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Daniel Brown | 12 comments This is my second time through IJ and this time around I'm trying to really pay attention to when everything happens. Not surprisingly it's making a huge difference haha.

I'm making myself a little chart based on Hal's ages in the different "years of the whatever". Are any of you doing anything similar?

Jesse | 3 comments I’m using slim Post-It notes to identify each significant change of time. I.e. a pink Post-It on the book’s side = YDAU, a blue Post-It at the book’s top = YPW, and so on. It’s a great way to visually keep track of the change in time throughout the book.

Daniel Brown | 12 comments Haha that's awesome! I bet that's going to look amazing once you get to the end. That'll be a great visual for exactly how sprawling the timeline is.

Josh Mock (joshmock) | 17 comments Mod
I’m doing something similar: a slim post-it note for whenever the date changes. But I also convert the exact or approximate date on the post-it to normal calendar years and write it on the tab. He left just enough context clues to do such a conversion if you pay attention. :)

Also, knowing the exact day (or approximate, eg “late October”) seems like it may be helpful. Some of the time shifts are small but surprisingly out of order, bouncing back and forth by a span of mere weeks or days.

Sometimes those exact days are mentioned in the header, or sometimes the header will only give a year. When that happens, he quite often mentions the exact day or month in that section of text, at which point I go back and add it to that tab.

It feels a little tedious, but I hope it pays off because DFW seems to be very intentionally making it tricky to track the exact order of events.

If my effort can help anyone else, just ask and I can look up dates for you. I could probably write a guide on how to read IJ in chronological order by the end of this. :)

Daniel Brown | 12 comments Ooh very nice. Yeah I bet I'm gonna want to compare timeline notes with you. I haven't been keeping that much detail but you're right about it being a good idea. Even the little bit I'm doing now is making a big difference!

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