and she could be Ilsa. Only one way to find out. She went up the staircase and began opeing the doors lining the hall.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri observed all of this from a nearby rooftop, only a little shocked. He should have known. But 'Locke' didn't seem like the type to just kill ruthlessly so parhaps she was apart of the rebellion, he would have known if she was a member of the white fang. When he got back, Theri planned to report this because she seemed like a noteable threat. She was skilled with her dagger, fast on her feet, and knew how to kill efficiently. Defintely a threat.

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Adeline | 133 comments When Hayes had checked every room and found no one she went back downstairs. She crouched in front of the woman who now was going to be called Ilsa and wiped her dagger with a piece of cloth she ripped off her clothing. "And now to clean up the mess," she muttered. Picking up the body she shoved it out the window. Then she raided the kitchen and cleaned up the blood with towels and water. She took the towels and wrapped the body up in them before going to a canal and throwing the body in the water. Satisfied with her work, she turned around and then froze, having seen a shadow of a person on a rooftop. She took her dagger out and held it in front of her as she started walking again, her eyes watching the roofs. As she walked nothing came out at her so she slowly put the dagger away and blamed a chimney for her 'person.'
((I have an idea but we don't need to do it unless you want to!))

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((What's your idea?))

Theri watched her carefully, trying to learn her methods. She was really good, better than him probably. He moved a little closer to the edge of the house, trying to get a better look at her. The snow had made the roof slippery, and Theri hadn't noticed. He fell forward, almost off the roof before catching himself and hiding behind a chimney. She stopped moving, but then started again in the opposite direction. He wasn't going to get killed, not tonight at least.He had enough information that he could take back to the base here. The snow began to come down hard, so he pulled the mask over his face, pulled the cloak over his head and began to head back to base via rooftops.

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Adeline | 133 comments ((I forgot. That's a shame I suppose. Now I don't know if it was any good))

As a precaution she went the opposite way and met up with one of her trainers, Gladdic, in his base in the sewers."It's done," she said quietly. "Good. Did anyone see you?" She gave him a look. "No one ever sees, no one ever hears. And if they did, they never live." He nodded proudly. "Stay the night and go back to Darrlyn's tomorrow. He won't be there, so the place will be yours until we contact you again." "Have you ever heard of an Ellias?" She asked. "No, but I'll have someone look into it," he said, giving her a concerned look, "Why?" "No reason," and then she went back to the Ilsa's house and slept.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri worked his way back to Sendak's mini-base, hidden in a small house on the outskirts of Wintervale. He would probably move soon, but not tell Theri were he was going, it's always a challenge, but Theri always finds him. He slid in through the back window silently, and of course, Sendak was waiting. Before Theri could open his mouth, Sendak asked, "What name did she use?" without hesitating he said "Locke". He nodded "Good, tell me in the morning, I have more pressing matters to attend to". As soon as Sendak shut the door, Theri hurled knife after knife at the wall. Seriously?! Someone had followed him, but only in the bar. Still, he was one of the most talented, probably the most talented thief of his age in the white fang. Foxes were never followed, Theri would have to up his game. But that was Sendak for you, every time you thought you impressed him, he would shove you back under.

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Adeline | 133 comments She woke up before the sun came up and went to the tavern again. She sat silently playing with a coin, flipping it and letting it spin on the counter. Darrlyn's was an hour away on foot, and she wanted to be prepared for anything she might encounter, so all she ordered was a plate of toast, which came out burned. She ate it anyway and then went back out into the snowy streets, her face hidden beneath her dark cloak hood. She then went and stole somebody's horse and went up the road towards Darrlyn's.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((Cool name!))

When he woke up, the house was bare and Sendak was gone. Great, he could be anywhere by now. Then he heard the guards banging on the door. Shit. Shit. Shit. Pulling his cloak down over his head, he jumped out of the window to find the house surrounded. Theri charged the nearest guard, throwing him over his shoulder into two others, but not before nabbing enough money to last him a couple days out of the guards chest pocket, he was a fool for putting it their. Mock-saluting the guards, he escaped into the streets with a smirk, they wouldn't find him again.

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Adeline | 133 comments ((Thanks!))

She stopped around noon and fed the horse well she stretched. She walked down the road to see if there was a sign that told her how far she was, but there were none. A man driving a cart went by and she waved a greeting before going back to the horse, who had finished eating. She got back on the horse and went a slow trot. When she passed by the same cart but without any people she urged the horse to go faster.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Sendak had strangely left the horses, so Theri took Kokajo, his favorite and had not stopped galloping in a bit. Reaching woods on the outskirts of wintervale, he tied her to a nearby tree and climbed up it, looking for anything that would give him a clue to where Sendak was. All he could see was a cloaked figure riding a horse and a cart in the distance, too bad.

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Adeline | 133 comments The horse didn't go faster and instead trotted slowly up the road yawning ahead. Hayes watched for any signs of the driver, but saw none. Then, as she passed a fence and rundown shack, three figures in black come running out, which spooked the horse, causing her to rear and Hayes to fall to the ground. As her head slowly cleared she was suddenly aware of hands searching and taking her weapons before ropes were bound 'round her hands and feet. "Hello Locke," a voice snarled. "Remember me?" "You're supposed to be dead," she spat, annoyed. "And so are you, funny how things turn out. Bring her in," the group's leader said, and when the other two lifted her up she spun around and bit one in the hand, hard. He dropped her and she kicked out with her feet but stopped when she felt the cold press of a knife at the back of her neck. "Try that again and you'll be slitting your own throat."

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri watched the scene carefully and quietly, but his jaw dropped when he saw that Sendak was one of the cloaked figures. He never got involved. Ever. Locke held her own for awhile, but eventually the three got the upper hand. Smiling softly to himself, he shook his head, she was done for. Which was good, he guessed. She was too much of a threat for her own good.He should probably go before Sendak noticed him. He climbed down from the tree silently, slinking around the back to untie Kokajo. As he did, Sendak's voice rang out. "Fox, get yourself over here, now!" Theri gulped, but he threw his cloak over his head and his mask over his face and walked out and stood next to him silently.

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Adeline | 133 comments Her eyes widened. How many people were there? Hayes groaned inwardly. Escaping now wasn't an option, she'd have to wait. "What do you want, Sendak? I mean, I know that I killed you- well I guess tried to kill you would be more accurate, but I was close." The knife was still against her throat, and she could feel a drop of blood slide down her neck. "If you're gonna kill me just do it now." She hoped that's what they were going to do. She was a valuable member to the rebellion, but even she wasn't the best. Maybe. Depended on how you looked at it. And there was no way in hell she was giving any of these white fang scum the locations or names of anyone in the rebellion. They could all rot.

"And who are you?" She asked, turning to the fourth member that had arrived. "Fox, was it? Don't believe we've met, I'm Locke," she smiled again. "I would shake your hand, but I'm kind of in a tight situation here." And then she started laughing. "Oh, well, I can always wait until later when the real fun begins." One of the men holding her kicked her legs out from under her and she fell, still laughing. "Shut up, girl," he growled, and the other pressed the knife back to her throat, tracing a thin line and more beads of blood popped up.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "You know exactly what I want Locke. Tell me who your leader is. Tell me where they are. Tell me their weaknessess. Tell me where your bases are. It's the same as it was when we first tracked you down" Sendak said in his gravelly voice. "You're too valuble to kill. You're too skilled and you know too much" He chuckled-if you could even call it that. It was too harsh to be taken lightly. Sendak leaned closer, almost taunting her. "Kill you eh? That's rich" He passed a small jingling parcel to Theri. "Keep up Fox" he warned "You've proved yourself but don't think you can slack now. There are still rules and you still listen to those above you. You're not special, so get off your high horse." he threatened.

Theri didn't meet Sendak's eyes, just gave him a "yes sir" before turning back to Locke. "I know exactly who you are, and would you really know if we've never met before? Don't kid yourself" Although he was trying to ignore the amount of damage one of them was doing to her throat, he couldn't ignore it. Facing the one with the knife, he raised an eybrow. "Didn't Sendak just say ....not to kill her? You're walking on a thin line there" Theri warned.

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Adeline | 133 comments The knife was immediatly removed, and Hayes began to come up with a plan. She glared at Sendak. "No way in hell will I tell you anything. And, if I did decide to tell you something, it would just lead you on a wild goose chase no where near what you're after. So, like I said, you can just kill me. I won't talk. Torturing me won't get anything out either, you of all people should know."

Meeting the masked man's eyes she smirked. "Yes, Fox, I believe you. Why else would I have been found right after I completed a mission? I'm never caught unless someone was watching." He did seem familiar, but she had met a lot of people. Then, it clicked. "You're that boy from the tavern, aren't you? Ellias, was it?" She was positive it was him.

She stood slowly, and they watched her with wary eyes. The horse Ellias had ridden was right there, she might make it if she acted fast enough. With a burst of adrenaline she shot forward and ran for it.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments He narrowed his eyes at her before shaking his head. "We'll get it out of you one way or another. No more wild goose chases" Sendak spat at her feet, glaring down at her.

"So very smart. Ellias, Fox, I have many names" he said with a wave of his hand. "Maybe you should be more careful, it was quite easy to follow you. Locke, I hate to break it to you but you're not exactly ....stealthy" he smirked back. As she ran towards the horse, Theri let out a low whistle and his his horse reared up, her legs flying up, knocking at Locke before she came back down and tried to bite at Locke.

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Adeline | 133 comments She slid to dodge the horse's hooves. That didn't stop her from getting bit though, and she winced slightly when teeth met flesh. Spinning around, she almost called on her power, and decided against it. Her eyes narrowed at Ellias, and she finally held up her hands on surrender. "Sendak, you want me to talk? Be prepared for riddles and a bunch of nonsense that still just might lead you on goose chase," she grinned wickedly.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Sendak flicked his hand and the other two came forward and grabbed her arms. Fox grinned and walked over to Kokajo, swinging himself up onto the draft horse’s back. “I am ready for your riddles and madness. And if I cannot solve them, Fox will be able to.” Sendak told her, sneering. “There’s nowhere to run”

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Adeline | 133 comments Hayes just looked at him. "There's always a place to run." She watched as Fox got on the horse. "Where will you be taking me?" She asked Sendak innocently. She made a mental note to try and remeber the way to wherever they were going-if she wasn't drugged. If she was, she'd figure out where they were later.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "Not anymore. Fox, leave us. You know what you need to do" Theri nodded and took off in the opposite direction without another word. Sendak turned back to them and nodded to one of the cloaked figures holding her. "Knock her out, she doesn't get to know where we're going" the man nodded and brought the butt of his knife down on her head, hard.

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Adeline | 133 comments Hayes eyes narrowed in suspicion when Ellias was told to leave. Well she was watching him go, a sharp burst of pain exploded in the back of her skull, and she felt herself falling before everything went black.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((when should we time skip to?))

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Adeline | 133 comments ((Ummm...how about when they get wherever they're going? Then Hayes can wake up in a cell or something I guess))

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((got it! I'm really tired so I'm going to bed, but I'll answer in the morning 'night!)

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Adeline | 133 comments ((G'night!))

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dashofmagic | 69 comments Theri sat cross-legged on the bench across from her cell watching Locke. Her eyes were closed and she was slumped against the back wall. He shouldn’t be here, he was better than this. But after getting a black eye last night and stumbling back in, Sendak laughed and told him to guard the prisoner. He guessed he deserved it, he should have been better than to get caught.

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Adeline | 133 comments Hayes came too, her eyes out of focus, and found herself lying against a wall. Her throat felt dry and scratchy, and she had a pounding headache- from the knife she supposed. Taking in her surroundings, she noticed a small cup filled with water. Crawling over to it, she picked it up and took a sip, her nose crinkling at the foul taste. Then, feeling watched, she looked out the bars of the cell and saw Ellias. "What happened to your eye?" she asked, as if she were a concerned friend. "Get into a bar fight?"
((I'm just assuming Theri isn't wearing his mask, so if I'm wrong then I can fix this comment))

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((Nope, you're right!))

"I wouldn't be caught dead in a bar fight" he said nonchantly. "If you want to feel any better, I suggest you drink the water or your head will only get worse" Theri suggested, motioning towards the cup. Theri took a black knife out of his boot and turned it over in his hand. It was almost a habit when something was bothering him, the farmiliarity of the knife seemed to comfort him.

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Adeline | 133 comments (( *jazz hands* I'm so good at this guessing stuff))

"Then what happened?" she asked again, taking his advice and sipping the water slowly, which did nothing to improve the taste. She glanced at the knife in his hand and remembered that hers had been taken. "And where are my weapons? I hope I'll be getting those back soon."

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dashofmagic | 69 comments ((XD))

"I made a mistake" he said stiffly, clearly not wanting to answer out of pride. "Your weapons are quite nice, they're perfectly balenced. Where'd you get them? Who made them?" he inquired curiously. Truth to be told, he was a little jealous. Only four of his knives were like that, yet all of her weapons were made wonderfully.

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Adeline | 133 comments "Why would I tell you who supplies and makes my weapons? You'd just go force them to make you some," she spat. "And I'm guessing that's a no for getting mine back then too," she added.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments "Calm down! There's no need to be hostile, I've been nothing but civilized" he paused "clearly I'm pushing your buttons" Theri muttered under his breath. "Congratulations, you guessed right. There's no way we're giving them back. Not yet at least"

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Adeline | 133 comments "No need to get hostile?" She yelled. "No need? Fine, I'll just ignore the fact that you work for the White Fang, the group I work against , and the fact that right now I'm sitting in a cell waiting to be tortured!" She huffed a breath and stared at the ceiling. "You know what? I never liked those knives anyway. I was planning on having some new ones made anyway," she muttered.

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dashofmagic | 69 comments “You should at least be thankful that it’s me!” He roared back. “At least I’m treating you like a human being! There would be no water if it wasn’t for me, at least I have some decency!” Theri growled. “I’ll just keep them then. I’m sure we can melt them and make something better” he rolled his eyes. “Have you ever thought that you’re so blind to your own cause, that you can’t even see the white fang properly?” He said stubbornly.

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